2010 Lexus GX 460 Photo (Plus New Information)

The quality may not be great, but here’s our first look at the front end of the 2010 Lexus GX 460:

2010 Lexus GX 460

Well, it was expected that the next-gen GX would mirror the LX 570’s design, and that looks to be very much the case. In fact, the GX wears the overall design better than the LX, and is a much more natural progression given the current design. Specifically, the grille design is solid, and I like the headlight design.

And that’s not it—information on the GX has also been leaked by way of Lexus Owners Club member rdwhite, who received some details after pre-ordering the new SUV.

Apparently, the first official images will be released November 24th, followed by the US debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show December 4th and a launch date of January 4th, 2010. Other notable new features mentioned are power fold flat third-row seating and optional HID headlights. The full details after the jump.

[Source: Lexus Owners Club Image: Club Lexus] (Thanks Roberto!)


  • November 16, 2009 – Vehicle Line Off
  • November 24, 2009 – 2010 GX Photos available to public (embargo lifted)
  • Late November 2009 – pricing letter and price guides sent to dealers
  • December 4, 2009 – US debut of 2010 GX at Los Angeles Auto Show
  • January 4, 2010 – Expected arrivals of 2010 GX

New Features

  • 4.6 Liter V-8
  • 6 speed Automatic Transmission
  • ULEV Emissions
  • Power fold flat 3rd row seats (standard)
  • KDSS Suspension (standard)
  • Heated and Ventilated Seats (standard)
  • 40/20/40 Split and Sliding second row seats
  • 10 airbags (best in class)
  • Back up Camera (1st in segment as standard)
  • Active Front Heat rests (standard)
  • Dual Screen Rear Entertainment
  • Flip Open Rear Door Glass (standard)
  • Safety Connect and Lexus Enform (standard)


Reduced Road Noise and Wind Nose through improved aerodynamics and adoption of acoustic glass. Additional Noise reducing Components:

  • Side Door Closing Extra Sound Damping Material
  • Power Windows Included Slow Stop Control
  • Climate Fan Noise
  • Sunroof – More Damping Material and Refined Vibration Isolation


  • New Exclusive Lexus Seat Design with Softer Leather
  • Larger Compressor for Improved A/C Performance
  • Reduced Door Close Effort
  • Easier 2nd Row Fold for Access to 3rd Row


The 2010 GX will have two model numbers, 9700 (base model) and 9710 (premium model).

9700 (Base Model) = 80%. 9710 (Premium Model) = 20%.

9700 1 build strategy (100% Navigation)

CP = Comfort Package (includes outer mirror with auto retract, park assist)
NV = Navigation
PM = Premium Package (wood steering wheel/shift know, semi analine leather, rear A/C, heated rear seats)

9710 1 build strategy (100% Navigation)

Includes the following additional standard specs (heated and wood trim steering wheel, HID headlamps with AFS, outer mirror with auto retract, rear tonneau cover, rear A/C, heated rear seats and semi analine leather), plus the following option codes:

NL = Navigation with Mark Levinson
PA = Park Assist
RI = Rear Seat Entertainment



  1. All I can say is, I hope to god that is not the front. Its just the headlamps are way to weird. Reminds me of a Pug.

  2. I’m sorry but WTF?! THOSE Headlamps are just horrible. I’m going to lie down for a minute and think this through???

  3. Is that the legit GX or just a photoshop? (please tell me thats the photoshop-fingers crossed)

  4. I get it. Lexus was going to design this properly, but instead they went to design the LFA (which is amazing BTW).
    Thats okay. All potential GX buyers will just go and buy LFAs instead.

  5. Fix the headlights and it will look nice. The way the HID projector comes out the bottom of the headlight looks hideous!!!

  6. no…no….no!!! oh God no please no why did they make it a big deformed ES?! those headlamps SUCK

  7. This is great news!  Now I can go into my lexus dealership and get a great deal on the 09 Gx and come out with a better looking car. 
    I can’t believe I waisted the past year waiting to trade in my lexus just so I could see what the new GX would look like

  8. Anyone know if it will have Surround View as part of the park assist like the LX? 

    I assume yes.

  9. The Prado… interesting…

    When you open the rear tailgate, there is this huge opening; however, the floor of the trunk is actually raised a bit, and as a result, it looks as if it were intended in order to make the seats fit into the floor. That doesn’t make it look good, but benefits would include the ability to lean onto the place without getting your shirt dirty (although the bumper wouldn’t be so nice to the pants), and Lexus can squeeze some useful drawers in that area - or maybe leave that for creative tuners. Anyways, that raised floor also makes it possible for a tailgate like that of the LX.

    I have to say, I like the quirkiness of some of Lexus’ latest models - not because I actually like them but because I know the designers weren’t forced to be conservative… but that makes me sad in that the designers didn’t come up with something better. I feel like I’m looking at Acura MDX’s unwanted offspring.

    (The crossbars in the grille can certainly be improved with a less plasticy and flimsy appearance.)

  10. I too think it looks photo-shopped. The first pictures of the Toyota Prado’s headlights seem MUCH more fitting.

  11. It probably does. Both the Prado and HS do.

  12. Is the navi touch screen?

  13. Most likely - a big one too, probably. lol

  14. I’m really liking what I am seeing so far. Even though this image is taken from an odd angle and could be a photoshop, it looks much more aggressive than the current GX.

    It’s a good evolution of current LX and GX styling.

  15. With exception to the headlamps, the design is certainly a vast improvement over the current model while i reserve no-doubt the new 4.6 V8 will prove to be a gem as it already has in some Toyota applications such as the Tundra and Sequoia.

    However, my only true critism towards the GX and LX models in the lack of diesel engines as found in the donor vehicles (Landcruiser 4.5 V8 D4D, Prado 3.0 4-cyl D4D)

  16. What is with the funny looking headlights. It looks like it’s eyeballs popped out. Lexus is supposed to be classy, not tacky and trendy. I just hope this is a photo-shopped picture. But then they eventually went with the silly triangle headlights on the LFA sad

  17. God i hope this is photoshop, the headlights look like an obese and mentally ill acura mdx…

  18. ITS TRUE! THAT IS THE OFFICIAL FRONT END!!! whoever took the pic just burled the surroundings.
    more pics.



  19. AT least the interiors nice.

  20. my name is now officially up for grabs. anybody wishing to be LEXUSaddict can contact me at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for an inquiry.

  21. I like how there’s that white on black stitching running from the passenger side of the dash to the lower parts of the center console to that center armrest. The big blocks of chrome are quite a surprise - liking the evolution of the taillights in the wider-appearing rear end, and it looks like the doors are going to swing open like the new Prado while the top glass can swing up independently.

    So all of these pictures were taken in China and put on a Chinese website?

  22. OMG! Krew! I hate my dealer!
    I was driving through a neighborhood awhile back, and this pickup parked beside the right curb suddenly made a blind turn without flashing his signal lights. Thank goodness my speed was relatively slow and ended up pushing my LX into the pickup, causing some external damages.

    After I got all the information I needed, I drove my LX to Longo Lexus to have it fixed, and they took it to Longo Toyota’s Collision Center - lined up after a whole mess of other Toyota and a few Lexus vehicles. Longo Toyota made a few calls, telling us that they were pushing the other person’s insurance to hurry up the pace, and then the bill came - listing ridiculous things, such as replacing this portion of the bumper that doesn’t have the optional Night View System for over $300!

    Sigh… so the other person’s insurance company agreed to pay for the entire repair, and I was hoping that Longo Toyota would get right to work. But NO! After almost a month, they had MORE questions. They’ve done virtually NOTHING to my car over the month-long period! The damage is minimal - only appears to be a lot of damage. Most of the vehicle could actually be fixed manually, while the headlights themselves seemed to be in perfect shape although dislodged. I seriously do not understand the bill.

