Lexus IS Family Commercial

This Lexus IS convertible commercial from Australia is pure fantastic:

Each transition is breathtaking, and the IS-F roof popping off to make the IS-C is sensational. Loved it.

(Thanks Charles!)



  1. haha i just found this yesterday on youtube, it rocks LOL

  2. nice
    not bad

  3. really well done. I love how lexus outside of US still uses the pursuit of perfection. That theme/mantra has really died down in US commercials

  4. It makes the US IS-C ads look downright dull in comparison.

  5. Love it! Great ad with style and flair.

  6. The IS-F looks great in that ad.

  7. Brilliant
    that commercial is so cool

  8. I like the commercial but i feel like they don’t really show off the IS-F enough, they need to make it do some crazy J turn or something

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