New 2010 Lexus IS F-Sport Package

The Frankfurt auto show will also mark the debut of this new F-Sport package for the Lexus IS—here’s a photo (click for a larger version):

2010 Lexus IS 250 with F-Sport Package

No mention of which F-Sport accessories will be making it into the package, but from the image alone, it looks like a new grille, lowering kit, and new wheels are included.

Not sure about cribbing the IS-F grille, but it does mesh much better with the front bumper. The wheels are nice enough. No official word yet if this F-Sport package will be making it to North America, but I’ve heard that it will be available here as well.



  1. wow the IS looks amazing in this photo. I’m hoping they can install that intake on the side for a regular IS wink

  2. oh and the vent is different too, the regular IS has a more sleeked out bottom vent, this one is leaning closer to the ISF. and is it just me or is the shark fin antenna missing? if anybody is wondering, i live near that station fire in SoCal, so schools closed for now LOL

  3. Overall looks great but I really want to know what F-Sport parts are on it!! I was hoping it’d have the Five Axis body kit from the IS F-Sport at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show but does not look like it (I’ll have to look at aftermarket then). The wheels don’t look too bad but I do prefer five-spoke.

    Still, this might be something I’d want if it comes to the US. I guess I’ll have to wait for the auto show for more info.

  4. Schools in my city are the only ones still not in session. We’ve stuck with tradition. And you are one lucky guy… is the fire still going on? Do you have “mild allergies” towards even the tiniest bit of ash? lol

    I believe that IS the normal IS. It’s the facelifted one. lol All these F-Sport stuff are for the non-F-variants. And the antenna is either not that big or accidentally photoshopped out of the picture.

  5. Interesting that, assuming this is the European F-sport, it uses the 18-in ISP Mode alloy wheels from the regular Lexus accessory line and not the F-Sport wheels we get in North America.

  6. well the ashes look like our house snowed…and snow in this part of California is pretty much a joke. they actually have the 134,000 acre fire under control but theres alot of smoke…but school starts tomorrow instead of have started monday…oh well 3 days less.

  7. Any idea what ‘ISP’ stands for ?

  8. Good question. I don’t know.

  9. maybe its something like Intelligent Sport Power or something..

  10. The ‘IS’ series is undoubtedly my favourite Lexus and if i had the finances would undoubedtly purchase the IS-F although i would be more then happy to park an IS350 in my garage.

    Furthermore ... i have a growing appreciation towards the ‘GS’ and once again - wouldn’t hesitate to purchase the sports edition of the GS460.

    As for the photo of the the white ‘IS’ above - very nice !!

  11. Lexus’ “Intelligent” Sport Power? lol
    Why does ISP sound like some sort of computer identification or something…

  12. Yeah, I always thought the same thing.

  13. I would definitely love to see an F-Sport GS trim but chances are I wouldn’t have the finances for that… not even the regular GS350!

  14. There is an F-Sport trim for the GS.
    It’s the official site for Lexus’ F-Sport.

  15. It’s available in Canada. It’s on as of NOW!

  16. Here’s the full scoop on all the different IS “F-Sport” versions: