2010 Lexus GS 350/460 Information

2010 Lexus GS 460

Information on the 2010 Lexus GS 350 & 460 has been announced, and as it turns out, not much has changed. The latest edition of the Lexus sports sedan sees the following changes:

  • iPod/USB connectivity has been added to the standard Lexus sound system, along with streaming audio via Bluetooth & an integrated XM satellite radio receiver.
  • The optional Lexus navigation system has been upgraded to the sixth generation software, which means the new Voice Command voice recognition and integrated XM NavTraffic & weather.
  • The new Safety Connect/Lexus Enform telematics system is also available.
  • Active Front headrests have been added.
  • There are two new exterior colors: Deep Sea Mica replaces Black Sapphire Pearl and Satin Cashmere Metallic replaces Golden Almond Metallic. In addition, Parchment leather interior takes the place of Cashmere.

There may be no external changes, but that’s not going to stop me from posting up a quick photo gallery of the 2010 GS 460:

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  1. Sexy.

  2. I thought the rear tailights also got chromed rings…

    anyways, it is expected that the GS would have minimal changes, sicne it got its redesigned in the last year or two. Plus, it should be getting a complete overhaul in about 2 years.

    still one of my favs in the lexus line up

  3. I see it’s gotten the family rearview mirror.

  4. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    not really any differences besides the grille.

  5. Aww, hoping it’d get some exterior minor change. Still, it looks great!

    The GS and LS hybrids got the exterior changes but it’d take some getting used to. I definitely like the LS460 changes though!

  6. I think the GS was the first Lexus model to get the integrated turn signal side mirrors—they were added as part of the mid-cycle refresh 2008 model year.

  7. Actually, even the grille is the same. There are no exterior changes mentioned.

  8. I guess the chrome rings are only for the GS hybrid.

  9. I love the GS hybrid. The new grille is just awesome.

  10. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    aha! the grille lines have a difference of +.00214th of an inch wink

  11. Of the GS series, the 460 is by far my favourite choice ... a very nice car indeed. Infact, i don’t understand why the GS doesn’t sell in greater numbers.

    On a final note ... can Lexus Australia please replace the GS300 with the more powerful GS350


    ps. Thanks for the photo’s, a nice looking car particularly in that colour.

  12. I personally love the GS, but I think it is about time for a redesign. This generation hasn’t been as groundbreaking as the 2nd generation GS.

  13. Sorry for my ignorance. :0

  14. well the good news is the 2011 GS will be all new

  15. Any idea what’s the difference b/w Parchment & Cashmere interior colors ? They both look like the same shade of beige.

  16. is it confirmed that the 2011 GS will be an all new design?

  17. seeing as that the 2010 is unchanged…yea theres a really good chance what with Lexus looking to refresh and attract us youngsters

  18. @Ed: Nothing confirmed—but the expectation is that the next-gen GS would debut in 2011 as a 2012 model. Only rumors at this point, though.

  19. @LEXUS BOY: They look very similar to me as well, I imagine the difference could only be noticed if the leather was side-by-side.

  20. If Lexus is playing the game of “wait and see”, they better bring out good cars besides improved copycats! Has to be unique, genuine,... a “no duh this is a Lexus because of [good reasons]”.

  21. Hehe there is a new GS out already, it’s just called the Jaguar XF.

  22. Love the XF

  23. agreed, its the only time ive seen a jaguar and went ” i love that jag” the new XJ is okay but the taillights are really deformed…
    yeah i guess why i like the XF is due to how similarly designed it is to the GS

  24. One might be more eco-friendly and longer lasting than the other.

  25. Jags have that nice sensational feeling.

    “He’s got a Jag.” “She’s driving her dad’s Jag-U-R.”

    And then there’s, “Meh, he drives a Merc.”

    Where will Lexus fit in in the next decade?

  26. XF has a great interior, but the GS design is timeless.

  27. i got a 2007 gs 350 and think i am going to change the side miorro ,with te indicator , got it one bay for 120 each.got 20000 miles drive onley on week ends