Lexus LF-Ch Hatchback Concept Teaser

A new image of the Lexus premium compact hatchback has been released (click for a larger image):

Lexus LF-Ch

In keeping with Lexus’ concept naming convention, the compact hatchback has been named the LF-Ch. It sports the usual concept car conceits like massive chromed wheels and tiny video-camera rearview mirrors, along with a elaborately sculptured rear bumper that’s unlikely to make production.

Beyond that, the LF-Ch takes plenty of design cues from the existing lineup, expertly integrating the usual Lexus door panel treatments along with the 3G RX rear window design.

From the press release:

  • Premium compact concept with Lexus Hybrid Drive
  • Practical 5-door body, meeting the core needs of customers in the premium compact market

Reinforcing Lexus’ position as the only manufacturer to offer a range of hybrid vehicles, the LF-Ch concept will make its world premiere the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

LF-Ch combines stylish design and full hybrid technology in a practical 5-door compact package to fulfil the needs of the most demanding premium compact segment customers.

Benefiting from an electric-only driving capability, a key feature of Lexus Hybrid Drive, LF-Ch will allow for virtually silent urban driving with zero emissions.

Detailed information and images of the Lexus LF-Ch will be released on 10 September 2009.

[Source: Lexus]



  1. sigh… the concept should be as simple as it gets

  2. I hope they will a 3 door also

  3. I’m surprised they picked that color. Even as a concept car it just doesn’t look right on anything branded as a Lexus.

    I understand they were probably going for edgy and new, but it looks like a Scion concept to me.

  4. Except for the wheels that doesn’t look too exciting. The design will be considerably watered down for the production version which is typical of Lexus, so I’ll reserve final judgement after seeing the real car.
    Also the facelifted LS & GS will be unveiled alongside the LF-Ch. Check the link :-

  5. It looks vaguely similar to the European Toyota Auris hatchback which was designed to appeal to a younger audience than the Corolla. So this Lexus probably has the same mission - to lower the median age of Lexus customers. The Auris was also first unveiled with that same golden shade. A clue perhaps ?

  6. It looks like a Toyota with Lexus-Badge…

    And there is no L-finesse.

  7. I want to wish Lexus a HAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY!

  8. Not sure what you mean… It has LF-A styling cues all over it!

  9. really i love that car

    and hope the production ‘ll be so close to what we look about

    and another thing

    i love the side view of both c&d pillars

  10. Yeah, that’s no surprise, as the Lexus CT 200h that the LF-Ch concept is previewing is a Toyota Auris derivative. I actually think they did a better-than-I-expected job of differentiating it from the Auris.

    Oh, and I’ve heard that the concept is about an 80% accurate predictor for the production CT, although that’s always highly subjective…

  11. A lot of people want Lexus to drop the whole L-finesse thing..  (not me)

  12. THE LF-Ch, LS facelift, GS facelift, and IS facelift will be @ the auto show.

    there’s photos of the 4 cars.

  13. BTW what about the ES facelift?

  14. The Motor Trend article is all about what Lexus is debuting at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany. The ES is not sold in Europe and, thus, isn’t mentioned.

    Here’s a link to the Lexus Europe Press Release page:

    Also notable is the debut of “a new F Sport trim package” for the IS 250, marking the debut of the F-Sport sub-brand in Europe.

  15. Dear Lexus…release this as is…but add a door handle for the rear passengers…i love that taillight, and i like the overall shape, althought the C pillar should be as sharp as the IS’s or LS’s. coming from a 16 year old, i would definitely consider buying this as my first Lexus.

