Lexus USA September 2009 Sales Report

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In a very nice turn of events, Lexus USA saw their first sales increase of this year—here are the full details:

September Year to Date
2009 2008 % CHG 2009 2008 % CHG
IS 3,346 3,044 5.5 27,911 40,372 -30.6
HS 1,242 0 1,785 0
ES 3,046 4,042 -27.7 33,431 50,642 -33.7
GS 501 977 -50.8 5,277 13,019 -59.3
SC 19 129 -85.9 595 1,689 -64.6
LS 777 1,238 -39.7 7,388 16,030 -53.7
Total Cars 8,931 9,430 -9.1 76,387 121,752 -37.0
RX 8,228 4,639 70.3 65,325 63,219 3.8
GX 473 1,329 -65.8 5,183 12,832 -59.4
LX 307 647 -54.4 2,513 6,416 -60.7
Total Trucks 9,008 6,615 30.7 73,021 82,467 -11.1
Total Sales 17,939 16,045 7.3 149,408 204,219 -26.5

The RX, Lexus’ sales heavyweight, had an amazing increase over last year with 8,228 unit sold, a 70.3% increase over last September. Interestingly, the RX 450h hybrid lagged behind the RX 350 with a 50.7% increase.

We’re also seeing the first real boost in IS sales thanks to the new IS convertible, and the HS performed well with 1,242 units sold. This is slightly off of the target of 20,000 yearly sales, but the model is seeing a very gradual soft launch as the marketing picks up.

Conversely, the LS & GS are still moving slow, though it will be interesting to see if there’s an uptick in LS sales when the LS Sports model arrives.

[Source: Lexus]



  1. The RX bested the BMW 3-series!!! Now focus on the GX - that’s just as important!

    And of course, I have quite some high hopes for the next-generation IS and GS. The SC should be up there too - it’s something that anyone thinking about cars should drool over. The LFA is more serious about the performance; the SC should have the same formula to that of all Aston Martins!

  2. it pains me how much the best looking Lexi, the IS,GS, and LS are losing sales…

  3. Well overall the IS is doing pretty good as the economy (slowly) recovers…this month up 5%, likely with the IS-C helping.  The LS, ES probably are down in advance of the refreshed model.  GS needs a successor soon.

  4. um KREW, it says 2009 IS sold 3,346. last year was 3,044 and its a -30% drop?

  5. That 30.6% drop is over the entire year so far. The 5.5% increase is over last September.

  6. good figures krew

    it gave us hopes in near future

    the next month ‘ll be a strong start to see if LEXUS is back or not

  7. I don’t understand why the GS is a slow mover because quite frankly ... i believe it is a damn fine car especially the V8 version.

    As for the SC, i have said this before and i will say it again ... get rid of the car as i believe the IS-C will sell enough to cover the slack. Why bother with the manufactuering process for such a horrdly slow selling unit.

    The HS appears off to a resonable start and will be interesting to see how it sells in the coming months.

    All-in-all ... a good month for Lexus !!


  8. lexus is very independent ,snooty &etc;.with their sales down you would think they would start advertising the ls460asap to beat the competition.Iorded a2010ls460 sight unseen.Iam getting annoyed as i cannot get advance info.on it or i hope i orded the right extras.Ihave been lexus since 1999 we have not settled on the price ofthe new ls nor trade in value ofmy2007 with 26,000 miles in a1 cond.maybe this is why tey lost the war waiting the last minute not getting a jump on your competition.

  9. Top 20 September Sales:

    Ford F – Series – 33,877
    Toyota Camry – 25,745
    Honda Accord – 20,826
    Toyota Corolla / Matrix – 20,741
    Chevrolet Silverado PU – 19,401
    Honda Civic – 16,093
    Honda CR-V – 14,554
    Dodge Ram PU – 13,452
    Chevrolet Impala – 13,047
    Nissan Altima – 12,149
    Toyota Prius – 10,984
    Ford Fusion – 10,834
    Chevrolet Malibu – 10,479
    Toyota RAV4 – 10,398
    Volkswagen Jetta – 9,568
    Ford Focus – 9,182
    Ford Escape – 8,692
    Lexus RX – 8,228
    Pontiac G6 – 8,097
    Chevrolet Camaro – 7,961

    (Source: Autodata Corp)

    The RX is the only one categorized as a luxury vehicle!!!
    - WOW… more than the new Camaro.

    Kinda sad though. Trucks really are losing in the market. Compared to a few years ago, the F150 just barely bested the Camry, but then again, just a few years ago, most vehicles on the road were trucks and SUVS, while Camry’s, Corollas, Accords, and Civics made up the last bit of the auto population.

    I miss the truck age!!!

  10. One more thing to say LOL

    This isn’t the most impressive lineup out there, but my-oh-my has the Lexus family grown. Makes me wanna shed a few tears. So proud…

  11. Yes indeed, from just one flagship and an entry-level model to nine different lines, with multiple models in most.  The lineup is growing…