2010 Lexus GX Spy Shots!

Even with the introduction of next-generation Lexus GX right around the corner, there have only been spy shots of the closely-related Toyota Prado—that is, until the real deal was caught out in the California desert yesterday.

First, a couple photos from Edmunds:

2010 Lexus GX 460 Spy Photos Front

2010 Lexus GX 460 Spy Photos Rear

Also, some additional photos from Leftlane News:

2010 Lexus GX Spy Photo 1

2010 Lexus GX Spy Photo 1

2010 Lexus GX Spy Photo 1

Not much detail is given away, but the new GX shares a very strong similarity to the LX 570’s front end. I like the improvements to the vehicles stance, which no longer has that awkward narrowness of the current model.

Expected to be powered by the Toyota Tundra’s 4.6L V8 engine (currently rated at 310hp and 327 lb-ft of torque), the next-generation GX will be debuting in Shanghai next month and will be arriving in US dealerships some time in December.

[Source: Edmunds & Leftlane News]



  1. Meh… looked at them for an hour, and meh…

  2. hey krew, im havng this weird problem where i opened the picture above of the front, the 3rd picture, and now its in the middle of my screen on that tab and it wont go away…weird

    i like the new LED’s.
    i can make out the headlights. very similar to the prev gen RX IMO.
    shape looks okay.
    but i thought it would be a more powerful engine than the 470 but i guess the 540 is far away

  3. and is that a red HS in the background of the first pic or am i just crazy?

  4. can’t wait to see it smile

  5. I doubt that you’re crazy, but I don’t think thats an HS in the background.
    First of all, the license plate on the trunk of the HS. Secondly, the HS’ tail lights are white. If you look closely, you’ll notice that these ones are grey or black.
    I think its actually a Mazda3.
    As for the GX, I’m not too sure about that lower air intake/round foglamp combo, nor am I sure about those seemingly rounded headlamps. But the profile looks amazing.
    Lastly, I hope they do something about that Corolla Verso-esque interior found on the Prado.

  6. i was thinking mazda 3 but i wanted an HS ;(

  7. One thing I like to note is that there is nothing wrong with 3D headlights, but I do have a problem with bulging headlights. The taillights on the RX just barely undercut weirdness and are actually pretty cool, but only after Lexus explained that they were going for a jewelry-looking design - like how the Nissan GTR looked good only after looking at it as a Japanese Godzilla rather than an Italian supercar.

  8. KREW, you should make your own team of spy photographers.
    KREW- manager, spy shots.
    LEXUS BOY - ace photographer
    WorldofLuxury - editor, researcher
    LEXUSaddict - special operations photographer

    hows that wink

  9. turn signals. finally. and it looks like theyre still keeping the split intake like the LS we have now.i just hope the back isn’t concave-like like the RX. foglights look good. i think im really gonna like this GX but it seems they took the wood off the top of the steering wheel? lets just hope the rear gap between the fender and the wheels is decreased to the size of the front, it looks much to big. man i cant wait! when is this officially being revealed?

  10. wait no it IS an HS. look, the taillights has the dark cross between it and the rear window is slightly raised, ES style.

  11. Most reputable Australian motoring websites have released pictures and some information (Toyota remaining tight-lipped) of the new Prado and i must admit, it looks good not to mention the 3.0 L4 DI diesel and 4.0 V6 petrol donks will remain but with upgrades to improve refinement, output / power, fuel efficency and co2 emmissions so i reserve no-doubt that the new GX460 (replacing the aged GX470) will be a very good unit.

    However, here in the land down under (Australia), we unfortunate Aussies don’t get the GX but more rather the LX which i would appreciate more if it came with a diesel such as the DI 4.5 v8 as the regular Landcruiser has.

    The new Prado is expected to go on sale in Australia sometime during November.

  12. Guys… official Prado images have just been released, and the car looks horrible… The big fenders, esp. the rear fenders, look like claddings. The LX’s don’t look good either - more like skirts that are flung out.

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz-sIA1JedU

    Lucky ass guy

  14. WorldOfLuxury - I don’t think the new Prado looks aweful at all. Infact, it looks like a ‘Prado’ which i believe is one of the better styled 4WD’s of any.

    Also, the new model retains the awesome DI 3.0 4-cyl turbo diesel and 4.0 V6 albiet further refined.

    Furthermore, it is a good indication that the new GX460 should be a very good vehicle.

    I say well done !!

  15. When this SUV will launch i waiting for see this SUV.