2010 Lexus SC 430 Changes

2010 Lexus SC 430

The second generation Lexus SC 430 will live for another year—Lexus USA has confirmed that the convertible coupe will be produced for a ninth year with some minor changes:

  • New 18-Inch Six-Spoke Wheels (shown above)
  • iPod/USB Connectivity
  • 6th Generation HDD-based navigation with Voice Control, Lexus Enform and Bluetooth connectivity
  • New side mirrors with integrated puddle lamps
  • The Mark Levinson Premium Audio System is now standard
  • A new color, Costa Azul Mica (shown above), will replace Tigereye Mica

After a nine year production run, it’s more about what comes next, but the 2G SC has aged well—I still love the interior:

2010 Lexus SC 430 Interior

2010 Lexus SC 430 Interior

(Also, for the final year, the price gets bumped to $67,505, an increase of $700.)

Update: The 2010 SC 430 will not be equipped with the new Lexus Enform system.

[Source: Lexus]



  1. I’ve always liked the vehicle’s use of leather on the dash, center console, seatbelt hooks, and everywhere else.

    The inside has quite a timeless feel, but the exterior is a different story. It’s Porsche-isk - function before form.

  2. Weird, I just posted about four blue cars in a row.

  3. Rims are okay. Though they are starting to get similar with the IS and RX

  4. i love that red interior. that wood is what should be on the LFA, but man no more tigereye mica made me sad…

  5. haha…thats weird. next week do orange wink

  6. i wonder why they didn´t use the 4.6L V8 for the SC? but when Lexus wonna “stay” around 300 hp i would use the 3.5L V6 from the IS C. better MPG.

  7. While i always thought theSC had a strange exterior design, the interior has always seemed very plush and luxurious, almost more so than the LS (which i think needs to be a little more luxurious like the S class). It’s going to be really interesting to see what Lexus does with the SC now that they have the IS-C. I’m hoping they go towards the 6-Series and make the car all abou performance. An SC460 and SC570 would be awesome!

  8. I must say the interior has aged extremely well.

    Love the black on white/cream color combination.

  9. New wheels are nice. All new Lexus models come with great looking rims which is a good thing. Too bad they discontinued the Tigereye Mica shade, maybe there wasn’t much demand for it. The mirrors look the same & I thought it already had puddle lights. The interior design is simply timeless just like the 1G SC. Still like the way the cup-holders pop up from the center console & the cute little coin box next to it. The stereo seems to have lost its display & the roof switch has reverted back to its original design not the pull-push type anymore.

  10. “love the cassette player”

  11. Don’t think that’s a cassette player, the slot looks smaller than the one in the US market SC. It may be an MD player. ( The SC in these pictures is the Japanese market version )

  12. I’ve personally always liked the exterior design of the SC (I know, I’m weird). As with all Lexus models, you have to see it in person to appreciate it’s full beauty.
    But one thing that has always bothered me about the 2nd gen, was the steering wheel borrowed (almost) directly from the old Toyota Corolla. It doesn’t look very upscale, especially not for a CAD$81k luxury coupe.
    But I guess it doesn’t really matter, seeing as how no one really scrutinizes their car’s steering wheel as they drive.

  13. I preferred the 5-spoke wheels. These wheels are OK but like Josh pointed out it does look like the wheels on some other Lexus vehicles.

    I like the 2SC design but it’s been around for about nine model years so I thought it’d be time for a 3SC. I’m thinking they’ll save the 4.6L engine for the 3SC. Hopefully we’ll see pics for 2011 in a year or so.

  14. Kevin, there’s a major error in your article: the Lexus SC 430 will NOT offer Lexus Enform nor Safety Connect.

    At the U.S. Press Preview for the IS C and HS, when they discussed Lexus Enform and Safety Connect, they specifically stated that it would eventually be offered on all Lexus models EXCEPT the SC.

    Naturally, a number of us there took this as a hint that the Lexus SC’s days are numbered, but when one of us asked Lexus officials about that, we were met with evasive hems and haws and “no comments”. Make of that what you will…

  15. I don’t understand why they didn’t change the engine years ago. I mean, the current SC engine has the fuel inefficiency of a V8 and the horsepower of a standard V6.
    And now that there’s an ISC, I wonder who’s going to buy an SC.

  16. LOL ...da ba dee da ba die

  17. Thanks for the correction, that’s what I get for cutting and pasting that bullet-point from my 2010 IS-F post. LOL

    I’ve updated the post.

  18. honestly at that price it should come with the enform system. i have to say the interior quite nice smile

  19. At least the ML sound system now standard. Its been standard on the GX (Canadian model) since it hit the market in ‘03/‘04

  20. There are times when I am thankful that most of the Lexus models still have the cassette player. I hope they maintain it as an option in the future and put it in the glove box or something.

