2010 Lexus LS 460, LS 600hL & LS SZ Revealed!

A brochure for the 2010 Lexus LS has leaked, and there are now images of the LS 460, the LS Hybrid, and the new LS “Version SZ”—let’s start with the hybrid:

2010 Lexus LS 600hL

2010 Lexus LS 600hL Front

2010 Lexus LS 600hL Rear

So it turns out the image from last week was indeed correct, and the LS 600hL will be sporting a new, HS-styled grille, as well as:

  • Redesigned front bumper, fog lamps and headlights
  • Turn-signal integrated into the rearview mirrors
  • New wheel design
  • Redesigned rear bumper, exhaust diffusers and tail lights

The brochure also includes an image of the LS interior, which reveals a beautifully redesigned instrument cluster and a new Night Vision system:

2010 Lexus LS 600hL Dash Display

2010 Lexus LS 460

2010 Lexus LS 460/460L Front

2010 Lexus LS 460/460L Rear

The LS also sees a minor refresh of the front & back ends of the car, with new headlights, tail lights, new front & rear bumpers, new wheels, and the now-standard Lexus rearview mirrors.

2010 Lexus LS-Sport “Verson SZ”

2010 Lexus LS 460 SZ LS-Sport Front

2010 Lexus LS 460 SZ LS-Sport Rear

The biggest new of the day is the verification of a performance variant of the LS called “Version SZ”. From these photos, it looks like a new grille, new front & rear bumpers, new side steps, and some exclusive wheels. Nothing on the interior, save that there will be paddle-shifts in this “LS-Sport”.

Here’s the full brochure, enlarged and sharpened—there’s also mention of the new L-Select customization program that’s launching in Japan and full price breakdowns. More on both of those things later:

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Note: If anyone out there can translate this brochure, please contact me.

[Source: The “Power Weblog” (Translated) (Thanks Charles!)]



  1. The SZ version is going to be interesting. I’m wondering if it will be more like the GS with F sport options type of idea. But what seems really interesting is the picture that shows the interior which looks like brown leather, something I really like in some other manufacturers.

  2. WOW! That’s a lot of stuff to take in from one article! It looks a bit too much like a Hyundai, but there certainly are changes to observe. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! I was getting really bored!

  3. At least the ugly HS grille stayed on the Hybrid. It’s a shame that Toyota took that path.

  4. First impressions:

    - not really a better looking car
    - liking the wheels ONLY because they look bigger and stiffer
    - liking the taillights ONLY because the rear no longer looks stubby
    - liking the lower front fascia ONLY because it gives the front bumper more “form”
    - liking the wider headlights
    - liking the updated chrome bar on the trunk lid
    - not liking the gauges because its virtually identical to the S-class (very unoriginal)
    - not liking the rear diffuser (too tacky)
    - not liking the new foglights
    - not liking the hybrid’s grille (bad interpretation of those on the concepts’ and worse than the HS’s)

  5. The Hyundai Equus is looking better day after day.

  6. I do like how there are more ways to customize the interior. And I also like how it seems to offer the goods while keeping the fifth seat, but the design of that new center console with a screen is mediocre. The least they could do was add a cool box behind that screen (perfect for both the screen and the drinks).

  7. For some reason I don’t mind it on the HS but on the 600 i mind it a lot… i guess i’m not used to it…but my first impressions of it are poor.
    I like the sport verison esp. the rims.  The new instrument cluster looks interesting.  Can’t wait to see Hi-res pictures.

  8. I think it looks pretty good, a nice update overall, and maybe the hybrid grille will look better in person.  Like the gauges, the new trim, etc.  The 460/460L look better, and the SZ version is interesting.

  9. I’m not liking the new grille on the hybrid models, but I have yet to see an HS in person so maybe it has to grow on me.

    Overall not a bad looking facelift. I’m loving all the interior color combinations especially the white/black on the hybrid LS.

    Hope the SZ model will have some boost in power. Come on Lexus, stick the 5.0 liter IS-F engine in there!

  10. Well, the 460 and SZ versions look (for the lack of a better description)decent. Actually, I do sort of like the 460’s new design. I guess that SZ wouldn’t hurt either…
    Though I’m not quite sure what Lexus was thinking with the the 600h.
    Arrgh! I can’t remember the last time I was so mad at Lexus. At this moment, I don’t care whether or not the LF-A looks good when it goes into production or whether or not it even goes into production. Only a limited number of Lexus buyers will buy the LF-A, and everybody else will buy some other Lexus model. If Lexus is focusing only on the LF-A and just randomly redesigning the other models, I don’t know what will happen.
    Lexus, DO SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT THE IS AND GS… please, I’m begging you!

