2010 Lexus LS on Lexus USA Website

The updated 2010 Lexus LS is now on the Lexus USA website:

Lexus LS Website

The first I checked out was the cost of the LS Sport package:

2010 Lexus LS 460 Sport

The package, which is only available with the RWD LS 460, adds $6,185 USD to the $64,680 base price, and includes Brembo brakes, 19” 10-split-spoke alloy wheels, sport-tuned air suspension, a unique grille & exterior trim, along with sport front seats, a leather wrapped steering wheel with paddle shifters, and a exclusive saddle-brown accent color.

The interior is especially nice, I like that restraint was shown and no carbon-fiber motif was used—and while most of the exterior changes are well done, I’m not all that taken with the new front grille. Have to see it in person first, I suppose.

The 2010 LS 460 starts at $64,680 RWD/$68,205 AWD, and the LS 460L at $70,225 RWD/$73,750 AWD.

[Source: Lexus USA]



  1. the build it is still the 09 version sad

  2. too bad it doesn’t say LS 460 sport when you click build your LS

  3. the new GS460 has an 8 speed auto transmission and the LS sport is a V8…cool

  4. Sweet the LS Sport has downshift rev-matching.

  5. The redesigned bumper vents look like the IS style but then again with the license plate they aren’t as visible.

  6. The sports upgrade looks very nice, i really hope they will take it to Europe, and make a sports model or f-sport to the Gs, or a totally new Gs

  7. Agree ... the LS460 sports upgrade looks nice - Lexus has done a good job here, including the grille.

    Actually, the car is very classy and i would like to see it in Australian Showrooms.

    Keep up the good job Lexus !!

  8. The front of the LS460 looks great in that first picture but the Sport variant looks a mess. Its something the LS range didn’t really need. The Sport grille is so bad, it makes the 600h grille look good. Have to say the matte finish wood & brown leather accents look unique, but paddle shifters in an LS ? what a joke, like any owner will actually use them. Also can’t imagine how much of the LS ride quality has been ruined in the Sport variant. The regular 460 looks best & is the one to go for. Lexus shouldn’t try to overdo the sportiness theme, the F Performance division is there for that.

  9. The LSh is previewed on the main page of the Lexus USA website - you have to wait for the site to display the HS, then the LFA, and finally the “LS line.”

    I like how a lot of my friends are now going by the phrase, “the IS line.” It has caught on really quickly.

    Anyways, I think the grille looks pretty nice. If you guys think about it, you guys can tell what the designers were attempting to do. The result probably isn’t as good has it could’ve been, but it’s still okay.

    Funny thing is that I always thought those concept car grilles didn’t mean anything, but after thinking about how the original LS designers considered removing the grille to add simplicity (beauty in the 90s meant all curves and no edges), it all starts to make sense.

  10. I saw the LSh on the Lexus JP site and looking at it… ITS not THAT bad. is it? meh. My dad’s deciding to get an LS LOL for December so..

    Q. if I was to choose between the 2010 LSh and the Regular LS L which one should I get?(JUST on LOOKS & design)

    Anyone?(the more the better) it would be greatly appreciated!! smile

  11. For reference- 2010 LS600hL


    2010 LS 460 L awd


    thanks again.

  12. Whoa… I realize that the pictures above were taken in a controlled environment and probably extensively edited, but the LS 460 L AWD looks… kinda cool although not necessarily expensive-looking. The LSh’s headlights still have that desirable presence. I agree that the grille is okay, but the non-hybrid model’s new grille is pretty good too. Based on looks along, I’d opt for the hybrid.

    But honestly, the LS line could’ve been better. Hopefully, in two more generations, the LS would be the ultimate car - less expensive than its competitors but with customers willing to pay more. Hopefully, by then, customers can extensively customize their vehicles and make their interiors as high-end as that of the LFA’s. Sigh… 9 years is a long time. I wonder what life is gonna be like for us by then. Wonder if we’d still be with Lexus. I wonder if Lexus has finally began to take us seriously by then.

  13. The LSh looks quite good in the Japanese website images unlike the ones released at Frankfurt.

  14. 2 Eddie : I would opt for the LS460L with the standard 18” wheels. That looks like the best design combination.