Photo of the 2010 Lexus LS 600hL Interior

Among Leftlane News’ photos of the 2010 Lexus LS 600hL at the Frankfurt Auto Show was this shot of the interior—note the full LCD instrument panel (click for a larger image):

2010 Lexus LS 600hL Interior in Grey

The steering wheel stitching also looks different, and there’s now a patch of darker leather on the doors. Just loving this color combination.

[Source: Leftlane News] (Thanks Safeer!)



  1. LOVIN’ the color combos too and also that extra leather stitching on the steering wheel is a great enhancement! Lexus’ next step is to offer more chrome trim options. (Again, scratch-/wear-/fingerprint-resistant, please. My wood trim, chrome trim, clock/temp display, and Nav are annoying the heck out of me - so vulnerable to fingers!)

  2. Looks like the buttons around the Nav have been moved around too ...and the in-dash DVD player ...and the brushed aluminum trim. lol I’m gonna miss physical gauges. I love how all I see are the chrome rings around the speedo and tach in my LX when the keys aren’t in the ignition.

  3. well the LS has always had this black/white interior combo which debuted on the neiman marcus edition. This then was available on the RX hybrid

  4. Not really enjoying the dash

  5. Yeah, the buttons have been cleaned up—but the thing I just noticed is that the large clock & temperature in the middle of the console has been removed and now the time is up by the vents.

  6. I was referring to the patch of darker leather by the door handle, I think that’s new. Could definitely be wrong though.

  7. I think the clock has always been there. The temp/climate control display is now in a more practical area - higher up and above some switches. Now, you can just take a glimpse at the readouts without straying too far from the Nav screen, and the climate control switches are now less of a reach.

  8. You’re absolutely right—I noticed that the temperature display had been moved and thought the clock was part of that unit as well.

    (Haha, what’s funny is that I was actually looking at an 2009 LS image for comparison and still missed the clock. Too much computering today.)

  9. I really like the changes Lexus made to the interior of the LSh, unlike the front end of the car.
    - The leather pad on the steering hub was much needed & so now most interior surfaces are covered in leather/wood/alcantara.
    - The fabulous new instruments make the previous one look plain
    - The redesigned center stack also looks neater & less cluttered than before.
    There seems to be a THREE tone interior color in that picture- Light & dark grey with black. But I hope they haven’t altered the interior color of my choice ie Cashmere/Brown leather with Red Walnut.

  10. Waiting to see more pictures of the center console & the rear seat area. There’s supposed to be a sliding center armrest in the rear with possibly redesigned switchgear. This interior can surely cause a raised eyebrow or two at Rolls & Bentley…