Edmunds Drives the Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA at Edmunds Inside Line

The Lexus LFA writeup at Edmunds Inside Line is a real delight to read:

This is a staggering engine. It likes to be revved hard, but with 90 percent of the torque output available from 3,700 rpm there’s none of the low-rpm languor that blights other high-revving motors. Lexus claims the LFA with its six-speed, single-clutch automated manual transmission gets to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds and will reach a top speed of 202 mph. Third gear runs to 104 mph and is a fabulous weapon for road use.

Many manufacturers, Ferrari included, have claimed to have tuned their engines to mimic the howl of an F1 motor. Lexus makes a similar claim here, but for once the result sounds justified. With an ever-urgent howl, it succeeds in sounding at once both aggressive and cultured.

The gearbox feels well suited to the engine’s character, and downshifts are a sonic delight. It’s also interesting to note that the force required to achieve a downshift with the shift paddle is marginally more than that required to upshift — a haptic detail insisted upon by Tanahashi-san.

Along with the review is this video. The video has stopped working—looking for an alternate source.

I liked how the presenter’s whispering in the showroom, like he’s afraid to be caught. Don’t agree with him at all about the LFA’s front-end design—I think the headlights are overwrought, but I like the distinct Japanese look.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]



  1. Edmunds likes it huh? pretty good. but the video is just a white box…

  2. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll try and find an alternate source for the video.

  3. Att : Krew - Thanks heaps for the many articles on the new LFA, been very enjoyable reading through most of the reports.

    This car is simply absolutely awesome.

    Enjoy your day.


  4. So I pretty much don’t need to use the 4th - 5th or 6th gear raspberry

  5. i’ve been looking too, but with no luck they seemed to have taken it off their website

  6. heck i probably wont get past 2

  7. Hopefully, the transmission will let me change up just for fun and hear the blip when I downshift at an intersection.

  8. hopefully there’s an option to change the blipping noise off when its telling you to shift, its annoying…so guys, i want everybody to rate the LFA on looks from 1 to 10, KREW included wink

  9. btw, i haven’t from mtema99 for a while…

  10. engine blipping, not the signal bleeping lol
    I’d rate it a 9, but I’m being rather optimistic.

    To own one would be a 10!

  11. id say 9
    i expected more from the headlights, taillights, and rims, but the headlights are excellent nonetheless