    Then today, my family was driving my LS. They exited a freeway, and all of a sudden, this lady driving on the street intersecting the freeway exit supposedly had her slippers stuck and drove right into my car despite the red light with another vehicle also involved in the impact. Awkwardly, despite all the plugs in the bumper I saw, the airbags weren’t deployed (didn’t see any gold-plated plugs, so I guess that’s why), and man were there some weird, irregularly shaped dampening materials (foam) in the bumper. When the cops came, I was told that the lady first cried out that she never had any accidents or ticket before. Now, I just don’t know what to do with my LS. The damages might cost more than the vehicle would have cost if it were in prefect condition, and I don’t want to let go of the car I had so much memories in. And mind you, the damages might cost more than those of the LX, meaning that the repair @ Longo Toyota would take even longer!

    I don’t know how this all happened - I never had a single bird poop on my head during the many times I’ve had my sunroof open. Can’t be bad luck. lol What worries me is that my family claimed the experiencing this weird dive and immediate locking of the wheels during the short moment of braking. It sounds like my LS is getting of real age; wouldn’t be surprised since my recent vehicle maintenance at Longo Lexus haven’t been all that stellar.

    MY LX SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED BY NOW, and because it isn’t, I DON’T HAVE A CAR - just a rented Toyota Corolla that I have to be very careful with.

    But here is an interesting thing, because of the crash, I learned that I purchased my LS during California’s sesquicentennial celebration because of the words hidden by the license plate’s frame. aha - not surprised I never knew since California has one of the most boring license plates out there - even its bicentennial license plates were nothing more than red, white, and lots of blue.

  23. At least they put on HIDs. From every review, I’ve read that the lack of HID in the LX has given eye sores to those who drive the vehicle during nighttime.

    Lexus: all SUVs have it. I can see that the HIDs on the GX in the picture above have been lowered, but the LX headlights really aren’t that much higher than the RX’s. Maybe they should have put in the auto-dimming of the HIDs feature in the 2010 LX update or placed them at the level of the front foglights. Be creative!

  24. I guess so. And I thought the GX was debuting in Shanghai.hmm…..

    o well, guess I won’t be getting this car after seeing that horrid front end.

  25. And…at a thought, what were the designers thinking when they designed this! I could even have made the headlight MUCH more attractive.
    Do you think it will sell?

  26. It’s a Lexus. We can’t know for sure. lol

  27. buddy, i know what you mean Longo is a really bad dealership. trust me, go to where we buy, and visit Keyes Lexus. trust me. its a beautiful dealership, great showroom, internet, snacks, stuff to add to your car, greeting cards, did i mention the freshly baked cookies. (my question mark button isn’t working don’t know why) aaaaaaaaaaaand you get a rental/shuttle ride(see, the slash works but not the question mark…) to wherever you need to go. and the rims!!! the stuff they sell, man the Nike Lexus jackets are amazing. the wallets. the scale models. believe me WoL, go to Keyes, or if your wife is very picky, Lexus of Glendale has a salon where they give manicures, haircuts, pamper you, etc. and its a pretty good looking dealership despite its tiny size. its closer to us, but Keyes is hands-down the BEST dealership i’ve ever seen and been in. oh and when you buy your Lexus, you get a gift pack too: cooler with Lexus logos and insignias, Lexus hat, Lexus thermostat cups (its wooden with chrome trim, so nice!), key holder, an EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL keychain with a REAL chrome “L” insignia, leather stitched keyholder, and the best maintenance and cleaning you can imagine.

  28. Wow… I bet the water soaked keyboard didn’t type all that. lol

    I just don’t understand why Longo Lexus, one of the biggest out there, especially in terms of sales volume, can be so… dare I say, corrupt?

    Keyes sounds awesome. I like those little gifts you mentioned. Longo Lexus seems to be the same but less, and frankly, I think that it’s because its business is so good that they don’t feel that there is a need to pamper all their customers.

