2010 Lexus GS 450h Photo Gallery

2010 Lexus GS 450h

Along with photos and information on the 2010 GS 350/460, Lexus USA also published a set of 2010 GS 450h photos:

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The refreshed GSh is easily the best Lexus hybrid facelift—the new front grille in particular stands out as a clean, modern design, and the rear taillamps also show some nice execution.

I also like what’s been done with the lower chrome door sills, which now have a matte base. This is different from the other Lexus hybrids, and a nice subtle touch that I didn’t notice right away.



  1. it really doesn’t look that good… sigh, the design direction of the hybrid really fails epically.

  2. I think that the refreshes on the GS450h and the LS460 look good for small upgrades. When will these new features appear on the cars?

  3. Just out of curiosity, what do you think a hybrid should look like? They’re not meant to be sports cars, and Lexus has the most luxurious hybrids of all.

  4. I like the recent changes made to the Lexus hybrid models which gives a clear diffientation (spelling) to regular models. I believe Lexus has done a good job here.

    That said, the GS is looking good and the pictures published with this article do the car justice.

    I’m liking the GS more and more however the 460 remains my preferred choice over the hybrid.

  5. well, i was mainly talking about the updates, the new grills on both the GS and LS hybrids are hideous, the new rims are no better than the old one. the chrome in the rear lights make it look cheap.

    visit some lexus forums and u’ll see the response from people, mostly with negative comments as well.

  6. Why do some of these people get icons (forgot what the Japanese word was)?

  7. At least the thicker bars are on top on the GSh, unlike the LSh. I can tell where the designers were going with the LSh’s grille, but the result is just terrible.

    I don’t like asymmetric wheels that face the wrong direction on the other side of the car. At least the IS F gets it right, but of course, for environmentally friendly hybrids, we want to be able to rotate tires, right?

  8. Looks great! I Love the GS 450h in black.

    Still waiting for a complete new GS tho Lexus…

  9. I do see what you’re saying about the grilles. It makes it look like a Hyundai Genesis or some other imitation “luxury” brand, right?

  10. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    that just basically means you think the GS design fails epically..

  11. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    like it but id prefer a completely new GS.

  12. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    lets hope this is the grille to be used on the LSh

  13. @kev: My only wish is that the GSh grille was fractionally “taller”—is it the amount of chrome that you don’t like?

  14. I don’t see them changing the LSh grille this year—though that makes me wonder if the LSh will also be able to get the LS Sport Appearance package.

    I can’t see why not.

  15. I don’t think the GSh’s new wheels are asymmetric, at least they aren’t in these photos.

    I’m so-so on the new wheel design—but only because I’m a huge fan of the 2007-2009 design.

  16. @Taylor: These are the 2010 models, so they should be hitting dealerships shortly. (I think both models start delivery this month.)

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  18. The GS took three years to grow on me—now the GSh is probably going to be my next car.

  19. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    the chrome on the headlights should be reduced…

  20. Not asymmetric as in lopsided. lol
    Asymmetric as in if you were to fold it in half, nothing would match. You know how there are those wheel designs that look like a fan? You know how those wheels are identical all around, so while one spins forward, the correct way, the other one is spinning backward when the car is moving forward.

    hmm… how do I say this…
    Look at the GSh’s wheels. View the car from the left of it. Look at the top half of the wheels. The chrome spoke is towards the “stern” - the back; the allow part is towards the “bow” - the front. If you were to view the top half of the wheels of the car on its right side, then you’d notice that the chrome is towards the bow instead of the stern.

    You mentioned yourself that the IS F doesn’t have this problem. In addition to the wider rear wheels, the left wheels stay on the left, and the right wheels stay on the right, so they both spin towards the correct direction.

    The car that suffers the most from asymmetry is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and its standard turbine-like wheels.
    Here is the scenario: the car is moving forward. Let’s imagine that the turbine-shape forms because the wheels are melting while the car is sprinting forwards. From the left side of the SLR, physics explains itself, but from the right side of the vehicle, why do the melting wheels seem to have melting alloy moving against the “force”.

    lol… Krew, I hope you get the idea by now.

  21. I don’t blame kev for not liking the grille. It is one of those “detailed but dull at the same time”. The chrome frame sometimes looks like a simple rectangle, and the very rectangular hood doesn’t help at all. If the hood cover participated more in the facelift by not being so flat in the front and on top, the GS’s front would be perfect.

  22. MAN it’s hard to explain on the internet. lol

  23. LIKE MINE? lol

  24. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    seeing as the GS or ISC is the choice of our next car, i think the GS needs a good refresh and the one of the 350/460 just isnt adequate.

  25. testing for my gravatar

  26. what’s with lexus making all the wheel designs looking the same, ala IS, HS, GS-h,ES

  27. if lexus has learned anything from the prius, its that people want people to know they drive hybrids. thus the new grills. wonder what it will look like on the RX

  28. AHA awesome.

  29. A total refresh is needed relative to competing sports/luxury models—(2011 BMW 5 Series; Jaguar, MB, etc): 1) cabin is on the small side; 2) interior lighting needs to be upgraded and improved; 3) trunk is on the small side; 4) Interior controls need to be fully lit (steering wheel); and 5) ability to order the car in configurations indicated on website and in the brochure needs to be available. Lexus is the only premium brand which does not allow one to order a car with all of the color, price, and features listed on the web and in the manual with a realistic delivery date.