2010 Lexus ES 350 now on Lexus USA Website

2010 Lexus ES 350 Website

The Lexus USA website has been updated to include the 2010 Lexus ES 350, with plenty of photos of the updated sedan—I especially like this image:

2010 Lexus ES 350

Available packages & pricing have also been updated, and I don’t picture it being much longer before the model is available at dealerships.

[Source: Lexus USA Website]



  1. Not bad… most of the exterior pictures are photoshops of the pre-facelift model.

    The interior is beautiful.

    The foglights… need to be sharper rather than looking like those headlights on toy cars. The chrome strips on the bottom of the doors add a great balance to the new wing mirror signals. Overall, the car isn’t bad, and in the 10th of 16 exterior pictures of the ES on Lexus.com, the car looks totally different (the front lip reminds me of the some recent BMW facelifts).

    Too bad the brake lights are still gonna look creepy at night.

  2. even from that picture i like the new ES much better. not that i ever liked it before but now its acceptable.

  3. oh wow peridot mica? green? on an ES? thatll be unique…like the green they have on the X5…i hate how you can’t spin around the picture…but that new wood interior looks nice.

  4. but then i click on virtual tours and its the 2009…

  5. really a way much more better than the pre facelift

    i suddenly like it

    even if i totally realize that it is the same bloated CAMRY based car!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. anybody but me notice the taillight’s white light is a z shape?

  7. ES HAS A VISTA ROOF NOW?? WOW! WITH CONTROLS FOR THE REAR PASSENGER!!! This new ES is impressing me…it’s like Lexus entered my mind and knew what i wanted wink

  8. I don’t mean to insult, but…
    YOU DIDN’T KNOW?!?!?!
    And I think that all the rear passengers can do is push forward the shade for the rear portion of the moonroof.

  9. lol
    It’s an L. Those are just mandated reflectors that make the L-shape look like a Z.

  10. I like how Chevy Malibu’s side reflectors are chromed and have the corporate bowtie. Lexus’ on the other hand, never have been so sleek, and many times, the headlights and taillights with the reflectors (with their own tiny lights) look very cheap in press release pictures - the original LSh press pics of the headlights, for example.

  11. The shark fin antenna honestly changes the way the car looks! I wish our 2008 could get one! I dont know about anyone else but when i go online to build my own there is only one option and doesn’t make any mention about the panoramic roof, is anyone getting more options?

  12. That profile shot looks very good, but most pictures in the gallery are photochops of the previous car, quite badly done. The slope of the center console b/w the armrest & the cupholder has been altered, but in the photo gallery the old center console design is shown.

  13. i had no idea i thought they just had a glassroof. like i said im not big on the ES

  14. lol
    I see.

    Although, if they’re not gonna have a moonroof for the rear, they might as well paint the roof shiny black instead.

    Just to let you know, the rear moonroof does not open; it’s stationary.

  15. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    oh well that’s unfortunate..

  16. Most exterior and itnerior pics are photoshops of the 2009 ES, especially the first interior shot in which the wood trim is missing from the glovebox… whoops!

    Otherwise the non-photoshopped images reveal new details such as the chrome strip around the wood trim on the doors… nice.

  17. I didn’t notice the chrome around the wood trim on the doors. Thanks man!

    L-finesse already had some interesting details that you usually wouldn’t notice right away - kinda fun looking for them and then knowing that they’re there. The ES is a great candidate for extra chrome and wood, and for the more expensive packages, extra semi-aniline leather (with irregular ripple patterns on the doors, for example).

  18. one problem with the lighter interior on all Lexus models is that the door sill is also light and shows all the shoe scuff marks. also door dingers are an additional item and choice of tire manufaturer is not an option. do these apply to the 2010 ES 350 also? I’m in the market for a new Lexus, should I go for the ES350 with it’s cramped cockpit seats and good looks or the comfy ES? I have an ES300 right now, an older better finished model that just won’t wear out.