  29. Lexus of Glendale has a salon?  I haven’t heard of that.  Is this a new thing or is there another dealership with a salon?

  30. actually they’ve been doing it for around 2 years now, and its only them apparently

  31. lol actually the keyboard is fine now, except for the question mark…

  32. Are you kidding me?! Whats with those weird rear lights and Chevy-like interior wood panelling? Looks like a Chinese car (no stereotype intended)!

    Hey, at least it gives me a reason to buy the 09’ model instead.

  33. The front looks better than the LX particularly the headlights, but the projectors look like they want to escape from the bottom of the lights ! Air dam is nice too, don’t care for the round foglamps but they’re better than the cheap looking job in the RX350. Also there are additional center park sensors absent in the LX. The interior has more wood trim than in that previous spy shot so that’s good. Overall this looks better than the LX & with significant features like HID headlights & fold flat 3rd row at a lesser price than the LX, the GX460 should be a no-brainer. After cancelling an RX350 purchase, I can now consider this.

  34. I agree with WoL about the HID’s. Not giving the LX Xenon headlights was a big mistake considering ALL its rivals - Range Rover, GL-class, Escalade etc have it & being an off-roader it could have really used the wider beam spread of the HID’s. After 9 years of the LX470 Lexus made no real progress with the LX570, still retaining the outdated handbrake too.
    That’s where the GX460 may be a winner as it has neither of those flaws of the LX.

  35. Sorry to hear about your predicament, WoL. It’s the worst feeling when damage occurs to one’s precious car due to the fault of other drivers. If damage occurs as a result of our own error, its at least mentally bearable, but when someone else’s stupidity is involved, you just want to kill something. Hope you get the LS repaired as I would never give up my precious LS if it were me.

  36. I was just trying to give it some compliments wink
    The updated interiors of the Range Rover and LR4 are just… wow… beautiful.

    It hurts me every time I see Lexus designing something that had good intentions but bad results. Maybe Lexus needs to know that the Jaguar XK’s interior looks pretty cheap without the wood (high quality brushed aluminum with lots of texture would’ve helped a lot), and the XK’s Nav area is very awkward in that there is this thick, ugly, plastic frame around a much smaller screen (Lexus doesn’t really have that problem, but I’m just saying).

  37. I too have been annoyed by the RX’s foglights! The RX hybrid’s is so much better looking!

  38. I wanted to thank you for your concern and advice above, but apparently, saying “Thanks” or “Thanks man” is like spamming.

  39. why, what happened with that..(due to frustration, “..” is now my substitute for a question mark until further notice)
    i would love to see those HIDs moved up…that is the ONLY problem with this car…until they move the HID, this car is HIDeous

  40. If what you’re saying is that you’re confused…
    It’s just that my comment, a thank you to LEXUS BOY, was identified as a possible spam, so I couldn’t get it posted.

  41. Cardboard?

    The hell….

  42. Yeah, we haven’t heard anything more about the Shanghai debut, though if it’s anything like the LFA debut, it’s probably already happened and everyone will launch reviews at the same time. wink

  43. @Scott: I believe it will.

  44. It’s a touchscreen navigation—with a giant screen by the look of it.

  45. 2 WoL :
    I have similar thoughts about Land Rover & Jaguar too. The new interiors of the 2010 Range Rover & LR4 (What happened to the LR3?) are superb, especially like the Rangie’s gauges which is actually a screen like the LSh & S-class. The new XJ has it too but for me the previous gen XJ looks more palatable both inside & out.
    What a hideous rear the new XJ has…

  46. At least it gets HID’s, while the LX gets by with halogens at a much higher price. I predict the GX460 will far outsell it’s bigger brother.

  47. the irony here is we thought the LS-h pictures were photoshopped too…

  48. yet miami limo is spamming it all up over the place…

  49. I think these pictures are the real deal, no photoshopping done. That’s an actual GX460 probably at a port waiting to be shipped or delivered.

