2010 Lexus ES 350 Official Information

2010 Lexus ES 350

Full information and photos of the refreshed 2010 Lexus ES 350 have been released—here’s a breakdown of the changes:

  • Both the front and rear lights have been revised, along with a new front bumper, new foglights, a new grille. Chrome side molding has also been added.
  • The new-look Lexus side mirrors with integrated turn signals have been added.
  • The standard 17” alloy wheels now have a split five-spoke design.
  • There are four new colors available: Truffle Mica, Peridot Mica, Satin Cashmere Metallic and Cerulean Blue Metallic will replace Moon Shell Mica, Amber Pearl, Aquamarine Pearl, Black Sapphire Pearl and Golden Almond Metallic.
  • Inside, the steering wheel controls have been revised and there is now new wood trim placed in the center console and glovebox.
  • The armrest has been changed to provide easier access and more room.
  • Rear seat side airbags have been added, bringing the total to ten airbags throughout the vehicle.
  • Standard leather-trimmed seating is available in three colors including Parchment which replaces Cashmere. New Brown Walnut wood trim replaces Medium Brown Walnut, while the ES adds Espresso Bird’s Eye Maple trim.
  • The ES will receive an updated Lexus sound system, and will be available with the upgraded 6th generation navigation system, along with iPod integration and Safety Connect & Lexus Enform telematics.

Now for some photos of the refresh:

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The 2010 Lexus ES 350 will start at $34,800 which represents an increase of $330 or 0.9% over the 2009 model.

[Source: Lexus USA]



  1. There was once a group of Lexus designers gathered around a table with different ideas as to how to redesign the ES350. Since none of them could cooperate,Lexus split them into four different groups.
    The first group decided that their model car would be the LS.
    The second group decided that their model car was the Toyota Avalon.
    The third group’s leader asked who was planning to get the newly released Hyundai Sonata, then reached an agreement that the ES’ front end must have the same angry look as the Sonata`s.
    The last group didn`t have any ideas, so they set upon adding random blobs of chrome here and there throughout the car.

  2. Looks good. Im sure its even more solid then the one it replaces.

    Love the interior. Overall very classy car.

    The one thing i can stand tho are those wheels. They are so tiny for the car. Lexus should offer 18s and 19s for the car and i grantee u it will look 100% better. The rims and wider tires will also give the car a better stance.

    First thing I would do is get some nice bigger rims ( 18 or 19 ) with thinner tires and lower the car just a little. That all any Lexus ever needs to make it even sexier. =)

  3. Not as extensive as the 04-05 ES refresh, but I’m still impressed overall. Biggest change is the addition of Lexus Enform.

  4. holy bazooka batman, that ES is going at 170mph. smile

    I like all the changes except for the fog lights, which looks like they are from the 90s

  5. I just noticed that! I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair.

    But I think they may have added the startup feature where the tachs go to max then return back to their original setting.

    Our 2008 ES doesn’t have that feature, the IS and GS does.

  6. wow can’t believe i actually LIKE the ES! i hated it! a pure granny car! but now its much better, especially the front, and i love the taillights. just needs a lower ride up front and ill officially like every Lexus in the lineup wink

  7. seriously… the additional wood and chrome addition in the interior is a surprise from Lexus - a good one, that is. I’ll save my comments on the foglights, but why did they rid of the LED interior lighting?! Was it too hard to make it brighter?

  8. People seemed to have ignored my last post… The ES still seems to have that awkward involuntary acceleration. The last accident killed four, and it was a dealer’s loaner car! Kinda looks like Lexus doesn’t care that much about the ES - I thought they have claimed to have fixed this problem already.

  9. Did anyone else notice the speedometer in the photograph points toward “full” in the fuel gauge?

  10. Who wouldn’t? It says “ECO OFF” on the top middle display! LOL

  11. Looks nice particularly the interior which appears to be presented in Lexus’s traditional manner ... impeccable !!

    Will a hybrid version eventually be offered such as a ES450h ??

    The update should ensure the car remains a popular choice with the North American market.

  12. Not sure about that, as the latest news reports from the investigation have indicated that the wrong type of floor mat was installed in the car, it was longer than specified, making it a candidate for jamming the accelerator.

  13. THE RX is also in need of some more wood & chrome in the interior. Oh, and also LEATHER ON THE DOOR PANELS!

  14. more like an ES400h, and probably reserved for next generation

  15. They’ve already acknowledged that the floormats were to blame long before the accident with the loaner ES that killed 4!

  16. Why a ES400h when Lexus is using the atkinson cycle version of the 3.5 v6 (2GR-FXE) in thier hybrids as per the GS450h and RX450h.

    400h presents the previous generation 3.3 V6 that is no longer used.

  17. Just to clarify—the ES crash you’re referring to does look to be caused by a floormat, however, the car wasn’t equipped with standard ES floormats:


    It seems that the wrong floormat was put into the car and that’s what may have caused the accident.

    (My condolences to anyone involved—absolutely tragic.)

  18. ah I see. Well, what really scared me was how common this problem was, and that the car I was talking about was a loaner!

  19. Did you notice that the tape player was also omitted?

  20. Yeah… I wish they’d at least hide one in the glovebox, without compromising much space, of course.

  21. Bhaha. Hopefully this isn’t too accurate. wink

  22. There is optional 18” wheels, not sure if they share the same alloy design though.

    (Plus, I agree, any car looks better dropped with bigger wheels, guaranteed.)

  23. Well, I guess running the ES at 170mph at 0rpm would mean that torque is up. It would also explain why the gas tank is empty. wink

  24. I recently drove an ES 350, and I have to say, it’s a car with very few faults. Very solid overall, and perfect for the majority of people on the road.

  25. Agree with Josh—I don’t think there’s any chance we’ll see a ES hybrid in this generation.

  26. It’s my understanding that the tape deck lasted as long as it did is because that very same space was used in Japan for the extremely popular Minidisc format. Looking forward to console designs without that tape slot taking up space.

  27. I HOPE! that the taillights are LED lights!  Seriously, the 2010 IS and RX have LED taillights on all models.

  28. Can anyone confirm that these are LED taillights?

  29. that’s for sure, it’s a great car but the design is just too weak up front. It should really be designed well.

  30. my inside sources tell me that it is, indeed, LED taillights.

  31. Good question, Kevin—I’ll see if I can get an answer for you.

  32. I saw a base 2010 ES at the Lindon, Utah, dealer on Saturday. I am placing an order today for one with the Smoky Granite Mica and Light Gray interior. I’m really excited about some of the changes, especially the inclusion of real-time traffic on the navigation feature. The car should be here by Friday!

  33. What’s up with the fit-and-finish?!

    ugh… and I don’t like how the light makes the wood on the center console look like shiny and flimsy adhesive wood.