  16. and i cant stop staring at those perfect rims…so…nice…so….sick…so…BIG LOL!!! WOOO…W spoke is the way to go….and it looks perfect…only problem is its a hybrid -.- i hate hybrids…

  17. what’s wrong with hybrids? i love it so much =] it gets better gas mileage than my prevous RX and if they are really releasing this one i would love to buy one but in white/black =]

  18. As far as I’m concerned Lexus dropped L-Finesse when they launched the LX in ‘07. The original L-finesse models are the LS, GS & IS all of which have a family resemblance but are distinctive in their own right. The ES was more or less similar to those models, but was compromosed due to its FWD proportions. The subsequent Lexus models don’t have the sheer good looks of the RWD sedans.

  19. 2 LEXUSaddict : Check out the 15-spoke 19” wheel available as an accessory for the LS, they look somewhat similar to this one.
    (Sorry, don’t have an image to paste here)

  20. The colour on the concept design looks very catchy, i like it !!

    As for some replies against the styling, once again ... i like it not to mention the model will prove to a welcomed addition to the Lexus lineup.

    It will be interesting to learn what drivetrain options will be available with the new entry-model Lexus.

    Also ... i am sure the various ‘facelifts’ and the addition of ‘F-Sport’ packages that will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motorshow will serve to further strengthen the Lexus brand and hopefully aid an increase in sales as the global economy slowly but surely recovers.

    Good to see Lexus coming-of-age !!

  21. Jay commented on the colour of the hatchback, I own 2 Lexus’ an Is 250 awd and a RX400h and the only comment I have is that Lexus should come up with more exciting colours. Even if they are limited editions or one offs. I find the colours of all lexus models very limiting and quite boring. Incidentally the best colour they ever came up with was GLACIER FROST on the GS450h

  22. Lexus Lover - One point i do not understand and maybe you might be able to help me ... why is AWD only available on the IS250 and not the more powerful IS350 ??

    Here in Australia, we only have the IS250 (and no awd option) but would love to get the IS350 and perhaps even the IS220d.

  23. Maybe there isn’t a compact AWD system that can stand the power of the 350? A tiny engine with big power and because it’s a V6, it doesn’t balance like a V8… and blah, blah, blah… lol I don’t know…

    I swear the GS hybrid used to b AWD - from what I remember from their videos (not anymore, apparently)

    I realize that hybrids make up a bridge that lead us to fully electric powered cars when the world is ready, but Toyota’s hybrid system is just way too flawed… Before the Volt concept debuted, my idea of a gas engine powering the battery was laughed at. In Toyota hybrids, the gas engine has to end up working harder no matter what. In the Volt, it just runs at optimum speeds when necessary. Of course, the problem with the Volt is that they haven’t been able to come up with a sturdy yet efficient transmission for the electric motor. Tesla failed with two-speeds, but BMW is promising 8… hmm…

  24. Finally, an official pic of the LF-Ch:


  25. as the genius Borat once said “wowoweewa”!! it looks awesome. but again…the hybrid thing kills it for me. i seriously want this car.i hope they use headlights like this on the new IS

  26. Nice… Lexus can officially establish a corporate standard in it’s car designs now. I hope the grille stays as simple as that… ooo… the same foglights from previous concepts with an air intake, which kinda reminds me of the recent LFA mule (any chances of seeing the same pattern as the Alfa Romeo 8C and MiTo resemblance?). The headlights have four corners like the HS and RX.

    Is Lexus doing this to buy time? make the public expect something worthy of looking at? I mean, what’s the point if the real car doesn’t have a remote chance of looking like that unless this car is as close to production as the LF-Sh was. Seriously though, if BMW didn’t begin toning down its cars, people will be bashing about how this is a Bimmer wannabe with Japanese street racing taste.

    Final thought, the front makes a rather nice transition to the awfully bland side, which does have a nice, muscular wheel arches.

  27. I think it’s strictly a marketing decision (or, perhaps, fuel economy/CAFE issue) that Lexus opts to offer AWD only on its least powerful IS (IS 250 AWD) and GS (GS 350 AWD) variants. Thus, there’s probably no technical reason they couldn’t offer an IS 350 AWD.

  28. I know this isn’t the reason, but I blame it on Lexus’ stupid traction control LOL