    That’s better than Mercedes who only recently moved their CD changer from their trunk and into the cabin.

  21. I’ve read a few different things in the last couple days, from the chassis not being able to support the 4.6L engine to the cost of re-certifying the vehicle in USA.

    It’s a shame, but there’s a likely a good reason for it.

  22. Funny thing, I never really liked the second-generation SC until recently, now all of a sudden I’m crazy for them. Such is the life of the Lexus enthusiast. wink

    I can’t wait for the third-gen SC, either.

  23. Yeah, that steering wheel is just plain unfortunate. Didn’t realize it was lifted from the Corolla, though!

  24. “Let’s launch a hideous color so we can scale down production capacity”?

  25. Haha. I don’t know, I like it, but there’s probably twelve other colors I would pick first. wink

  26. It’s a Mini Disc player. It’s kinda like a predecessor to USB sticks and other removable media format. Mini Disc can hold up to 4-5 hours of music without a loss of sound quality.

  27. If I were Lexus, I would have made some sort of special edition with that Costa Azul Mica color.
    I guess the SC itself has a type of beauty that only certain people comprehend.

  28. One way you can look at it is that the 4.3L V8 is still a big V8 when compared to the 3.5L V6 of the IS C.

    According to Lexus, both vehicles reach 60mph from a standstill at the same time despite the SC being a tad bit heavier. I suppose that the difference in torque makes a difference - quite big, if you ask me.

    I’ve always been a fan of V8s, and I think I’ll stick with them in the near future.

    (P.S.: I bet there is an immense difference between the feel of the power from the V8 and the V6. The V8 probably has a much smoother and effortless power delivery… all the way to the electronically-limited top speed.)

  29. It’s hilarious that despite how much this car gets put down by the press, it’s still selling enough to warrant a 9th year!

    The only time I’ve been in an SC430 was checking it out in the Lexus showroom while dropping my IS300 off for a service last year, the interior felt a bit weird- it used so many components that my IS300 had (the same satnav, many of the same switchgear etc) which really dated it compared to the RX and LSs sitting around it, and especially compared to the amazingly suave IS250 I had as the loan car. Maybe it was just an older year model or something, but still…

  30. If you look closely enough, you’ll notice that the whole center-stack was lifted from the Corolla. Just covered with wood and leather.
    But all-in-all, no part of the SC feels like it’s lifted from the Corolla.

  31. Oops… pasted the link in the wrong place:


  32. I loved the Tiger Eye Mica paired with the Camel leather.  Such rich colors.  A shame to see it replaced with this hideous new color.

  33. Wow, I used to own this exact same Corolla with Black Sand Pearl ext. I really like this interior design & even now its simplicity is better than the current Corolla int. Also this is old school Toyota with high quality materials & ergonomics not seen in today’s car. I would like to add that all new Toyotas use cheaper materials than this car, some of whose bits wouldn’t look out of place in a Lexus.
    Thanks for the picture,4tD.

  34. I don’t think it makes sense for lexus to re-engineer the car to accomodate the 4.6 V8 so late in the SC’s life cycle. Production of this car will likely end in 2011.

  35. I would have never guessed how close they were, even after sitting in both models.

    For all their similarity, it still isn’t immediately obvious just how close they reall are.

  36. I’ve heard that this is the final year for the 2G SC—after that, what happens is anyone’s guess, but it wouldn’t surprised me to see the SC shelved for a year or so while the successor is finalized.

  37. I never once saw a Tiger-Eye Mica SC in real life—gorgeous color.

  38. Your not weird. I’ve have also always liked the styling of the SC. It’s not the drivers convertible, but there are so many details that make the SC a true work of art.

  39. oh God krew, u have no idea what you’re missing…i see one about twice a week and its breathtaking…i love that color…hurts me to see it go sad

  40. @tyler: That would be awsome. I hope Lexus can come up with a serious BMW 650i and Mercedes SL competitor. Something that is actually performance oriented. an SC F would also make a nice addition.

  41. I’ve been a huge fan of both SC-generations,and I do hope there will be a third.I’d love to see it lean more towards the sporty side of things,like a BMW 6-series or an Aston Martin V8 Vantage.Perhaps using the IS-F platform? Also I’d love it to be avaliable both as a coupé and a convertible.

  42. @Eljay: I agree with you. I hope the next generation comes in coupe and convertible.

  43. @krew: Are you suggesting that they stop production for a year untill the new one gets finished? I’d think they would just continue this model untill the 3rd generation gets here.