  11. the rear is a huge improvement. and the regular version looks great. unlike the other 2 versions.

  12. Things like this LS600 “refresh” are seriously starting to turn me away from Lexus. It now can compete with Acura and Lincoln in the “Ugly Grill Contest”.

    It’s great Lexus is going to offer more options on the LS, although this is more or less playing catchup with competitors who already do these things.

    It sounds like the interior is getting some nice upgrades, although the remote touch controller seems to be missing. If it’s not on this LS refresh, it certainly won’t be on the ES refresh, either. It seems odd that the flagship car of the company would not have remote touch, yet the HS, essentially an entry level Lexus, does. I guess LS and ES will have to wait for the full redesign to get it.

    Anyway, these strange decisions and designs are hopefully leftover remnants that were simply too close to production to be changed—leftovers from the previous regime at Toyota before Mr. Toyoda took charge.

    It sounds like he knows what he’s doing, and will help turn things around for the next generation of Toyota/Lexus cars.

  13. i. love. it. i love it. i really do. the taillights are unbelieveable. the new lower grille is perfect. the SZ is wowoowwoowoow!!!! carbon fiber grille!!!!! meeeeooooooooow!!!!!! and the SZ’s tailpipes are KILLER.

  14. How do you know that the grille is carbon fiber and the tailpipes diffuser looks the same as the it is on the regular LS.

  15. to add on to the grille, it looks like the honeycomb grille or the zig-zag grill used on the IS-F.

  16. and LFA paddle shifters on the SZ, very very nice

  17. im not feelin the ugly green color though

  18. oh wow i cant believe it has PBI!!!!!!!!! yes!!! and that black and white interior is really nice too. also, that tv set in front of the passenger is perfect. and theres new wood options too!!! i wish i read japanese so i could visit Lexus.jp and look at all this :o

  19. I think it looks good. Looks better more refreshed which is the point.

    I hope they updated the suspention and HP output, if only a little.

    Cant wait to see offfical pics.

  20. I agree. I hope it wasn’t Akio’s decision to allow that horrid front fascia to go on the 600h. I really hope his vision of Lexus’ future is not the misalignment of all foglights.
    Actually, when you think about it, this is exactly what happened to the GS. Started out fine… then got it’s foglights misaligned in the refresh. I think that was before Akio, so I’m thinking that this wasn’t Akio’s idea after all.
    I was actually thinking of settling for the current LS. But I think I’ll wait and see if the new instrument panel is available on the new 460 (gotta love those gauges).

  21. its not that bad in person, on the LS its sort of like a luxurious avalon grille.

  22. It was done before Akio became President.

  23. Not something that you want to relate the LS to.

  24. The biggest disappointment for me is the 600h’s front end. 1) What’s up with that HIDEOUS grille ??????!!!!!!
    It may be fine on the HS, but on a $100K plus flagship sedan ? NO WAY ! Even the chrome trim on the grille has been reduced & why is the lower slat different from the upper three slats ? I wouldn’t be surprised if customers are put off by this grille design as such a radical design is not in keeping with the luxury class standards.
    Will they adopt this type of grille on all hybrids, not good for future models.
    2) Why did they have to ditch the rectangular foglamps of the current car for generic circular ones. Every Tom, Dick, Harry & his dog does round foglamps these days, the flagship of the Lexus range deserved better.
    3) Surprisingly the 460 gets a much better front end. The grille looks similar to the current car which is good & the new air dam gives the car a sharper face. Its foglamps are better than the 600h too.
    4) Changes to the taillights look good & so do the beautiful 10-spoke wheels. The mirror indicators will be useful too.
    5) I don’t see the point of the LS sport with its cheap looking grille. The LS is all bout smoothness & luxury. Wonder how much ride quality & refinement will be lost in this variant… and paddle shifters in an LS ?! makes me wanna laugh, LOL… & cry.
    6) The only major improvement seems to be the new Optitron gauges which look fantastic. Granted they are a copy of the S-class with the speedo inset display cum readout, but WOW. Note the tiny tacho to the far left calibrated to 8000rpm… looks neat. The night vision is a welcome addition & it has pedestrian detection as shown by the yellow boxes in the right picture.
    This is evidence enough that Lexus designers have completely lost the plot. L-Finesse is now officially DEAD. Despite recent bad designs like the RX & HS, they should have at least carefully thought out the LS facelift. It’s the most expensive & top of the range Lexus after all. Also traditionally LS facelifts IMPROVE the design, this is the first time it has gone backwards.
    FIRE the current designers & I mean literally FIRE them to shreds with a d*** mini-gun @ 3000 rounds/min !

    Some facts noted from the Japanese brochure :-
    - Trunk volume has increased in all variants. In the 600h it is now 420 liters from 330 liters apparently done by moving part of the battery pack below the trunk floor .
    - Lenght has increased by 3cms (1.1”) in both long & std variants, other dimensions remain the same.
    - LS sport has 19” BBS wheels.
    - The power & torque ratings remain the same as the current models.

  25. u can just tell, if its not carbon fiber its the ISF style grille.

  26. wow man, i thought your would like this update. i guess not all Lexus enthusiasts think alike.

  27. The gauges looks like an adaptation of the Toyota Crown TFT gauge. All digital and has difference setting if either sport or comfort mode is selected.

  28. People should write to Lexus about the past few redesigns and especially this facelift. It’s like the designers have a secret mission to destroy lexus!!!!!!!!

  29. I was going to leave the exact same comment, LOL!
    Yes it does seem like the designers are conspiring against Lexus.
    Somebody really ought to tell Lexus that their designs are getter progressively worse and threaten them a little bit (like telling them that everybody you know are planning on switching their Lexuses for Hyundais).
    But I guess we should keep in mind that these pictures may not be of the final production models, or the car may look better in person.

  30. i dont get all the fuss this looks 90% the same except for the taillights…sure the hybrid’s grille sucks but thats probably because Lexus doesn’t want the LS hybrid to be top dog anymore.

  31. This is bad… people laughed at how the previously leaked pictures looked like bad photoshop.

  32. so the LS V6 version was just a rumour?!? No LS 350 in this broschure.

  33. You have to see this photo of the 600h. This picture makes the car look amazing. It even makes the grill look somewhat decent.


  34. Oops, I forgot you can’t paste a direct link here…


    Just copy it into your URL address bar and add a ‘.png’ at the end of the URL address (without the quote marks).

  35. Sorry 4tD, but I have to disagree. Just cause the picture is sharp doesn’t mean the car looks good. It only further reveals the bad detailing :-
    - That LSh grille is my worst dream come true, I never expected Lexus to use the grille design from the cheapo HS in their flagship. The chrome trim is too minimal & the new GSh grille is infinitely better.
    - What’s up with those crooked foglamps ? Have they ever thought of using a ruler while desigining it ?
    - I’ve also noticed that the lower edge of the front bumper is angled upwards excessively when viewed in profile making the front lower edge higher off the ground. This exposes the black panelling on the underside of the car. The current car doesn’t have this sort of look, nor does any other Lexus sedan.
    - The 460 facelift is FAR FAR better & is now my preferred LS, plus I don’t have to look at that hideoua front end every time I walk up to my car & I don’t think seeing the car in person is going to be an improvement. All those auto hacks (read Car & Driver) must be rubbing their hands with glee waiting to throw s*** at the LSh.
    - I’m not a tree hugger or environmentalist so I don’t care for the complicated hybrid tech. Aesthetics & beauty with luxury is what I’m looking for & if Lexus Hybrids are taking the oddball route, count me out.
    - LS600hL & RX350 = siblings with ugly mugs even a mother wouldn’t love.
    Sad to say, I’m close to losing my loyalty to the Lexus brand, for the LS600hL was my Dream Car but not any more.

  36. You’re right Eddie.
    My theory is that this conspiracy to ruin the Lexus brand image goes all the way upto management levels. Whatever the designers scribble out will have to be signed off for production by management. Perhaps they are on the payroll of one or more German carmakers.

  37. I looks a lot cheaper now. The front air damn looks like it was taken off a Toyota Yaris and the grille, of course hacked of the HS. It looks a lot higher since they did change the height of the bumper, they try so hard to integrate all the shapes known to man and failed.

    Like said above, the GSh is 100x better looking than the facelifted LSh.

  38. Who would pay more than $100 grand for a luxury car with that front end ? You’d feel embarassed everytime bystanders pointed at the front of your car & S-class/7-series drivers laugh at you. The face saving option (pun intended) would be to opt for the 460L & save a few bucks in the process.

  39. I find it very embarrassing that the LS 460 doesn’t have leather on the dash while the Hyundai Genesis does. I guess that’s why it’s worth the money to guy the LS 600h L. I love the extra leather and stitching and wood in the hybrid.

