2010 Lexus LS 460 Sport Information & Photos

2010 Lexus LS 460 Sport

Even bigger than the 2010 LS 460 refresh is the introduction of an LS 460 Sport model, which brings a number of performance enhancements to the Lexus flagship:

  • Mesh front grille
  • Aero kit, which features a front lower spoiler, side rocker panels, and rear lower spoiler
  • New 19” split 10 spoke wheels
  • Bremo brake system
  • Revised sport-tuned air suspension with new stabilizer bars and shock absorbers
  • Perforated Black/Saddle leather interior with sport front seats
  • Leather-trimmed steering wheel and paddle shifters for the eight-speed automatic transmission

For whatever reason, there isn’t a single press image with the LS Sport standing still, so there’s no real good look at the new wheel design:

The aero kit and front grille will also be available on the standard LS 460/460L as a separate appearance package.



  1. LOVE IT.

    But I must add it should be lower and have wider tires…..

  2. Another thing….

    The wood theme doesnt fit the sport theme….the wood seems odd in this car. They should have made it all black or just like the IS-F interior.

    Cant wait for a side by side test of this and the standard LS. Wonder id it emits a different exhuast note….

  3. One more thing….. lol

    No Brembo or Lexus logo on the brakes??

  4. I love the new grill; reminds me of the IS 300 and F grill patterns (was scared that the 2010 HS Hybrid grill was the start of some Ford-like grills); glad to see that’s not the case.

  5. The new LS460 Sport ... i like it, looks very good indeed.

    Must admit, Lexus has cetainly been ‘upping’ the ‘anti’ in recent months and personally, i like the direction the brand is heading towards.

    Keep up the effort, WELL DONE !!

  6. FINALLY!!! That LS is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE that low gloss (natural?) wood interior. I love everything. WTG Lexus!

  7. It looks pretty good - would’ve been happier to see more sport options available for the long wheelbase model rather than just the appearance kit.

    Man, it’s all happening so fast for Lexus. lol

  8. WOW. Finally a Lexus with an aero kit. If I could afford this, I would consider getting this instead of the IS or even the GS. (The IS and GS could use aero kits too)

    A good thing is that the aero kit is even available for the regular LS460 and LS460L. It probably will only fit the 2010 LS though and I’m guessing not 2007-2009?

    Not sure why there’s no still shots to show the wheels!? I would also hope the calipers would say Brembo or Lexus. I prefer five-spoke but overall I’m glad there’s a sports package with an alternative appearance.

  9. In my opinion, wheels look a bit busy to me and the aero kit looks sort of tacky, but overall it is good. I’d like to know how much sharper the handling is with the sports suspension over the regular LS.

  10. Dang, really nice!!! But that off color trim along the wood trim doesn’t really look good. Just saying. Everything else looks great.

  11. I don’t know, I think that wood looks great. The current wood in Lexus vehicles has a little bit too much glossy shine to it. This wood looks much better, more like the stuff you see in Jaguar vehicles.

    Maybe it doesn’t fit so well in a Sport version of the car, but I think it’d look very classy in the regular LS460 or LS600.

  12. Lexus used to have this “L-sport” thing for the IS 300.

    And I think until the recent facelift, Lexus had front-lip spoilers for the IS. Ironically, I think that those aero kits are standard on the HS - for fuel efficiency reason, but still funny!

  13. The wood grain on the door looks very expensive. The dry wood that Mercedes has its GL-class and E-class looks great.

  14. The rear bumper looks the best when viewing the vehicle from the rear quarters, but when viewed from the front, the rear bumper looks bloaty, and fat, and tacky, and flimsy, and just plain weird.

    When I look at the car, it really disappoints me in that it looks like the designers simply gave a computer all the work. It doesn’t look like they made multiple real-life scale models to see if the front bumpers look awkward from certain angles (RX and LX); like an amateur artist, some details look awkward because the designer might have not backed away to see how the detail looks with the whole.
    Don’t get me wrong. A lot the Lexus designs that look awkward actually do look great, but only from a certain point-of-view. All in all, I think BMW designers are the only ones who seem to do it write. (The Jaguar XJ is good too, but when viewed from the front quarters, it looks like that the area around the C-pillar was a bad photoshop from an Audi. Not good.)

  15. Litteraly speachless.

  16. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    now that my drool has stopped flowing
    wow…just wow…can anyone say “s65 amg spanker”?

  17. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    i would have preferred an intake on the side like the ISF or an F badge even though its called “SZ”...oh well…maybe hints that an LSF is on the way?

  18. This LS Sport interior is crazy—I love the look of it. Reminds me of the GS Passionate Black interior.

  19. @Travis: I imagine there’s a graphic on the caliper—too bad there’s no still photos!

  20. I don’t know, I like that the wood has a unique look—but I’d love to see this as an option on the standard LS 460. I wonder if it’s part of the Appearance package…

  21. It’s possible there’s a badge on the trunk—Holy, I just realized there’s no rear shots either.

  22. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    ya i was surprised about the rear shots…i wanna see what it says next to LS badly…one thing is troubling me, and thats what the ride quality will be of the LS-SZ or LSZ or w/e its called

  23. I dont understand….they left the engine untouched….

  24. how do you know this?

  25. I’m sure they probably did little to the engine - maybe mess around with the computer a bit for throttle response, which isn’t mentioned in the article but something much needed.

  26. This new design is great!

    For me, though, the wheels are one of those things that can either make or break a car. I am a huge fan of the current LS and LSh wheels, as well as the GS wheels. Personally, I don’t like the wheels on this car. Something like they have on the ISF would way more interesting, these look more like bike spokes.

  27. This looks like the absolute worst of the three facelifted LS variants. The body kit looks tacky & the black mesh on the grille looks cheap. Wow, this makes the new LSh look good. A ‘sport’ variant of the LS is superfluous as it has always been about luxury & comfort since the original LS400. Leave the sport variants with the GS & IS, otherwise launch a proper “LS-F” instead of this. A Mercedes AMG or BMW M not only has the goods but also looks the part. The only positive aspect seen in these pictures is the interior color scheme & the matte finish wood.

  28. LS Sport needs more ponies…....when?

  29. will this model be available in RWD & AWD or just RWD ?

  30. @Turk: I’m just going by the chart on Lexus USA, but I’d say that it’s only available in RWD.

  31. The 2010 LS460 Sport and GS 460 are both great cars, but are as scarce as hen’s teeth or frog’s hair.  Just try to find one anywhere in the USA!

    Apparently, Lexus (aka Toyota) doesn’t really want to sell sporty V8 sedans, but they’ve got ‘em on the model list for appearances’ sake.  Really *bad* corporate policy, IMO!

    Also apparently, Lexus (aka Toyota) must be made aware by hard competitive experience that Infiniti, Jaguar, Cadillac et al really do want to sell V8 sedans, AND HAVE THEM IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!

    I currently own a 2009 GS350, and basis that experience, my firm intention was to buy a suitable-optioned 2010 LS460 Sport or GS 460. That is, until I found out from my local dealer that either model is available in the USA essentially only by special order.  Delivery on a special order—assuming that the order isn’t “bounced” by Lexus (aka Toyota) corporate—takes 90-120 days.

    So, hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to Infiniti, Jaguar, Cadillac et al I go.  I’ll be certain to have the selling dealer send my local Lexus (aka Toyota) dealer a thank-you note for the sale!

    Oh, and did I mention that, again IMO, Lexus (aka Toyota) clearly has their corporate head stuffed up where the sun don’t shine? If you don’t believe it, take a close look at what’s been in the news lately…!

  32. @Heimdall:

    I have two things to tell you.
    1) Thank you for that. I love naturally aspirated V8, if not V10 or V12. Some people on here don’t understand the American love for big engines.
    2) We are very aware of the problems Toyota is suffering lately. The problem is that there are many uncertain rumors, and even with the facts we are certain of, those threads just never come to a satisfying conclusion. If you give this site a little more research, you’ll realize that there are many constructive criticisms and bashing complaints (many from me raspberry ) about the Lexus brand on this website.

  33. Note that my comments about LS460 Sport and GS 460 are NOT “uncertain rumors”—they’re the real deal!

    If you don’t believe that, head over to your local Lexus (aka Toyota) dealer and ask to buy an LS460 Sport or a GS460. If you’re serious, prepare to be disappointed!

  34. @Heimdall222: My second point was a comment on your reference to “what's been in the news lately…”, NOT on what you said about the LS 460 Sport and GS 460, which I agree with completely.

