The Lexus HB (Hybrid Bicycle) Concept

Here’s a curious item from the Tokyo Motorshow—Gizmag discovered the Lexus HB (Hybrid Bicycle) concept, built entirely out of carbon weave:

I really like the L-badging on the handlebars and the overall shape, though I’ll admit to knowing nothing about bicycle design. Here’s some closeups of the body:

Lexus Carbon Fiber Bicycle

Lexus Carbon Wave Bicycle

[Source: Gizmag]



  1. i know a few rich guys who would like this, but carbon fiber hybrid bikes? sounds a little weird. and it doesn’t help that the guy in the video speaks so “clearly”

  2. Interesting, and I like the idea of Lexus branching out to other vehicles, L-finesse design art, accessories etc.  So long as the focus on cars remains.

  3. i dont see any L-finnesse raspberry

  4. I’ve always wanted a Ferrari Colnago CF2 mountain bicycle - its monocoque carbon fiber frame is just beautiful, costing nearly $7.5k!

    And then, I saw that video on TV of an electric motor designed for long, harsh bike rides through the mountains on any terrain and under any condition.

    At the moment, I’m just praying that there will soon be such a reliable electric motor that I can put on the brand new Giant Glory bicycle, which is also made of composites, in addition to titanium. hehe I’m a big mountain bike fanatic.

    Maybe Lexus can help with providing bikes with a better and lighter 2WD system and more durable CVTs!

  5. LOL, just to clarify, I was referring to L-finesse design stuff like Porsche design etc., this bike looks to be more on the carbon-fiber LFA tech style, not L-finesse.

  6. I so want one!!!

  7. I want one too! But mostly because of the 2WD engine and Lexus badge. I could care less what the bike itself looked like smile

  8. Hilarious that you mention the narrator—he certainly seemed to know his stuff, and wanted everyone to know about it. wink

  9. I bought a pair of those Porsche Design Adidas—and am seriously considering one of their watches. Beautifully designed stuff.

    If Lexus did stuff like running shoes, I would seriously lose my mind.

  10. I wantone too!  I might need a traffic lawyer though for all the speeding tickets!  LOL

  11. @LFAaddict: How else do you offset the battery weight but by making the frame from carbon fiber?  Otherwise, even with 250W of help, it wouldn’t be rideable.  BTW - how do you adjust the seat post on that thing?  Or maybe it’s custom fit?