    I would pay Lexus to put leather + stitching on the top of the LX 570’s dash and wood in the ceiling like the Executive Package Seating in the LS and the extra wood accents in the hybrid. And maybe some chrome too in the ceiling but especially on the doors. The LX 570’s doors look rather dull compared to my LX 470. I would also pay Lexus to make the speakers more noticeable and the middle and rear seats conveniently removable (They’re not all that comfortable, so I’d replace them with lighter and more space saving ones). And finally, I’d add LED interior lights like those of the ES but with the option of making them brighter at command. I have many more thoughts… oh! and better looking displays w/ individual video/audio imputs for each for the rear occupants. ...AND the option to play with the DVDs in the DVD changer for the rear and the front! lol

  40. I was thinking the exact same thing as WoL. For me one of the biggest selling points of the LSh over the 460 is the leather trimmed dash/door panels & extra wood on the roof which I find irresistable & worth the extra premium. Even a Rolls-Royce doesn’t come with that.
    Also the LX470 definitely had better designed door panels than the 570 which has less leather & wood on its doors. That’s not progress.

  41. Hyundai will always be Hyundai, it may look like the lexus but it is miles away. That is why you get the Hyundai for 40,000 or so but you need twice as much for the Lexus. You get what you pay for.

  42. That statement doesn’t hold true anymore. Lexus was like that a long time ago undercutting the Germans by $10-20 thousand dollars off vs comparable vehicles. Look at where Lexus today and look how they redefine the pricing for MB and BMW. Hyundai is exactly where Toyota and the newly founded Lexus brand was 20 years ago and apparently no one here understands that.

    What a small world we live in. Where Toyota and Lexus is the ultimate power against the whole auto industry.

  43. Where Toyota and Lexus *are*...

    ^Who is this guy?

  44. apparently someone that knows more about the automotive industry than you.

  45. I don’t even bother… man it’s like kindergarten all over again. Although I do miss kindergarten.

    I think Krew removed our last feud.
    I mean, what makes you think you know more? Man, I don’t even know who the heck you are besides from the things you babble about in your comments. Maybe it’s not your fault - conforming to the idea that everyone on here is the same dumb guy you dislike is supposedly human nature.

    I agree that Hyundai really hasn’t had the chance to prove itself. Its long-term quality and dependability are still sketchy; its dealers are still the same old same old; its stocks are still unbelievably low despite recent accomplishments and ambitious hopes for its future.

    Do I hate Hyundai and think they still haven’t accomplished anything? No. I actually like the people running the company - smart people they are. And would I buy the Genesis? I never would in the same way I’d never purchase a Merc, Maybach, or Bentley Continental GT/Flying Spur.

  46. 2 WoL :
    Cars like Maybach, Bentley etc & the Genesis are at opposite ends of the luxury spectrum with Lexus somewhere in b/w. Someone who considers a Genesis simply can’t afford an ultra luxury car at the other end & people who buy a Maybach or Bentley will likely look at the Genesis as a joke. I find it surprising that you would put the Genesis in the same context as those ultra luxury cars that most people aspire to.

  47. Sorry if i offended anyone, or any car with my comment on Hyundai. When Korean cars hits the markets I thought they will follow the same trend as the Japanese. Honda and Toyota started as underdogs to German and US cars but very soon they created their own class that made them icons in reliability and performance. I am not an expert in cars, i am just a normal user, but I have not seen Hyundai, kia or Dawoo climb up the ladder in the same way Honda, Nissan and Toyota did. I still see Korean cars compete for cheaper price on the acount of quality, safety and durability.
    Again, this is an opinion not intended to offend anybody.

  48. I’m not offended. I just laugh because there are a lot of people blinded by Toyota is #1 and blah blah blah. I mean people though the same way about Lexus back in the 80s. One automotive journal clearly stated a few years ago that the build quality on the Hyundai rivals that of the Toyota Cressida, the for-founder of the Lexus brand. Which is where I’m getting at. JD Power ranks Hyundai above Toyota in terms of reliability and quality. Hyundai is no joke to be playing with and Toyota tried every possible way to keep their parts suppliers from selling to Hyundai.

  49. To LEXUS BOY:
    That’s ‘cause I’m okay with purchasing a Bimmer or Rolls Royce or Jag or Chevy. The others… not so much.

  50. @Iyad: You didn’t offend anybody, no worries. Hyundai tends to be a hot topic among Lexus enthusiasts, it’s an ongoing discussion around these parts. Thanks for joining in!

