Autocar’s First Drive of the Lexus LFA

There’s still plenty of Lexus LFA reviews to cover—next up is the UK’s Autocar and their great hands-on video with the supercar in Germany:

This footage does a great job showing the LFA’s speed in a real-world context—choice quote: “The engine is absolutely sensational…just think a cross between a M5 and Porsche Carrera GT.”

(Thanks Asoka!)



  1. awesome, but what i REALLY REALLY WANT is jeremy clarkson to put his stuck up @$$ in an LFA and just say ONE BAD THING about it…

  2. No doubt he’d have a lot of fun in it!

  3. Yeah, I’m waiting to hear what negative comments that juvenile jacka** Clarkson has to say about the LFA…

  4. i’m willing to bet thousands on the fact the LFA does not have a shifter…