Lexus LS Commercial: Turntable

Loving this new Lexus LS commercial:

What Lexus has achieved with the new LS is amazing, and it’s nice to see a commercial that focuses on just how exceptional a vehicle it is. As the (current) flagship model, I don’t think it gets enough attention—but then, maybe that’s the point? Oh, so subtle…

[Source: Motiongrapher]



  1. Agreed, it’s about time the LS got its own spotlight in ads.  The first LS 400, and the LS 430 had some pretty memorable ones…the LS 460 had the Pyramid parking spot when it launched, but it’s been quiet since then.  Now, in time for the refresh, voila.  Only thing I wish they didn’t go to the length of having hanging wires hold up the text, but I guess they were going for a ‘realistic exhibit’ look like the prior gen RX Actively Safe ads.

  2. It amazes me at how big the LS line is. It still feels like that it was only yesterday when Lexus introduced a long-wheelbase model to the lineup.

  3. lovin the new lexus voice guy sounds a bit too much like mercedes though…but why the first LUXURY car? wasnt it the first ever?

  4. Nope - I think the Prius was the first to have the auto park feature.

  5. Yeah, the Prius had it first, in Japan, but it was a more primitive system.  The LS introduced it internationally as an updated version.  I like the new voice, yes it sounds like the Mercedes guy but with a younger, less pompous tone.  Smart.

  6. learn something new everyday…but man i wish the LS’s taillights would be sharp at the beginning, sort of hyundai genesis style.

  7. I wish Lexus gave the LS a bit more presence, more lengthy appearance, and more elegance… the front shouldn’t be that sharp if the rear were that raised. The front, rather than combining sleekness with some sense of presence, has instead resulted in what shows an obvious struggle between trying to be sharp and bold. One would look at it and be confused - is it sporty or is it luxurious?

    The IS is the candidate for having a sharp nose and a high rear deck lid, and the GS is the candidate for a slung backward type of car. The LS should have both characteristic but focus mainly on looking long with a large front grille that isn’t too big but still displays its brand’s insignia with great pride; The rear should have a wider appearance. I mean… look at the transition from the previous generation S-class the the current generation. Of course, the LS has improved immensely in the same way, but I guess Lexus didn’t want to be too radical - examine the front bumper and see if you can tell that Lexus was struggling on whether or not to completely integrate the front bumper. I realize some of the design cues I complain about might have been intentional for a good reason,...

    ...But you guys should answer this: from some of the pictures, would you guys have struggled to guess whether or not the LS was Lexus’ flagship? I think I was first truly struck with this problem when Lexus debuted the LF-Sh, which was essentially a short wheelbase LS hybrid. I thought it was the size of a GS. And then, I read multiple articles about a possible GS F with a rendered picture that uses the LS with the addition of some IS F cladding. Before the LS 600h L debuted, this was the only picture I actually liked:
    When the LS 600h L finally debuted, I was virtually crying when I saw the pictures. The headlights were beautiful, and most of the pictures released to the press actually emphasized the car’s length.

    Boy… you guys must be tired of me saying these things over and over again LOL

  8. This commercial does a really good job of adding a bit of character to the LS—if there’s any car in the Lexus lineup that needs a better personality, it’s the LS.

  9. It’s hard to for me to pin down any one thing that’s “wrong” with the LS—but as I mentioned, I feel it lacks a defined personality. I also feel like it’s a transitional design, moving from old luxury to new.

    And then, with the LFA now providing a very strong brand identity, it’s not going to surprise me to see the whole lineup moving towards a more balanced sport/luxury, especially the LS. Lexus is definitely going to see some major changes in the next few years, that’s for sure.

  10. I really, really, REALLY hope so. The LFA is good in so many ways. All the study in cooling and weight reduction can greatly help hybrid systems. The way Lexus was able to place the engine so low allows Lexus to do the same in future vehicles - imagine a completely horizontal driveshaft, which obviously saves a lot of energy and reduces the number of parts required.

    Possible cost cutting aside, what materials do they use to make carbon fiber? Are raw materials in abundant supply? Will we face the same problem as lithium-ion’s in which only Belgium has all the supply? What are the chances that we can get lots of cheap, carbon fiber that is weak when it comes to both bending and hammering?

  11. IDK what some of you are crying about.

    But to me the LS is beautiful and elegant. Its looks so good in the video.

    @ WorldofLuxury

    Crying over nothing IMO. IMO the S-Class is ugly when I look at it sometimes. Just too much goin on.

  12. I agree, it looks great in the video. lol But there’s all that special lighting and video editing.

    Overall, I think what makes most LS’s look great in colors other than white and silver is their amazing wet-sanded paint finish - absolutely beautiful and flawless.

