Info on the Lexus LF-A Driving Modes (plus a Name-Change Rumor)

The Lexus LF-L

Japanese auto magazine Holiday Auto has published some new information on the LF-A, including details on the four Automated Sequential Gearbox (ASG) modes: Auto, Normal, Sport and Wet.

Normal & Wet modes are fairly self-explanatory, but here’s what’s mentioned about the other two:

  • Sport mode will allow for 0.2 second gear shifting.
  • Auto mode will activate mild hybrid functionality, which will shut down a bank of cylinders while idling or coasting, which will cut down on the fuel consumption.

All modes will apparently have different defaults for VDIM, launch control and the rear wing angle.

Also included was this diagram of the expected steering wheel layout:

Lexus LF-L Steering Wheel

At first, I couldn’t place where the wiper & turn switches were located, but it may explain the small dash dials seen a previous interior spy shot:

Lexus LF-A Interior spy shot

One last point in the Holiday Auto article is that the production LF-A will be renamed to the LF-L to illustrate Toyota’s plan to run the supercar in next year’s Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race. (Personally, I think LF-L sounds far too awkward for a production model.)

[Source: Holiday Auto via 7tune]



  1. holy smokes, that picture of the LFA looks so real. the steering wheel is perfect. but LFL? i doubt it…if its called LFL it’ll make me LOl

  2. and i sort of doubt the naming to be “LF” anything unfortunately, because it just means “Lexus Future” something. hopefully, though, they do name it LFA. i just want to know what the heck the “A” or possible “L” stands for.

  3. and those sick rims do it good. not sure about the color of them but the rims are definitely awesome. i see only one flaw on this car: the side mirrors are on the door…which gives me the idea…what if its a scissor door? or even gullwing? wouldn’t be bad to have it as an option.

  4. lol
    X for the crossovers
    S for the sedans
    C for the coupes or small vehicles
    A… for the alpha - leader of the pack? lol

  5. Nice
    so far pretty good
    I like the idea of the mild hybrid.
    Engine sounds probably won’t be a problem, but I also like the idea of cruising around in “stealth mode”. LOL

    I have more to say, but I’ll just hold on to my last bit of patience and just wait for the car to come out.

  6. and i like the little “F” on the steering wheel, you can make out the trace of it on the spy shot too. now that i look closer at the spy shot, i can see the shifter, which has two sporty lines going across it.  i also see some bird’s eye maple wood on the side panel next to the open glove box and some weird red button which might be the seat warmer. and if you look closely at the left of the guy’s hand on the steering wheel you can see some wood trim on the top of the door panel.  and theres 4 other buttons on the side…one of them looks like the start stop but why put it on the side? Time Will Tell

  7. I like the new switches. I always thought that the stalks on the steering column looked a bit cheap.

    If I were to order this car, I’d spend a little more to ask Lexus to make the all those switches and dials made out of aluminum or titanium, not high-quality plastics.

  8. I completely agree with you WoL. I think the mild hybrid is a great idea. Personally, I wouldn’t want any $300k+ car that does any less than 1MPG.
    On the other hand, I highly doubt true driving enthusiasts (**JC in particular**) would take kindly to the idea of $300k supercars being tuned for efficiency.

    Otherwise, I find the LF-L name much more agreeable than that SS rubbish. Lexus (Toyota, technically) shouldn’t go advertising any mutual relationship(s) they might have with GM (Chevy in particular).

  9. yeah but that’s why they don’t use it…it adds weight

  10. The paddle shift levers are made of alu/magnesium so hope they make the buttons/vents from the same materials as well. The few extra pounds that would add is worth the superior quality feeling this car is gonna need to justify the price and overshadow the competition.
    I think opting for scissor or gullwing doors would add way more weight actually smile
    I also hope the ‘Sport mode will allow for 0.2 second gear shifting’ ain’t true. If the transmission of the IS-F is already able to shift in 0.1 sec this one should do better than 0.2… (Ferrari does it in 0.06!)

  11. I wouldn’t mind a little weight.
    Bugatti Veyron’s turning stalks are titanium and are worth thousands of dollars. Aluminum shouldn’t be that heavy.

  12. Yeah… Lexus really has to have some sense. They already know what we want… especially us who are actually planning to order this vehicle.

    Like I said, we can only wait. “Time will tell”... something.

  13. sad… they kinda admitted that they failed at the Nurburgring.

  14. IMG_9967.jpg

    LOOK AT THAT! Like all supercars, they’re so cute and small on paper and in person. The Audi R8 is actually smaller than a Porsche 911, yet it looks so much bigger, sharper, and more aggressive in the press pics.

  15. oh… that’s all I needed to do to post a picture?

  16. I think this rendering is much much better than the previous one.

  17. Keep in mind that LF can also stand for Lexus flagship.

  18. And the LF is also “coincidentally” the abbreviation for “L-finesse”.

  19. The above rendering looks better than the previous ones, but how close is it to the actual car ?
    The steering looks fantastic, like a Ferrari with so many functions integrated. The rim is mostly carbon fiber with leather where you would grip the steering. But the name “LF-L” sounds a bit daft. 
    ( Lexus also seems to like using the word “auto” a lot. Note how many switches marked “auto” are there in the LS. HA, HA. )

  20. lol WOL the light has been lit! God knows how many pictures ull post now haha LOL

  21. raspberry

  22. Thats not Birds Eye Maple Trim but polished carbon fiber.

  23. Then you wouldn’t mind paying $1 million for an LF-A. HA, HA.

  24. No way… $200k would be the MOST I would pay for the LFA.

    Otherwise, I’d just take an LX 570 and fix its looks inside and out. Maintaining the car shouldn’t be a problem since I probably still have $80k left after purchasing the vehicle and fixing it up, a lot.

  25. The LF-A is likely to be priced in the region of $300k.

  26. I know sad

    I think there will be plenty available when the car debuts. I’ve decided to wait until then to place an order.

  27. I think you can reserve an LF-A with some sort of deposit. Heard of some supercar clubs doing that.
    Anyway all the best, WoL !

  28. lol thanks

    A dealer has contacted me, offering just $500 deposit.

  29. @WoL: If you buy an LF-A, you can expect me at your house the very next day. wink

  30. Pics of the LF(L) partially undisguised:

    If these pics are real, I can’t say I’m not terribly disappointed. For three or four years of testing, I would have expected more. It had better drive better than a Ferrari.

  31. I’m hoping they just took the ugly headlights from a previous illustration and put it on the mule…

  32. huh…looks alot like wood to me…maybe im just too lightheaded from having se-um…second helpings of mashed potatoes…?

  33. if he buys, i’ll be at the dealership to sign his papers with him

  34. Now that the price for the new McLaren MP4-12C is going to be less than $300000, I wonder how many people are going to consider a Lexus alternative. I just hope the LF-A looks amazing.