    Also, you have to realize that Mercedes-Benz does the same thing. A lot of Merc’s AMG packages on the dealer lots are only cosmetic.

    Finally, the GS 460 wasn’t Lexus’ best move. The engine lacks the extra direct fuel-injection system of the LS 460 engine, so the GS 460 has less horsepower and torque than the RWD LS even though it is lighter and is only slightly more fuel efficient.

    With that said, I’d like to say that I finally understand why Lexus doesn’t offer the IS 350 and GS 460 in AWD and why the LS 460 AWD is detuned. Besides the fuel consumption and everything, I don’t think Lexus wants the AWD models to be compared to the Audi Quattro system, which is specially designed for racing while Lexus’ aren’t. Now if Lexus continues with its project to produce performance AWD with the electric engine powering only one of the two axles…

  35. @Heimdall222: Thanks for your comments.  I wonder where you are finding difficulty in obtaining the LS 460 Sport?  I’ve seen several here in Southern California, and the model has appeared on sale in markets as far-flung as China and Taiwan.  Perhaps there is an allocation supply/demand issue.

  36. My local dealer has recently done at least two searches of the Lexus sales regions east of the Rockies, even getting their Dealer Rep involved to check what’s on the water. No joy!

    Yes, an allocation supply/demand issue was tagged as the reason for the LS460 Sport famine, as in nothing available currently or en route that isn’t already spoken for.

    It’s reasonable to expect that Lexus would very quickly correct that sort of issue, if they really wanted to sell sporty V8 sedans.  Such correction apparently isn’t part of the corporate plan, however.

    So, tomorrow I’ll start making the rounds of Jaguar, Cadillac, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.  (The M56 won’t arrive locally until mid-March, so I’ll have to wait a bit to visit Infiniti.)

  37. @Heimdall222: Hmm, seems like this is another case of Lexus being too conservative with the sales process for a new model.  They’ve done this before, allocated too few of a new model variant (hybrids/coupes/special editions) and had a first year’s allocation all snatched up in a few months, leaving interested buyers no choice but to special order.  I feel your frustration, and probably in your situation would consider doing the same thing.  It’s too bad especially considering the glowing reviews the LS Sport has been receiving…if Lexus is listening, please bring more to the States!

  38. Very Stylish Model…

    Post more information…

  39. i wouldnt get this car bec it cost arround 80k and the previes model the 09 vervion costs arround 65k and the body kit is only 3k so is worth it to buy the old one

  40. Lady Luck has smiled upon me!  I’ve just taken delivery of a Sport, Starfire Pearl (it glows in the sunlight) with the neat two-tone black/saddle tan leather interior.

    Not many miles driven as yet, of course, but so far I’ve found the Sport to be everything all the reviews say it is. When I take it in for the 1000-mile checkup, I’ll post a detailed review.

    @Michael: You can’t just look at the LS base price, compare that to the Sport’s price, and say it’s “...worth it to buy the old one”. IMO, it’s very definitely NOT worth it!!

    The 2010 base LS 460 MSRP is $65,380 (plus delivery, fees, tags, etc.), which includes a massive list of standard equipment. The Sport package, an MSRP of $6,185, adds the goodies noted in the above article. And they all work as advertised!

    My Sport also has the “Luxury Value Edition Package” and “Comfort Package with Sport”, with MSRP’s of $2,780 and $2,035, respectively. If you want to see what those packages contain, visit http://www.lexus.com, and click on Sedans > LS > Vehicle Information > Pricing & Options.

    BTW, if you want to see what the Sport’s wheels look like standing still, visit the Road&Track; website at http://www.roadandtrack.com/tests/impressions/2010-lexus-ls-460-sport/gallery.

  41. @Heimdall222: Thanks for sharing your good news! Hope you enjoy your new LS Sport and look forward to further impressions!

  42. @Heimdall222: Was the dealer willing to negotiate the price of a low volume LS package with significant interior designations?

  43. @WorldofLuxury: As with any scarce/low-volume vehicle, there wasn’t much room to negotiate price, and especially not on the packages.

    However, since the GS 350 I traded in had only about 3400 (hundred, not thousand) miles on it, overall I got a reasonable deal. And one heckuva car!