  51. 2 WoL :
    I actually misunderstood your earlier comment when you said you wouldn’t consider owning a Genesis in the same way as Merc, Maybach etc. I guess you prefer buying a BMW/Rolls-Royce product instead of Merc/Maybach. I personally like both these brands & would defect to any of them if Lexus let me down in the extreme. The new Ghost is incredibly desirable & Maybach is a great car despite being a sales flop.
    Genesis is for those with average money & some sense.

  52. 2 emptystreets130 :
    Seems that you’re praising Hyundai at the expense of Lexus & Toyota on a forum meant for LEXUS ENTHUSIASTS. Doesn’t seem like you’re a genuine Lexus fan & I suppose you don’t even own a Lexus. I don’t dislike Hyundai, they do make a few good cars but they simply CANNOT compete with prestige brands like Lexus even in their wildest dreams.

  53. No I currently do not, but I did back then. But then again, I drive a whole bunch of different cars since I became a manager and demo a few cars. IMO, I have a unique perspective on the automotive industry. I know the driving dynamics of each vehicle and I know their limits. Just like how a pro driver knows their vehicle inside and out. I don’t hate Lexus, I just hate blinded people who can’t see that Hyundai is a key player in knocking Toyota/Lexus/Scion off the chart as well as other Japanese auto maker.

  54. Then in that case, I have great faith in China’s BYD. Warren Buffet made more than $1 billion in LESS THAN ONE year from ONLY 10% holding. After BYD announced that they were poised to pass Toyota in terms of sales by 2025, BYD’s stocks soared like a rocket - people really seem to have great faith in the chairman of BYD. He’s now the richest man in China after his ambitious announcement. I guess Buffet still is always right.

    Hyundai, on the other hand, is planning to ditch the Tokyo Motor Show although that’s not surprising since most of their new products are rather big. But in addition to that, they, like the other Korean automakers, made cars only because the government recommended it for the sake of the country’s economy. Now that they actually have faith and potential, they’re not giving their country any chances by throwing most of their manufacturing into China, including the manufacturing of their other products.

    The Koreans certainly did their jobs well with the new Camaro, Cruze, and the tiny triplets with Spark (Beat) being the one making it to production.

  55. Any word on HUD in the new LS?


  56. O.K. Everyone, this is my first message. First of all, I love Lexus and what it has done for the public in terms of allowing average people the financial capability to afford a high-end car. This has resulted in every car company jumping in to copy Toyota’s strategy. The result? MB, BMW et al. are pulling the hair out of their heads. I regularly visit all the dealerships of all the brands…TOYOTA/LEXUS and HYUNDAI are the busiest….by far. Lexus is still the best deal in town for luxury cars, but Hyundai with their low-priced Genesis sedan/coupe and soon to come Equus will force ALL brands to lower their prices or die. GOOD!!!
    No production car is worth over $100 000…period!
    Whenever you buy a $100 000-plus MERC or BMW, someone in Germany is having a good laugh at you.
    A car is basically a box on 4 wheels…make no mistake about it. Some of these boxes are nicer than other boxes…BUT…$100 000 PLUS? Give me a break. Buy yourself a Lexus, Genesis, Acura, Infiniti etc and leave the super expensive automobiles where they belong… in the showrooms. Take the money that you have left over and buy some cheap real estate in Florida…be smart. This is what Donald Trump (read his books) would do.
    However, there is an exception to this. If you are planning to outfit your car with bullet-proof armor, this will add a lot of weight to the car. In this case, you will need a very powerful engine and this can only mean buying a MERC or BMW. These 2 companies specialize in armor. They’re among the best in the world.
    As far as the “NEW” LS460 “SZ” version is concerned, increasing the price is not a good idea considering people in the USA are losing their jobs by the hundreds of thousands every month. Wake up, LEXUS. Also, that SZ version should have a bigger powerplant to the tune of 500HP and 500ft-lbs of torque if it plans to compete with the top of the line from Europe. Also, the interior of the LS460 should not change, it is beautiful as is…leave it alone.
    I like Lexus, they have the most attractive interiors of any car on the planet, but my only problem with this car company is that their cars have NO POWER compared to MERC, BMW. I hate weakness.
    If MERC and BMW ever lowered all their prices to under
    $100 000 they would destroy everyone in site…their line-up is THAT GOOD.
    As an engineering student, I am surprised that no one has mentioned American cars. The USA is the birthplace of the world automobile industry. Where are you Cadillac & Lincoln?

