2010 Lexus IS-F Changes

2010 Lexus IS-F

The Lexus IS-F will be seeing some changes in 2010, including:

  • Limited Slip Differential
  • New 19” BBS wheel design
  • Optional 6th Generation HDD-based navigation with Voice Control, Lexus Enform and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Folding Headrests
  • USB/iPod connectivity

The Limited Slip Differential is a good addition for anyone interested in taking the IS-F out on the track, and the interior technology upgrades are long-overdue—can’t say I’m all that enthused about the new wheel design though:

2010 Lexus IS-F Wheels

Luckily, the original IS-F wheel design will continue to be an option. (Also, the turn signals are standard in Japan, where this photo is from.)

No word yet on when the 2010 IS-F will be in dealerships, but I would expect some time in September.

[Source: Lexus USA Photo: Lexus Japan]



  1. Those new wheels look stunning, I’ve never seen alloys with such a unique spoke design. Truly original. Luckily the current wheels will continue to be available. But why no mirror indicators ?

  2. Love the wheels.

  3. The wheels are cool but not original and unique like those on last year’s model. Thank goodness they made them optional just because of the price, I guess.

    I went to the dealer today to get my LX 470 serviced, and I guess Longo Lexus has been listening. There was someone to refill the pastries when the tray was empty (doughnut holes, actually but still good). I skipped breakfast on purpose and grabbed a third of the refilled tray and a few cappuccinos. The person who refilled the tray looked a little puzzled and came up to me and asked if I were in need of any assistance. I just said, “No,” and smiled. I deserve them after starving myself the last few times I went to the dealer.

    Anyways, I decided to loan the IS today. My mom didn’t like the stiffer suspension, grabbier brakes, and more direct steering (poor her… a brand new RX loaner arrived just moments later); however, I LOVED it. The IS 250’s engine is pretty powerful for a car its size, and the now available paddle shifters were fun to play with (BMW switched the “+” and “-” sign on the gearshift around recently, and so should Lexus.). The facelift beautifully modernized the interior, and the newer Nav’s voice is much better than that in my LX 470 and even better than that in my 1998 LS 400.

    I hope the dealer doesn’t sell the loaner car as a new vehicle, though. It looked like it took quite some beating. The plastics were scratched; the panels inside are loose and uneven; the trunk lid is uneven on one side.

    About this IS F: for the price, it deserves thicker chrome detailing around the side windows for the price it asks for.

  4. I kinda like those fender indicators they’ve had for the last few years. It’s more balanced, and a little chrome can improve the look… maybe even connect the F logo with the indicator. But all in all, I like the way it looks.

    Of course, those mirror indicators look great close up, and since other companies have them, we should have them, too LOL

  5. ah new turn signals on the side, i like those. and those rims are awesome!

  6. Chrome on a sport sedan? I think the less chrome the better chance of it selling. Not a lot of people would like to have that kind of bling on a sports car or a sport sedan. The IS really doesn’t need any chrome. Last gen was a fine example of how chrome should not be on a sport sedan. To luxurious for some and too much for others. Too much chrome or a thicker chrome trim can be bad too.

    A lot of dealers can not sell a loaner vehicle as new. Trust me. I pull reports all day at work. They are classified as either fleet use or rental depending on what state you live in.

  7. I really prefer older wheels, but have not seen this wheels on speed.

  8. No chrome is better than the wiry thing that forms a frame around the side windows of the IS.

  9. WHAT?! your joking right? dude the “wiry thing” IS CHROME…and it looks beautiful.

  10. I too like the fender indicators, but mirror indicators are more visible to oncoming vehicles & when overtaking. ( I just managed to avoid a collision once thanks to the other guy’s mirror indicators ) & even though it increases mirror replacement cost, it’s a definite safety feature. Also the arrow head chrome indicators used by Lexus look super, hope all Lexus models get it.