Lexus LS & GS Going Hybrid-Only in UK

2007 Lexus GS450h

According to Autocar, Lexus UK will be dropping the conventional gas versions of the LS & GS:

The GS and LS ranges now consist of one model each – the GS450h and L600h – and Lexus will only sell the new RX as a hybrid in the UK (it is available with the petrol V6 in the US).

A Lexus source described the decision as “a logical move for the company”.

The IS will continue to be offered with petrol & diesel engines, though previous rumors suggest that Lexus will be releasing that model as a hybrid soon enough.

It’s an interesting strategy by Lexus UK, and one that makes a lot of sense. With the brand continuing to struggle in Europe, this simplified lineup allows Lexus to focus on hybrid as the key selling point without having to justify its extra cost. Smart move.

[Source: Autocar]



  1. that sounds fair enough, UK gas is crazy

  2. Even though gas in the UK is insanely expensive, you have to wonder how well the LS600h is going to do (especially now with that unfortunate front fascia).
    Furthermore, people who consider buying LS’s, aren’t usually the type to care much about gas prices.

  3. This makes Lexus a VERY high-end brand in the UK.

  4. Lexus could just put the conventional grille instead of using the Hybrid grille.

    But isn’t by not having enough range of engine size making the Lexus brand such a failure in Europe?

  5. I dont think the LS looks THAT bad. Im sure it will look great in person or with some better pics.

  6. That pic of the GS looks good….waiting for the new GS Lexus and I dont want a “refresh”

  7. what happened to the icons?/..

  8. great move

    i like that move also

    hope all the next generations (LS/GS/IS) have hybrid Variety or even to totally hybrid

  9. Thats the pre-facelift GSh in that picture.

  10. @mtema99: I think there’s a good chance of that very thing happening.

  11. I think the biggest problem in Europe right now is trying to explain the price difference between the conventional & hybrid engines, plus the European preference for diesel.

  12. I agree, I don’t think the leaked LS 600hL images are all that flattering, but I have strong doubts Lexus is going to put a cheap looking grille on their flagship’s flagship. I’m going to wait for more images & a real life appearance before I make any judgments.

  13. Yep, it’s a 2007 GSh.

  14. Which icons?

  15. never mind fixed now that little guy next to the username and your black “krew” logo were missing

  16. ugh no please totally hybrid is the 1st forbidden deed on my new list.  i would HATE IT if Lexus went hybrid only…hate it.

  17. so krew, if ure going to buy the LS, and the time that you want to buy it this comes out, will u get the 460,600, or SZ?

  18. if i was dumber id think that the article meant the LS and GS were going to be hybrids ONLY in UK. that wouldn’t be too bad anyway, given the new LS600h grille…

  19. Good news.


    Makes it more simple to purchase a car.

  20. Yes. If all Lexus hybrids are going to receive the 600h’s grille, then bad times are upon us.