Lexus Japan Hits 10,000 HS 250h Orders in First Month

2010 Lexus HS 250h in Japan

Even after tripling production, Lexus will have a hard time keeping up with the HS 250h demand in Japan:

Orders for Lexus’ first dedicated hybrid, the HS250h, reached 10,000 units in its first month, smashing its sales target of 500, parent company Toyota Motor Corp. said.

The waiting list for the HS250h is now six months long. Advance orders stood at 3,000 units.

To put this into perspective, total 2008 sales in Japan was just 25,945 units—though I can’t help but think the sales target of 500 units might have been artificially low to increase interest.

(With the car slowly arriving in US dealerships, soon we’re going to know if the new hybrid can repeat its Japanese success.)

[Source: The Mainichi Daily News & Club Lexus]



  1. I guess this whole “dedicated hybrid” thing is quite an icon. It’s like a gadget-fashion - better than the Prius, in a way.

    The picture above is pretty cool if you ignore the tiny, thin wheels and tires that leave a huge front overhang. That grille seems kinda necessary for people to make a statement with the vehicle. Lexus should keep the hype up… with… something.

  2. the Japanese have always been open to change and adaptation to new and quirky looks. I dont think it will share quite the same success in the US, but will definately do well here too.

    This is definately good news to hear lexus is gaining ground in their own country.

  3. We got our first HS250h on Wednesday…it is white and currently resides on the showroom floor.  We are hoping that more units arrive soon.  The ISC has been a huge success.  Nearly every unit that arrives is spoken for.

  4. i went to lexus for my 70,000 mile service and they had one out in front.  It was blue with beige interior… it was pretty loaded about 48k (no ML) but had HUD…still want the RX 450h

  5. well…thats more than they predicted…