  50. I DO NOT like the way it looks though I was skeptical about the Prado initially but then saw it in Person & can I tell you. Pics dont do it justice. This on the other hand, I doubt will grow on me. The previous gen Prado I preferred to the GX and I guess the same thig will obtain with the current 2.

  51. Relax everyone. It’s a lexus and the whole range has an appeal to a varying market, will it sell?, of course it will, headlights or not, it’s the drive and reliability which count. Comments on the wood interior trim will probably prove to be unfounded, Lexus do an exceptional job with the interiors, and the GX will be no exception. The other thing to remember, this vehicle is not aimed at the “younger” market so buyers are not so influenced by fashion as they are with practicality.

  52. But why can’t Lexus just give it all?
    How hard can it be? They’ve been at this for so long… Or in this case, don’t give it all it currently has.

  53. When u ^ say “give it all” what do u mean, features, looks, luxury?
    Remember, some things have to be model specific as U dont want the models to cannabalize each others’ market. Like the GX possessing everything from the LX but cheaper, then ppl would just buy a GX.

  54. lol
    That’s why the LX should move upscale without a big price change - cheaper but much better than the GL in every way than the GL from Mercedes-Benz, particularly in interior materials, overall appearance and appeal, and yada yada yada.

    You can just read the conclusion below.
    The GX is for soccer moms who need more seats than what the RX offers and businessmen who don’t want to drive the more feminine RX. Of course, I’m speaking what favors the US market most, but the U.S. is where Lexus began, and it shouldn’t be where it first comes to an end.

    The GX needs to look good and not cheap. People should step into the GX and immediately start to show respect to the car without feeling to uncomfortable to lay their fingers anywhere (Lexus’ problem with interior trim vulnerable to scratches and particularly fingerprints). The mom wants a place to easily stow her purse, have her makeup within easy reach, and be able to reach for tissue, change, and bandage upon “emergencies.” Dads want to be able to have a nice place for their drink, a place for their cells and wallets (a place to hide them too), (no laptop and file storage), a place for their pens, and… well, dads are a lot simpler - good storage for big, medium, and small is pretty much all. The teens would want a place to put their iPod (iPod adapters in the back are more of something for Dad’s friends, so they’re pretty much vestigial for rear occupants); however, for the teens in the back, what they would need most would be a good seat for sitting upright and laid back. For those few teens that would be the main drivers, they should be able to get the GX with iPod adapters and some other amenities that lets them be proud of their car without being forced to pay for a big, expensive package.

    Conclusion: relative most to the US market, an very important market for Lexus
    There’s always more I can say, but the thing is that the GX has its own place in the Lexus lineup. It’s for those who find the Toyota Sequoia too big, the Land Cruiser too overpriced, and the RX too feminine. It appeals to the middle class, and it also has some potential customers from the higher levels. The GX is an adventurous car, both on the freeways and in the wild. It needs to be very good, and the LX shouldn’t be in the way because when compared with the competition, the LX is a bit overpriced - too obviously a Land Cruiser, too.

    Believe me. I know what I’m talking about although I wouldn’t actually say that I represent the entire U.S. population. I have an LX 470, and I purchased it new after its facelift for the 2003 year model in 2002, which is when the GX debuted. I get pretty annoyed whenever I see the Land Cruiser and the GX, and there are many times when I got to bed, thinking how I could have further negotiated the price with my dealer - I don’t like walking away feeling like I’ve been ripped off.

  55. @Timothy:

    Great Find!

    Definitely looks better in a darker color. I don’t know why they still use beige for an official press photo. IMO it is the most unflattering color for the GX and most cars. They should have used that smokey granite mica GX for the majority of the pics.

    However I really like the interior shots. You can see all the details of the interior in these pics. Very well done, much better than the RX interior. Bravo Lexus!