  57. Hey Al (mind if i call you that?)
    i get what you mean about the prices. well, what Lexus is pretty much trying to do is keep up their high class image by keeping up their prices. It’s working for mb and bmw after all, where i live there’s boatloads of them, nearly all new or semi new. but there’s only half as many Lexus, although the numbers are increasing. bmw and merc have powerful engines, sure, but still, what good is all that power and strength if your $300,000 CL is gonna break down every couple of thousand miles? I doubt, even scoff, at the idea of hyundai scaring Lexus, merc, and bmw to lower their prices. after all, the quality/style/power of LexcedesMW’s are leagues ahead of the genesis, and easily cream the equus. and even if they all were under 100k, i doubt it would affect sales that much. lower prices=less quality, and people will then look to Lexus and buy a Lexus, so lowering prices is good for our table of the cocktail wine party room of cars. while the German’s tables will be wobbly and overdone, our table is gonna stand tall, polished, and trimmed with wood leather and chrome. beyond all that, i honestly don’t see a place for American luxury cars in the future…

  58. Sorry but I don’t agree with a lot of what Allan Holder says. $100K plus cars offer a lot more than regular mundane cars (read Hyundai) like high level of technology, quality materials, equipment, horsepower etc but most of all PRESTIGE. I would gladly buy a 100K plus car with a V12 if I could afford one cause it’ll be worth every penny once you own one, imagine the feel good factor… try getting that with a Hyundai. I’m glad the LSh costs over 100K cause its not about VFM at this price point but prestige & image. Lexus knew this hence the price, personally the additional wood & leather in the 600h is alone worth the price diff over the 460. Also Hyundai has a Loooooooonnng way to go before they can even sniff the tailpipes of brands like Lexus, Merc & BMW. Nowadays VFM=cheap, it’s all about BRAND,BRAND & BRAND.

    @LFAaddict : I wish you hadn’t mentioned the CL in such a bad vein, I’m sure it won’t break down every couple thousand miles unless the owner has completely neglected it. Also the costliest CL is the CL65 AMG at just over $200K. Wish you would pick on Audi next time and not Merc, at least not the CL wink

  59. No HUD in the 2010 LS. Likely to come with the next gen due as a 2013 model.

  60. EuropeanCarsDomin8

    I think the admins here and those moronic Lexus/Hyundai fans dont want to accept the truth and thats why my earlier statement was removed. Well here we go again fot the lucky few who will read this. “Lexus imports United States” this is how the name came to be. Japan’s prime minister gets driven around in S and E-classes; among his personal collection are an armoured BMW 760LI an SL 63, CL 65 a Rolls Royce Phantom, an Audi S8 a ferrari f430 limited, a porsche 911 Carerra,  an Aston Martin, even a VW YES! VW Phaeton W-12, But wait a minute Lexus people! Wheres the Lexus??? That in itself speaks volume. Only the people that bad mouth Mercedes and BMW are in the moronic class that cannot afford them and therefore envy them. Well its time to accept the truth,European cars will forever grace and dominate the roads of every nation. Lexus makes a very well crafted car and anyone who thinks otherwise is again in denial. Mercedes, BMW, and AUDI make a car that is also very well crafted, it just happens to be globally superior. No way to ever take that from them. After all they made the very first Motorcar, Motorcycle and Bicycle, the rest of the world, even us Americans copied or rather learned from them.  smile  Freddy G.  (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  61. EuropeanCarsDomin8

    Correction!  Lexus Exports United States.  Theres your “LEXUS”! Happy driving!

  62. EuropeanCarsDomin8

    If you look at everything Lexus Acura and Infinity do, they are copies, replicas, reproduction; whatever you want to call it they are evrything Mercedes Audi and BMW already do. Its called Copy, Copy, Copy. The thought of a car that needs someone in the drivers seat to park itself is hillariously obsurd. sad) I mean really. Did the germans add that feature to their cars??? Ah NO. Because they are true innovators and truly inspire the others, NOT copiers. Look how Acura started copying Audi’s tail light design. I mean its a joke, and alot of people laugh at the notion of a car claiming to park “its self” If the germans were to create such a thing they’d be sure to make it where the driver can be standing outdside of the car and watch it park its self literally. They are just that good.  smile

  63. LOL wow looks like you had a lot of time on your hands. FYI Worldwide the Toyota Lancruiser has been synonymous with foreign diplomats. Especially in areas with the toughest terrain.

