White Lexus LF-A Spotted!

The news never stops when it comes to Lexus & Germany—it’s not enough that the LF-Ch and refreshed versions of the LS, GS, and IS debuted, but now a practically-production LF-A has been photographed at Nürburgring (click for larger versions):

White Lexus LF-A from the side

White Lexus LF-A from the side

White Lexus LF-A from the rear

Although the expertly-applied white tape does hide the final details, this is the best look we’ve seen yet—the front air intake has been revised, and the side vents look to have been tidied up as well. I also like the little whited-out F-badging on the side, makes me wish for a body color badge on the production model.

It’s expected that the production LF-A will be debut at the Tokyo Auto Show in October, and will be available in a limited capacity some time in 2010.

For more photos, check out the gallery at World Car Fans.



  1. kNOW WHAT? The second image is not bad…

  2. love it. really do. and is it just me or are the little spoilers rising from the taillights new? but man this is for sure the production car and it looks amazing in white, i cant stop looking at it! i can only imagine the lights…sigh what i wouldn’t give to be a German garbage man on that day just to see the LFA…and being the dude in the Porsche taking pics wouldn’t be half bad either! the more resemblance towards the IS, the better. it has lots of IS looks, the taillights and headlights especially. like the new turn mirrors (or whatever its called)  but c’mon Lexus…not the little triangle window! at least they kept my favorite part: the body shape looks exactly like the concept. shame only 500 will be made sad

  3. and this is definitely the European LFA, because it has the little red and white lights under the rear vents.

  4. I like how Chris Bangle incorporated the panel gaps into the design (new and old Z4, for example) - odd looking at some points but for the most part, beautifully done and very clean.

  5. woooooow!!!!!!!



    wanna one please

  6. I wish I can buy this car, sooo NICE!!. I really like the side profile of the car.

  7. who donna like it’s side profile

    so we now offically waiting for at least 4 sports cars from toyota and FHI

    1-TOYOBARU with 2 version most likely (CELICA & SVX)
    2-MR-S or prius hybrid
    3-LFA or LFL or whatever it ‘ll be named
    4-TOYOTA MARK_X 2nd generation with 360 hp from TOYOTA/LEXUS V6 3.5l engine
    5-SUBRA a hybrid 3.5l + turbo to up to 450hp

    those are 5 not 4

    only the supra didn’t confirmed yet but they say it ‘ll be established at the end of that year and i guess it ‘ll be in TOKYO

  8. * SORRY IN #2

    I mean MR-S or PRIUS COUPE

  9. SEX




    I LOVE IT!!!

  11. Absolutely and whole-heartedly love this car and alongside the IS-F should inject a good dose of passion into the brand.

    However ... i wish Lexus will not limit production to a speculAted amount of only 500 units but instead leave production open according to orders.

  12. I do hope they allow for special orders too…but of course they want to keep it exclusive.

  13. IMO, they should make a limited production LFA-F, and make the LFA a normal production, $150k supercar and a $175k convertible. audi r8 v10 spanker, anyone?

  14. yeah

    i think they said before that the 500 is just example if they see the 500 sold in a time duration x they ‘ll turn it to production

    + their is already another version of the engine with displacement 5.5l or 5.0l and that they could put it in the evo version as it ‘ll out more that 600 hp

    refer to this discussion done before


  15. sorry for all those msg’s

    “Limited production is also the name of the game, with only about 500 units expected unless demand proves high enough to support more,”

  16. Dude, what about the next gen SC, is this gonna come or it’s axed? I mean not everyone can buy a 300000$ car what will be produced in 500 units.

  17. I don’t know if the demand will be that big, the car comes in a bad time when the world is just starting to recover after economical recession and the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Mercedes SLS just been revealed in Frankfurt. Then again, Lexus may lose money if they produce the car in such low numbers. A bigger production and a 150000$ price tag is fair enough.

  18. I completely agree with you.
    Lexus is paying way too much attention to the LFA (which only a limited number of people can buy) and too little attention on it’s other models (What the vast majority of consumers will buy). What I think happened is that Lexus took all of it’s good designers and put them to work on the LFA.
    I also sincerely hope that they don’t ax the SC. It’s too wonderful a car for them to ax.

  19. hehe… what Lexus should do for the mild hybrid model is to give the supercar the hybrid corporate grille around the front and rear badge and on top of any air intakes and even the radiators in the back! LOL

  20. as the latest article

    the LEXUS SC ‘ll back with two engines

    SC460 modified to o/p around 400 hp

    and the second SC-F with the engine based in LFA/LFL whatever they ‘ll named it

    and it ‘ll be based on the next generations IS/GS guess not the same chassis found in nowadays IS/GS/Royal/Athlete/Majesta and not the old one found in the Century and not ever the new one that the nowadays LS based on but it ‘ll be a new chassis i guess a new one based from the LFA but also modified for sedan and 2+2 coupes

    the article say that it may produced first as a cabriolet until the coupe join later

    and about the rendering

    these are some renders



    and all go in the way of 2+2 luxurious coupe/convertible as to compete with mercedes benz CL
    Bentley continental GT/GTC

  21. So much is going to depend on the LFA price—if it really goes over $300,000, I don’t know how many can be sold.

    Lexus certainly is rolling the dice lately—it’s the same thing with the HS. So hard to say how sales are going to be.

  22. awhen i look at this car i get an orgasm!!!:-o