  56. @Timothy:
    nice find but…what happened Lexus? were they so obsessed with the LFA they couldn’t have hired some one who knew proper headlight and tail light design to make the GX? jeez man those HID’s are HIDeous…the bottom of the tail light is way too Toyota…sigh i expected so much more..sad

  57. All,

    To those of you who are in the market for a new SUV but just are not inspired by the new GX 460 enough to make a commitment - What are the options?

    I’ve been doing research and the only two items that have some semblance of style and versatility are the Audi Q7 TDI and perhaps the Range Rover Sport or LR4.  Either of these options would be adequate but their reputation would suggest that they lack the reliability that a Lexus has and is predicted to have.

    To me.. of all the flaws of the new Lexus GX460 the deal breaker for me is the right side swing tail gate and cheap looking lift window.  A compromise for sure and completely less utilitarian.  Let say your parallel parked on the right side of the road.  You get out of the truck to unpack.  You have to expose yourself and belongs to the street traffic? Then somehow you have get things out, shut the door, then proceed to the side walk.  WTH?  Or, you or your significant other goes to store for groceries…. enough said.  This is not the improvement that many users had requested.

    Alternative tailgate - LX570 or perhaps the Land Rover LR4 (perfect), or Audi Q7? If either 2010 had the reliability of Lexus it would be an easy choice.

    Bottomline : for reliability it will likely be the GX460 that takes the prize but you’ll be cursing the thing every time use the tailgate.

    Anyone else have any suggested alternatives to this new lexus?

  58. @Timothy:

    I got a suggestion. How about that Lexus goes back to its drawing board, make a quick 30 second sketch of something bold and beautiful, ask me for approval, let me draw everything all over again, let me tell them what is wrong with the vehicle, and then bring out the “real” GX. I just don’t get it… how hard is it to design a good looking car?! I thought it was harder to make something reliable, but apparently, Toyota lives in a world of complete opposites.

  59. @Timothy: If you were thinking about a new GX, I would wait to see it in person before making a final decision. It’s hard to draw any conclusions from photos alone, especially in regards to the glass liftgate.

    Personally, I can’t imagine owning a Ranger Rover, my friend has had his RR Sport radiator replaced three times in less than two years. The Q7 is ok, but I think it looks like a bus from some angles. What about the Mercedes GL?

  60. @krew: Designing SUVs for Americans have never been a German thing, so my answer is biased. Still, I’d like to say the following:

    - the GL’s designs are far to bubbly (keep it clean and shiny, and it maintains appeal) - Among the vehicles in the MB lineup, I favor the GLK the most.
    - the interior feels tight, looks tight, but doesn’t feel warm and welcoming
    - the leather on the dash is expansive, but you just don’t feel it
    - the ugly plastic make it all worse (sensitive to grease too - Lexus’ problems would be fingerprints)
    - the middle row seats are rather hopeless (The LX seats are much better, but if you’re tired and need support, the LX is just as hopeless.)

    The GL has been compromised a lot in Mercedes’ attempt to keep it in line with the their design theme and to keep it as car-like as possible. The vehicle does mediocre in the city with its body-frame chassis but still has the weight of a Shrek. On the freeways, the chassis just doesn’t seem to be able to cooperate with the size, and that’s something hard to explain in words but extremely evident when taking a test drive.

    Now how do I say this… the GL is a big SUV based on a small sedan-SUV platform that was made big for capacity but included efforts to feel small… and the confusion goes on and on.

    Overall, the GL is a good car. It’s even better if you like the badge it carries around. The amenities and options are extensive and customizing is a fun deal. Only problem is that when I drove the car, I always felt that something wasn’t right. It was like when I was test driving the Honda Odyssey and Acura MDX before giving up and purchasing the LX 470 that I now have.

  61. I like the new GX460 a lot despite it’s odd ball front end. The tailgate should’ve been hinged on the driver’s side for ease of loading but won’t be a big problem since it has a flip up glass hatch, still they should’ve fitted the RX power tailgate or at least the LX split design.
    My alternatives to the GX460 would be the Merc ML & the BMW X5. ML has very comfy front and rear seats while the X5 has a lot of space.