    Imagine how many politicians worldwide own a Toyota or Lexus? Just in the US alone Toyota/Lexus hybrids especially the Prius are among the vehicle of choice among celebrities and the elite. That in itself speaks volumes. Just because they have the money to buy an overpriced German car doesn’t mean they will.

  64. Yea, yea, yea so the Japanese brands haven’t been around a gazillion years like the German brands, but they take their innovations and make them better! Zing!

  65. EuropeanCarsDomin8

    Ok Jay how is a “Copy” better? Guess you’re in denial too. Well at least you’re in the right fan base/club.
    Nobody will buy that nonsense except here. Remember;
    L.exus E.Xports U.nited S.tates.  Zing! wink

  66. @EuropeanCarsDomin8:

    If they take an innovation and make it better is that a copy? No. For example Toyota may not have invented the hybrid car but they are credited for making hybrids mainstream and affordable. I’m pretty sure the first hybrids (whoever invented them) did not get almost 60 mpg, is as roomy, powerful, and comfortable as the current Prius or other Toyota/Lexus hybrids.

    Speaking of copying when the new S Class came out I thought the interior was a BMW 7 Series with Mercedes logos on the steering wheel. It even has the iDrive-esque knob on the center armrest. At least Lexus interiors are unique.

    But your right, I am a Toyota/Lexus fan so I am in the right place. Guess you must have a lot of time on your hands to be spreading Euro car rubbish on a Lexus forum. Zing! smile

  67. EuropeanCarsDomin8

    Ok Jay we’ll call it rubbish. I was a former Lexus owner (RX400h) until I traded that for an ML Blutec. Best decision I’ve ever made. Mercedes-Benz and BMW collaborate and innovate,They don’t copy each other; I’ve been in both cars and they are both unique and for more superior than Toyota; I mean Lexus. Also they don’t get together in a board room and talk about copying Lexus, Zing! Rather they talk about makimg changes when Japan copies and consequently “plays-out” Europe’s unique designs. Zing! Oh yeah I am unemployed at the moment so I have plenty of time to chat, and play with my beautiful Mercedes-Benz’s and my prozed Veyron. What do you do, Besides Endorse Toyota??? Zing!  L.exus E.Xports U.nited S.tates. Zing! smile

  68. @EuropeanCarsDomin8:

    Funny how when Mercedes copies BMW (or vice versa) you call it collaborating. Looks like someone’s in denial. Last time I checked Mercedes and BMW are and have ALWAYS been independent automakers. Contrary to what you may believe they don’t share boardrooms, designers, engineers, etc. It’s not like they have to ask each other for approval before they release a new car. When Mercedes designed the interior of the S Class they CLEARLY had the 7 Series in mind. Zing!

    Oh and wait whats the deal with the LED headlights on the 2010 S Class? Wait a minute didn’t Audi have those first? Looks like Mercedes copied again? Zing! How about the hyperwhite license plate lights that are on all the new BMW’s? Didn’t Lexus put that on their cars way before BMW did? Zing!

    To each their own, hey if you’re satisfied with your ML Bluetec thats great. FYI Edmunds recently compared the RX400h to the ML Bluetec. The results? The RX was faster and got better gas mileage. Zing!

    Lastly if I was unemployed I would find better things to do than spread Euro car rubbish on a site that favors one particular automaker that comes from the land of the rising sun. I’m just saying… wink

  69. EuropeanCarsDomin8

    Jay you are seriously boring me with your being in such DENIAL’S. Ok jay its not the end of the world. Now unlike you I can afford to be unemployed Zing! and respond to your entries. In response to BMW’s invention of the license plate hyper whites? You obviously don’t travel much otherwise you would know that foreign cars i.e. Europe, Japan, korea, debut in foreign countries before they debut in the states. Toyota copied those hyper whites from BMW and put it on Toyota’s sold in Europe and eventually on Lexus. Oh yeah, Zing! The information you got about the RX400h you obviously got here, Go Figure! I got rid of the RX400h because it lost value right away, and it was overall Bbbboring. Everywhere I looked I saw an RX400h, it is clearly a mass produced car (hence you can find em’ on driveways of little suburban homes LOL)Zing! . I’ve drove the Blutec and it was far more sturdier, way better gas mileage and way, way faster than the RX400h. Headlight LED’s ??? its Europe’s way of being different from the folk’s in the “Land of the Rising Sun” from toyota to mazda, they copied the Xenon and dim light effect that of course Mercedes and Audi began using in the first place. Zing! Don’t worry Jay I’m here to help school you on what true Luxury and Craftsmanship is all about buddy. Zing!
    News flash the LFA? not bad. But my Veyron will smoke it any day or night baby. Speaking of wich I am driving it out of the Luxo Spa cool as i am typing this, so I have no more time for you Jay :- ( Plus my blackberry is getting as boring as your Lexus. Have an awesome day jay! oh yeah and Zing! Zing! Zing! wink

  70. EuropeanCarsDomin8

    L.exus E.Xports U.nited S.tates. LOL

  71. @EuropeanCarsDomin8:

    Talk about denial… are Mercedes, BMW, Audi, as well as every other European car company independently ownned? Or is it one big conglomerate that owns all those companies? Unless the latter is true when Mercedes ripped off the Audi LED lights and put them on the S Class they COPIED! Zing!

    FYI I have been to over a dozen countries in three different continents in the past four years. I have NEVER seen hyper white license plate lights before Lexus started putting them on the IS in 2006. Name one BMW, Mercedes, or Audi that had them first. Hey guess what you can’t because Lexus did it first! Zing!

    And no the RX 400h vs ML Bluetec comparo was not done by this website. Rather it was conducted by Edmunds.com which is a respected automotive publication that has been around for ages. You can’t argue with results, the RX was quicker to 60 and 1/4 mile and got better MPG. Zing! You’ve got lots of time on your hands, go to Edmunds and find the article.

    The great thing about the internet is anyone can say whatever they want without any proof whatsoever. You have a Veyron? Hey thats great I’ve owned 3 and am selling them for a couple of LF-A’s and a unicorn.

    BTW People that REALLY have money and status tend not to flaunt it to a complete stranger on a forum. I’m just saying wink

  72. Everything for the Turn Signals on the review mirrors to the rcling rear seats??? Hello copies of what the Europeans put first. That nonsense self park system that Toyota Lexus has is pointless if it requires someone to be in the drive seat; Thats like saying ok anytime you feel lazy push this button and all you have to do is turn the wheel, hehe what a joke. Mercedes-Benz (I so love that name) Audi or BMW have not copied that, gee I wonder why? Hmmmm I guess because they would never copy Japans mass produced entry level cars, and they’re surveys prove that such a thing is pointless. 
    smile L.exus E.Xports U.nited S.tates

  73. Jay Im sure you’ve never left that little small town USA suburb you’re from. Infact I am 100% sure your house is the size of my garage. Zing! Nevertheless be happy with what you’ve got, afterall its better than nothing. I’m just saying;-)

  74. Freddy G:Everything for the Turn Signals on the review mirrors to the rcling rear seats??? Hello copies of what the Europeans put first. That nonsense self park system that Toyota Lexus has is pointless if it requires someone to be in the drive seat; Thats like saying ok anytime you feel lazy push this button and all you have to do is turn the wheel, hehe what a joke. Mercedes-Benz (I so love that name) Audi or BMW have not copied that, gee I wonder why? Hmmmm I guess because they would never copy Japans mass produced entry level cars, and they're surveys prove that such a thing is pointless. 
    smile L.exus E.Xports U.nited S.tates

    Just to clarify things, the LS had rear reclining seats in previous generations as well, even in the US. In the Japanese market, a lot of this type of conveniences have been around for quite awhile. The availability wasn’t widespread in the US, so it wasn’t offered, initially.

  75. @Freddy G:

    I knew you couldn’t resist coming back. In fact I AM now 100% sure that you are some 16 year old kid that wishes he is driving mommy or daddys Mercedes. Zing!

    I’m still waiting on your Mercedes copying Audi’s LED explanation. Did they somehow collaborate by sharing boardrooms? Maybe Mercedes asked Audi to copy their LED’s. Or maybe one giant company owns all the Euro brands? Zing! Hey but if Lexus, heck even Cadillac all of the sudden has LED lights they are copying right? Geez some people are in such denial.

    It’s ok 16 year olds generally can’t grasp the concept that when companies are independently owned and operated they tend not to share information, products, research, etc. with other competing companies. I.E. When Mercedes (independently owned and operated) ripped off Audi’s (also independently owned and operated) LED lights, it was NOT a collaboration. They just thought it looked nice and copied it. Someday when you graduate high school and go to college you should take business ethics 101. Maybe you’ll understand then. Zing! 

    Sure don’t believe me, if you’ve been outside of your parent’s house and traveled so much then give me a list of all the cars around the world with hyper white license plate lights before Lexus put them on the IS in 2006. Bet you can’t Zing!

  76. @Jay: You get to have the last word in this argument, Jay. cool

    Thread closed.