Front View of the Lexus LF-Ch Concept

After Lexus teased us with a cropped rear view of their upcoming hatchback concept, a new image has leaked revealing a full front view (click for a larger version):

Front View of the Lexus LF-Ch Concept

There’s so much to like about this concept—particularly the grille and headlights, which manage to fit in line with the new Lexus hybrid style but still looks very aggressive. The grille looks like a set of fangs.
I’m not too sure about the foglights or the bumper design around them, and the concept color is a strange choice, but on a whole, I’m more than impressed. The overall body shape is very much a Lexus, and makes me think we’re looking at a vehicle very close to production.

[Via: World Car Fans]



  1. Not bad, though from that angle it looks a bit like the VW Scirocco: File:VW_Scirocco_front_20080730.jpg

  2. Great! I love the aggressive styling.

    But it must look cleaner!

  3. I love it! Why does it have to change?

  4. oh please Lexus…im with WoL, why does it have to look any little bit different? oh man i want this car so bad… i seriously hope the 3rd gen IS gets these headlights…i can only imagine the beauty of it in black…

  5. 2009-naias-poster-contest-2.jpg

    found this picture, if you look closely you’ll see the right headlight (which is on your left) is the LFA’s!

  6. i too could see this becoming the next IS in a few years.  Love the headlights!

  7. HEY LEXUSaddic,YOU WANNA SEE THE UNCOVERED HEADLIGHT and also a glimpse at the "two stage" rear wing FOR THE LEXUS LF-A TAKE A LOOK:

  8. I don’t think those are foglights, but more LED daylights.

  9. I like these LED headlights, i hope Lexus starts to move it past just the hybrids to higher end Lexus models (like audi). Lexus needs some cool headlights that define the brand like Audi’s LED lights and BMWs halo lights

  10. haha, ive seen that pic, and it looks killer but i hope those aren’t the real LFA taillights..