  13. Anyone know if the music is in-house or licensed? If the latter, who is it? Thx!

  14. I’m a little uncertain about this, but I think the daytime running strips of LED in the headlights are in the shape of an L in the hybrid LS while being only a slightly curved strip in the conventional gasoline model.

  15. Classy ad, really exudes the elegance that the LS is all about. Rain drops & umbrellas around the 600h & speeding lights around the Sport are a nice touch.
    Anyone remember the name of guy doing the voiceover ?

  16. In the ad the 460 looks absolutely stunning, you’d think it should be the flag bearer for the LS line whereas it looks like Lexus paid less attention to the 600h. The LSh facelift should have been carefully thought out but looks neglected while the 460 looks natural. The more I look at the 460, the better it looks from all angles. The satin silver grille slats look especially nice, a change from the usual chrome slats.
    2WoL : When I first saw official pictures of this 4th gen LS, I almost fell flat on my face as the design looked near perfect to my eyes & the 600h was even better. You have to consider how huge a leap this design was over the LS430. There are so many details that were never before seen in luxury cars like the exhaust detailing & the one piece chrome window framing. I couldn’t belive that there were still some rags that called it ‘bland’.
    Lets not forget it was 2007’s World Car of the Year.

  17. The S-class is a bit odd looking but the CL-class is mind blowingly beautiful, one of my top 3 best looking cars.

  18. In the 600h the LED’s are arranged like an ‘L’, but are they DRL’s ? seems like the LED’s act as the new park lights while the DRL’s are the same inboard round lights as before.
    I could be wrong…

  19. it is by Robot Repair…. I really wish I could find collections by them, they have amazing music out there!!

  20. I know… I realize the big jump. lol But come on, you have to admit that it is not all that, as of now. I admit that I was quite proud of the LS for a long while until the LSh came out. And I agree with you; in this ad, it looks like the LS 460 L is the top dog.

    But still… those details might have not been seen on a flagship luxury car before, but overall, they’re a little overrated; they should be considered part of Lexus’ mandatory quality of the finished product.

  21. I think you’re right. Those LEDs don’t seem to have the same responsibility as the LSh’s six LED bulbs upfront.

  22. The best way to put the LS design in perspective is to compare it with one of its rivals that has also undergone a huge leap in design recently viz the new Jag XJ. Some think it’s unique but that simply translates as ‘bad’ to me. Jaguar ruined an iconic & beautiful design in the interests of ‘progress’. The interior design is even worse with overdone details like the A/C vents. Of course many will say it is better than the LS but where the LS will age gracefully, the XJ will be in desperate need of a redesign once the novelty factor wears off.

  23. anyone know the song on this?

  24. Does anyone know who the artist of the musical track is for this commercial?! I love it!

  25. NO! Jaguar XJ BEAUTIFUL! Nicely detailed A/C vents and the awesome speakers and many other awesome detailing are what separates the XJ from the others for the best. I’d rather see chromed plastic rather than plastic plastic - at the very least, sturdy brushed aluminum with certain chrome detailing would be good… I guess we just think too differently, LEXUS BOY, lol.

  26. @WorldofLuxury: LOL What odd tastes us auto enthusiasts share. It’s too bad the XJ dash has only a thin strip of wood at the base of the windscreen & not the large wooden panel as in the previous retro XJ. I was a big fan of the old XK8 dash which had that huge wooden panel like an 80’s Rolls-Royce. That’s why the SC430’s interior still looks great cause of the wood on the dash. Anyway the XF looks better both inside & out than the XJ which seems to have too much chrome & too little wood, also the seats look like a bigger version of the X-type. Apart from Lexus I personally prefer Mercedes/Maybach interior detailing.
    By the way, WoL I think we are very much alike in our automotive tastes, at least when it comes to Lexus. cool

  27. @LEXUSBOY: aha, I’m surprised myself that I like the XJ’s dash. If I were to own one, I would’ve been complaining about how tired I am of the rounded trapezoid shape that surrounds the Nav area that I see in previous-generation S-class, the ML, the GL, the Bentley, and so on. I would’ve complained about how the GPS screen looks so small with that thick, plastic frame around it.

    The XF’s is, of course, beeeaaaauutiful, but if you were to move down from the XJ to the XF, you’d be completely turned off by the cheaper interior.

    I’m curious though… how much would Lexus ask for if I wanted leather on the dash? Good, semi-aniline leather. My dream interior for a flagship sedan would be a beautiful mix of a vodka bar and warm, classy cottage - a generous mix of crystals, leather, wood, light, and chrome.

  28. @WorldofLuxury: Yes, there’s a distinct difference in interior quality when a customer jumps from the GS to the LS, it’s also evident in the E-class vs S-class. Lexus must offer full leather dash as an option in all LS variants, while the LSh can have it as standard.