Lexus Confirms Premium Compact Hatchback, Releases Sketch

Lexus has officially confirmed that a premium compact hatchback concept will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), and have released this design sketch (click for a larger image):

Lexus Premium Compact Concept

A compact hatchback with an IS-F front-end design and a panoramic glass roof?!?

Holy ****.

The full press release:

Lexus has unveiled the first official sketch of a concept car that will be presented at the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA).

The concept will demonstrate a mix of technical innovation and ground-breaking design that promises to raise the bar in the premium compact segment.

The Lexus press conference at the IAA is scheduled for 15:45 on 15 September at Stand C11 in Hall 8.

This is massive, CAN NOT WAIT to see this concept.



  1. OMG!

    I want the wheels to stay that big.
    I want the chrome accents to stay that thick.
    I want the lower front fascia to stay that way.
    I want Lexus to show me that this is not just another 30 seconds sketch!

  2. I want Lexus to use a special type of paint that would effortlessly bring out the same effects as the car in the sketch!

  3. Lexus already tried at hatchback in the IS line…and it failed;  why bring it back??

  4. The main purpose of this new hatchback has to be improving Lexus’ European presence, where this type of vehicle is extremely popular. Not only that, it’s a smaller vehicle than than the IS SportCross, and more importantly, the market has changed.

    I think this could be a huge win for Lexus.

  5. This is more than the IS wagon, this is its own hatchback, and it looks interesting…make this sketch come to life!

  6. I kinda like the concept where you can’t see the mesh in the grille.

  7. OMFG!!! THAT LOOKS SO AWESOME!!!!! If Lexus alters the design as little as possible,....HUGE HIT!!!! I WOULD THEN DEF. BUY IT.
    SO excited. THIS and the LFA.

    GX sorta, if it moves away from the prado design and looks LEXUS. and A GOOD LEXUS. not like the HS design. those horrible designers….

  8. what a great design! looks like the concept will have 3 doors.

    And now Lexus show use a really big suprise and show us a roadster based on this car. smile

  9. The SportCross was half-assed (literally), weird looking. This is a real competitor, though I’d like to see a more production ready version.

  10. no

    that sketch is 5 doors but the with no pillars in between

    i love that 80th style of a lot of japanese car

  11. 5 door is still ok for me. Let´s hope this Compact Hatchback will come as 3- and 5-door like the BMW 1 series.

  12. hope the pillars is already deleted as the photo shows to us

  13. the Sportcross is far from a hatchback. It’s a wagon.

  14. Not going to happen…..with the wheels and the front fascia.

  15. I thought it was a three-door at first, too, but the driver door is too short.

  16. My only hope with this, the only thing I want this sketch to be 100% accurate on, is the front fascia. A lightly modified IS front-end would be perfect.

  17. 2krew

    it is a kinda of sketch krew so i think it ‘ll not make us see except the bold lines that they wanna us to see as
    *front LFA fascia
    *the erasing or deleting or camouflaging of the mid pillars
    *the axes which ‘ll be in the both edges even for front or rear

  18. UNBELIEVIABLE. That image looks GREAT. But will the production CT be faithful to that design sketch ? I doubt it. Lexus concepts have only donated design cues to the production versions & have not been translated faithfully. Though it would be wonderful if Lexus gets this right.

  19. Horrible designers indeed, must be zombies with art degrees. But that sketch looks… WOW.

  20. That line running down the side suggests a 4-door & the bulging shoulder line running below the side windows looks super.

  21. The next 4 months are going to be exciting for us Lexus fans :-
    - CT hatch
    - LF-A supercar
    - LS facelift
    - GX460
    Anticipation is great.

  22. LFA front fascia?
    Alfa Romeo did successfully incorporate the front of their 8C onto the MiTo. I like how they’re beautiful but not having to try to look sexy (you kinda have to observe the 8C from all angles to understand what I mean).

  23. HOLY **** IS RIGHT!!!! wow! strike what i said about Lexus losing their touch :o!

  24. Wow.
    Lexus, if you’re reading this: make that precise design into a production car and I’d temporarily move to Europe to get one!

  25. The headlights NEED to stay this way

  26. don´t forget the ES facelift.

  27. Thanks, Kevin, for posting the full European Press Release. A tip of the hat to you, plus more detail speculation appears in this my.IS article: