NY Times Comparison: 2010 Lexus IS 350C vs. Infiniti G37 convertible

Lexus IS 350C vs. Infiniti G37 Convertible

The New York Times has published a comparison between the Lexus IS 350C and the Infiniti G37 convertible:

While the Infiniti manages to look reasonably pert from behind, the Lexus has a wicked case of Solara butt. But if the Lexus is no swan, dropping the roof does make it less of a waddling goose. Viewed in convertible profile, that big deck suddenly looks imposing, and the Lexus’s crouched stance and short front overhang come into focus.

I got caught in rainstorms in both vehicles, and discovered that the Infiniti’s top also makes a surprising racket when it’s being pelted, like a Caribbean house with a tin roof. Beneath the Lexus’s aluminum top, all I could hear were drops on the windshield.

Lifting the Infiniti’s enormous trunk lid feels like curling a bowling ball. Lexus’s lid is large but more wieldy.

I think in terms of styling, the Infiniti G37 has an edge if only because there was an actual coupe to base the design on, though I must admit, these two convertibles look awfully similar to one another.

In the end, the Infiniti G37 convertible was the winner with an asterisk:

Ultimately, the Infiniti’s sharper looks and sharpened performance would make it my personal choice. Yet I’ll admit that many people who gravitate to convertibles are more concerned with SPFs than r.p.m.’s. It was Lexus that kicked off the hardtop convertible trend with the 2002 SC 430; the brand’s fans now have a relatively affordable and practical alternative to the two-seat $70,000 SC.

[Source: New York Times]



  1. Yeah… Lexus better get everything right for the next generation. I want them to make a look that is good for the sedan, coupe, convertible, and F. ...I don’t know… just bring out a beautiful entry-level lineup that doesn’t look like cost-cutting and compromise were the key to its design.

    Honestly, I don’t know what I just said. LOL
    I just want the next-generation IS to be something everyone will be talking about, especially people who usually don’t care for cars.
    (Anyone expecting HS and RX -inspired headlights?)

  2. No to the HS and RX headlights.

  3. I definitely see the next IS being more of an evolution than a flat-out ground-up redesign. There’s just too many great design cues to build from.

  4. Do you not like the LED lights in general or just not on the IS?

  5. Not on the IS. Toyota soften the IS too much from the last gen. We don’t need it soften up again for the next gen.

  6. Here’s hoping.  It will be hard to top the current IS, I think a revised evolutionary version (hopefully a better evolution than the RX), will be great…just add more rear seat room.

  7. oh wow typical hypocrites..

  8. Wow, at first glance I thought the blue Infiniti was the Lexus. Similar looking indeed.
    Seems like every journalist in the world is determined not to give Lexus a comparo win… & still Lexus outsells them all.

  9. Wonder whether the LF-A will win any comparo’s…

  10. In isolation the RX & HS headlights look fine.
    But I really like the IS-C’s taillights & the overall look is really good especially with the top up. Would have been ideal as a coupe.
    Anyone else noticed the ES like foglamps in the IS-C ?

  11. I think the current IS is a 100 percent improvement on the previous gen’s design. That car was originally launched in Japan as the Toyota Altezza & later re-badged as an entry level sporty Lexus. It had none of the standard Lexus design cues at that time. But the new car is pure L-Finesse design & looks striking on the move.

  12. Increasing rear legroom is a must…

  13. I agree with the design cue as the Altezza was heavily styled of current Toyota design cue.

    The last gen IS was a really sport sedan. The current one is butter up. I prefer the Altezza 2.0L with a 6 speed manual. That right there is better suited to go heads on with the 3-series. With its nice Black Top 3S-GE with Toyota first Dual VVT-i engine, that revs up nicely and screams performance at every corner. With it nice and crisp 6 speed manual tranny…..A well build chassis based of the Supra. That’s what Lexus needs if they want to be serious in the luxury sport sedan field. Not a butter up IS based off Toyota’s flagship sedan. And I’m referring to the Crown.

  14. Those LEDs looked awesome on the LF-Sh and LF-Xh concepts! The conversion from the LF-Sh to the LS 600h L was nearly flawless, making the hybrid more preferable than its gasoline counterpart.

    Look at all this praise (I haven’t actually found the particular article):


    Maybe its because the RX’s and HS’s headlights have LEDs that aren’t identical. Heck, the RX makes one of them a turn signal that is pulled far back. You guys can just look specifically at those little LED bulbs and realize how gorgeous the LS hybrid’s are, while the RX’s and HS’s aren’t. I can’t believe I’d prefer the standard headlights on the RX hybrid. The LEDs were supposed to be a Lexus trademark, and apparently, Audi too a better advantage of them.

    Another thing I want to bring up are the headlights on the sketch of the new Lexus compact hybrid. There is that cool line that sort of forms a parallelogram, which reminds me of the headlights in the new VW Golf GTI. I hope they make them LEDs…

    Here is a picture of the headlights on the Golf GTI - look at how clean and crisp they are:

  15. um…thats a ‘vette? no vw there..

  16. i think people are confusing between the Lex and the Inf because the g37 is a dark picture and the headlights are barely visible. besides that, its really easy to see the difference, for me anyway :o

  17. the real thing to wonder is whether it WONT win any comparos wink

  18. Makes me wonder if WorldofLuxury knows what he’s talking about.

  19. lol
    I used the wrong code. I forgot that NetCarShow.com did that. It’s a great site, but embedding the gallery won’t let me choose the particular picture I want to emphasis. Besides, it would be marked as spam on this website.

    Please visit that website, and search for the latest Golf GTI.