Lexus USA Looking for LF-Ch Feedback

The Lexus LF-Ch Concept Hatchback

Although it was designed primarily with Europe in mind, the LF-Ch concept has generated plenty of buzz on the North American shores—and Lexus USA is looking to gauge just how interested American customers are in the hatchback concept. To that end, a short survey has been added to the concepts page on the Lexus USA website, where you can add your opinion.

Questions focus mostly on the exterior design of the concept, though powertrain options and the concept’s color choice are also touched on, so be sure to weigh in, especially if you’re interested in owning whatever the concept turns into.

The LF-Ch will be making its North American debut in December, when it appears at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

[Source: Lexus USA LF-Ch Page]



    I don’t want to say that the wheels are a bit too much because Lexus is just gonna end up putting something bland in place of them. The inside is wonderful, interesting, and pretty good - the aesthetic designs in the interior also seem very practical and intuitive (for example, the sturdy aluminum bar to the right of the Remote Touch is a nice place to grip for both the driver when making a sharp turn while using the Remote Touch and the passenger that is having fun… a nice place for a couple to hold hands too; AND I also like how it and the center armrest are parallel to the handlebar and armrest on the doors, very fluid and most importantly, comfortable - supposedly one of L-finesse’s achievements). I wanna go on… smile

  2. If they make it a stick, reduce the weight, put in the 2.5L to match the power to weight ratio, RWD and priced slightly under 30k, Lexus would have a winner.

  3. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    i told them to drop the hybrid, and change the tail lights

  4. “a nice place for a couple to hold hands too”

    Well, aren’t you a romantic!

    For the most part, I’m not all that crazy about the interior, but I think it’s the materials I don’t like. Love the center console, though.

  5. And you know what—I wouldn’t be surprised with any of that. I am expecting AWD rather than RWD. but no reason both couldn’t be offered.

  6. As long as the tail lights aren’t clear, I’m good.

  7. aw… the taillights weren’t bad - LFA-isk. I understand that Lexus, besides being more ambitious, should try to keep things “professional”.

    And I actually liked some of the new clear taillights - they’re jewelry-like for sure. As long as Lexus makes them clear just because another car in the lineup is like that but instead with intentions. (Remember that they’re also known as Altezza or Lexus lights. Makes me proud) Oh… and I like the first-gen IS’s gauges even though the housing wasn’t quite as elegant.

  8. Att : Lexus ... i hope John Roca made a sound case for Lexus Australia when he was at the Frankfurt Motorshow. This car will sell resonably well in Oz.

    Please consider.

    Oh yeah, import the the IS350 to complement the IS250 and replace the GS300 with the GS350. I have confidance those changes will help boost Australian sales of Lexus models


  9. Great car!!!  Hot tip.  Do not buy the tire warranty sold by Lexus Dealers.  It is a scam and not to be trusted.