Official Lexus LF-Ch Photo Gallery (Plus New Information)

Lexus LF-Ch Hatchback Concept

Lexus has released full, high resolution images of the LF-Ch hatchback concept:

Some things that jump out right away:

  • The LF-Ch has a great stance, and has one of the better Lexus side profiles.
  • Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the integrated iPhone docks in the front seat-backs.
  • This car is missing the large panoramic sunroof seen in the other images leaked earlier today.

The interior is just gorgeous, take a look at this detail:

Lexus LF-Ch Interior Detail

Even better, along with these photos is a full press release breaking down the exterior/interior design decisions, read the full text after the jump.

World debut for new hybrid power compact concept car at Frankfurt


* Concept proposing the first Lexus full hybrid for the European premium compact segment
* Advanced interior design with asymmetric dashboard and Remote Touch controls
* Blacked-out B-pillars and concealed rear door handles create the look of a pillarless coupé
* L-finesse exterior styling with powerful surfacing and hand-sculpted details

World debut at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show

Making its world debut at the Frankfurt motor show, the Lexus LF-Ch full hybrid concept is Lexus’s first approach to the competitive European premium compact segment.

It reflects the growing demand for cars that are smaller and more fuel and CO2 efficient, but with no compromise in levels of refinement and driving pleasure. By next year the compact segment is expected to claim the largest share of the European premium car market.

The LF-Ch concept reaffirms Lexus’s commitment to Europe, combining compact dimensions, stylish five-door, full hybrid technology and low emissions to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements and to appeal to a new, younger generation of customers.

Exterior design

The LF-Ch concept presents a powerful evolution of Lexus’s L-finesse design philosophy. Rooted in Japanese culture, L-finesse is expressed in every aspect of the car, not only in the visual harmony between the interior and exterior design, but also in the combination of leading-edge engineering and technology with a user-friendly simplicity of function.

The designers focused on the careful juxtaposition of opposing major and minor elements. Intriguing contrasts are created between the powerful, machine-like overall surfacing of the bodywork and the painstaking detail of even the smallest elements, creating a synergy between technologically driven design and a fluid, hand-sculpted quality.

A new, bolder Lexus grille design sits above a deep, full-width bumper and air dam, giving a perfect balance of precision and power. The sharply sculpted, aerodynamic front wings overlap the front bumper to create deep, front brake-cooling air intakes and give the LF-Ch a powerful and purposeful wide-track stance.

In profile, the tapered side glazing, a muscular, rising beltline and a sharply truncated rear overhang project the car’s premium compact character. The steeply raked windscreen, long flowing roofline, blacked-out B-pillars and rear doorhandles integrated in the C-pillar window trim combine to give the appearance of a sporting pillarless coupe.

At the rear the trailing edge of the roof overhangs the rear window to create an integrated rear spoiler. The tailgate section has a pronounced step, which flows from the muscular wheelarches and is anchored by the wraparound tail lamp design. Aerodynamic detailing of the lower bumper smoothes airflow from beneath the car and feeds ventilation to the rear brakes.

Subtle finishing touches include discreet Lexus hybrid blue badging and sharply tapering chrome mouldings. The harmonious synergy of the design is further expressed in the contrasting, lively yellow exterior finish and calming blue interior illumination.

Interior design

The principles of L-finesse are carried through to the interior where again a powerful simplicity harmonises with hand-crafted quality in the detailing to create a calm, efficient and elegant design.

The cabin features a strongly asymmetric dashboard that is firmly driver-focused with outstanding ergonomics.  The driver’s needs are seamlessly anticipated in several surprising elements, for example, when the car is started a greeting is presented on the navigation screen and an ambient lighting pattern appears in the headliner, creating a sophisticated lounge feel.

Extensive use of semi-aniline leather, polished aluminium, wood and soft-touch materials reinforces the theme of harmonious contrast in the dashboard, door panels and seating. The design of the seats is inspired by high quality furniture, with exposed metal frames, lightweight leather and grained black wood used in inter-related layers, shaped to reflect the intrinsic nature of each material used.

The driving position is low and well-supported, with a wide-grip steering wheel with paddle shift controls and an instrument binnacle housing large twin dials embellished with a turbine motif.

To help keep the driver’s focus on the road ahead, distracting instrumentation and switchgear has been kept to a minimum by using Lexus Remote Touch controls, as first seen in the new RX 450h. Using a multi-information display on top of the dashboard, Remote Touch works like a computer mouse, letting the driver access control and customise a range of information, entertainment and vehicle set-up programmes.

As with every Lexus, hospitality is at the heart of the ownership experience. To this end, the LF-Ch’s comprehensive on-board entertainment package includes iPhone docking for rear seat passengers.

Powertrain and driving performance

Allied to a wide track, long wheelbase and low centre of gravity, the LF-Ch’s full hybrid powertrain is engineered to deliver all the performance customers expect from a premium compact hatchback, while at the same time returning low fuel consumption, CO2 and NOx emissions.

With the benefit of the full hybrid technology of Lexus Hybrid drive, the car can be driven in a fully electric EV mode, a power option that is not available to drivers of mild hybrids. This allows for urban driving with minimal noise and zero emissions.

Lexus LF-Ch Concept dimensions

Overall length

Overall width

Overall height


Tyres (front and rear)



  1. I don’t think there ever was a panoramic glass roof. lol This car is ready for production!

  2. Just comparing the dimensions to 1.gen IS:
    Model : 1.gIS - LF-Ch
    Length: 4,400 - 4,300
    Width : 1,720 - 1,790
    Height: 1,420 - 1,400
    Wheelb: 2,670 - 2,600

    Wider and slightly shorter, but since it’s a hatchback the interior space should be quite good even in the rear seats.

    I’m going to Frankfurt the 19th, really looking forward to see it live.

  3. This car shows that there are still good designs and designers left for Lexus..

  4. Great pictures, this is a great looking hatch!  If it comes to the states, it may very well be my next daily.

  5. It looks like you could fit your iphone/ipod touch into the headrest which i seems cool.

  6. The wheelbase is identical to the Corolla. Great looking interior though, far better than the RX & HS. Strangely the headliner looks very much like hard shiny plastic.

  7. If this will drive like a corolla, than BMW has nothing to be afraid of…

  8. hope it come with RWD or even AWD-FWD based as AUDI

    if it come as that with around 170 hp , 220 hp & 320 hp for the CT200h , CT300h & CT400h respectively

    it ‘ll sell as hot cakes

    and i ‘ll take a one for city usage


  9. Wowza. I hope it comes out in 2010 in N.A because forget buying a Prius I would jump on this baby!

    The roof pretty awesome with the lighting.

    Honestly this is a car for me! Hybrid power, AWD and if it does have an option for over 300hp and some how low weight YUMMY!


  10. take out the hybrid nonsense and u got a killer. just how often do people buy a hatchback for hybrid features? please, at least make the hybrid separate from the real car…please…

  11. last 3 words is my plan for friday wink

  12. Remember, Lexus is going all Hybrid in Europe. Not the US. It could come in Gas form to remain competitive.

  13. 2 LEXUSaddict : If you look at the success of the Prius hatch, my guess is many… wink

  14. WOW, I finally got the smileys right (Thanks LEXUSaddict!)
    Drinks are on me wink

  15. phew good thing mate ill have…a chocolate milk. whipped cream. on the rocks. i don’t drink and i never will wink but thanks for your kindness anyway smile

  16. Hi wink You know me as WoL wink And I use > smile < too.

    And I smile also use this> raspberry and LOL <that. I forgot the rest… wink

  17. I am looking for new information on 2010 gx 460.  Release date, photos, prices, changes.  Do you have any new information?