Fox Marketing Prepares Lexus IS 350c for SEMA

We first saw a rendering of the Fox Marketing Lexus IS 350c back in May—and it looks like that computer image was in very close proximity to the real thing:

Lexus IS 350c by Fox Marketing Front

Lexus IS 350c by Fox Marketing Rear

There’s also a buildlog photo set on Flickr, and for good measure, a video closeup:

The IS-F front bumper and side vents look nicely done—I would have liked to see an IS-F grille in there as well. Regardless, it’s a great looker even in these blurry photos, and is sure to be noticed when it’s displayed at SEMA in November.



  1. That look abosolutely awesome!! I love the glass roof wink

  2. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    KREW, you almost gave me a heart attack…my God i wan this car so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was shocked too. The glass roof was much needed. The back now resembles an LFA with its wide, flat look. The rear wheel arches are moldings - heavy/flammable? Wow… They did it, and it looks like the Lexus LF-Ch stole Fox’s color.

  4. I don’t know that it’s glass—I think it’s just painted. Could you really have a glass roof convertible?

  5. Yes. I think the VW Eos has one.

  6. r u sure? isn’t that just the sunroof? i doubt glass roofs can be put on a convertible, even the Eos

  7. oh wow it DOES have something like a glass roof. yes! that means so does this IS350C smile