2010 Lexus ES 350 Official Photos

The finalized 2010 ES has been revealed by way of the Lexus China website—let’s start off with some exterior photos:

2010 Lexus ES 350 Exterior

2010 Lexus ES 350 Exterior Rear

The changes, as far as I can see:

  • New front bumper and foglights
  • New head lights & tail lights
  • Chrome Side strip
  • Rear view mirrors with integrated turn signals

On a whole, the exterior changes are minor, and with the exception of the chromed foglights, are all improvements over the current ES.

As far as the interior, the biggest change looks to be a steering wheel—which now has separate buttons rather than the single plastic layout:

2010 Lexus ES 350 Interior

Also, there are some new wood accents, with one right under the navigation screen and the other integrated with the glove box. All of these interior changes are great, especially the new steering wheel, but I spot one update I don’t care for: the center arm rest has been replaced instead of retaining the unique easy-close design.

One of the other things revealed on the Lexus China website is that the ES will indeed be offered in that country with the four-cylinder 2AZ-FE engine, which is the same engine that powered the Toyota Camry until it was updated for 2010.

For more photos, and full technical breakdowns, you can visit the Lexus China website.



  1. Maybe those fog lights would look better if they would be more curved on the inside?

  2. The interior is way better though.

  3. These new pictures reveal a much better looking car than those earlier photos from Taiwan. I reckon this will look quite good in person too. The interior changes are minor but make for a more upscale look with more wood & chrome detailing. Lexus has changed the center armrest mechanism to the same one as in the other sedans & ditched the cassette player (finally, same as in the 2010 GS). Even though the taillights look good, I’m surprised Lexus didn’t add LED’s to it, something the Camry got with its facelift.

  4. I like it, still not crazy about the interior but it definitely is a step up from the other years. 
    I still like my 04 with the flip down nav. to reveal the CD player

  5. I LOVE THE INTERIOR! LOVIN’ THE ADDED WOOD ACENTS! lol… the picture is misleading in that it looks like there is chrome around the airvents. Meh… the armrests were cool, but I don’t blame some people for finding them a bit frustrating at times. Why does the IS still retain the original mechanism?

    Anyways, I used to think that all cars needed foglights to add balance to their looks instead of fake air-intakes, plastic patches, or nothing at all. In this case, if they really wanted big foglights like those, they could have at least made the chrome look like it was melting and pouring towards the middle of the car. I can’t believe how flat the front and side look right now.

    As for the taillights, I don’t like how that beautiful L-shape probably won’t be entirely lit when the turn signals are on. Kinda cheap… And I wish they made the brake lights less demon-looking. Whenever following an ES at nighttime, I felt like a special four-eyed alligator was staring at me. Strips of LEDs would be preferable but not like those of the LX and IS. Just consistent lines that look like streaks of hot lava that are lighter at the bottom.

    Finally, the strips of chrome at the bottom of the doors were much needed. Thank you Lexus for that.

  6. Not really a huge change but it’s still great. By the way, does anyone know what is that square shaped thing next to the front licence plate? I’ve seen it and i’ve always wondered what that thing is.

  7. NEED BIGGER RIMS ASAP….why not offer 18 or 19s with the ES Lexus? These small rims make the car seem week.

    Im sure the car is much better…..nut why not a total redesigned ES Lexus?

    Lexus refreshed their whole Lineup…the only car that got a total make over was the LX…..everything else just a refresh. Other auto makers are releasing brand new from the ground up vehicles. Nothing wrong with any current Lexus tho, but i wanna see some new designs!

  8. biggest improvement is the interior,the foglights look a little squishy, but i love the new front intake. they should have made the tailight “L” design more noticable

  9. I think it covers the towing hook or something like that.

  10. Testing ... !!

  11. While i actually like the exterior styling of the current ES, the interior however is not my cup of tea although i reserve no-doubt the build quality and refinement of the ES is impeccable that we have come to expect from Lexus.

    Furthermore ... does anybody understand why Lexus has fitted a 4-cyl to the ES that will be dedicated to the Chinese market only !!

    Also ... why did Lexus opt to utilise the older generation 2.4 4-cyl (2AZ-FE) and not the new 2.5 4-cyl (2AR-FE).

    On a final note, contrary to the report - the new 2.5 4-cyl is used in the RAV4 and Camry in the North American market only while every other market retains the use of the older 2.4 4-cyl even in the updated Camry

  12. Does that mean we are two years for the all new model from now ?

  13. the reason is very simple - tax!

  14. Actually the center A/C vents do have chrome framing, but not the outboard ones. There’s also some chrome around the steering switches that looks quite classy. Looks like Lexus wants to follow the Rolls-Royce trademark of wood/leather/chrome in their interiors. The interior upgrades in the ES redeem the rather odd looking air dam/fog lamp design of the front & the lack of LED tailights.

  15. Its the cover for the front towing eyelet. It can be pried open with a screwdriver etc.

  16. About 2 decades ago, tariffs and extra taxes used to make the ES in China worth as much as tier 1 luxury cars here in the US.

  17. That chrome on the turning stalk and windshield wiper stalk as well as the strips around the steering wheel controls are much needed. Especially those stalks on the steering column which used to look like they came right out of their Toyota bin parts, which they have. I hope the chrome is fade, scratch, and especially finger resistant.