2010 Lexus ES 350 Revealed!

The scheduled refresh of the 2010 Lexus ES 350 has been revealed by way of a dealership in Taiwan—here are the spy shots and some shots of the current ES 350 for easy comparison (click the spy shots for a larger version):

2010 Lexus ES 350 Front View

2009 Lexus ES 350 Front View

2010 Lexus ES 350 Side View

2009 Lexus ES 350 Side View

2010 Lexus ES 350 Rear View

2009 Lexus ES 350

The changes center around the front end, where the grille, bumper and headlights have been subtly tweaked. The rear-view mirrors also get the integrated turn signals that have made their way across the entire Lexus lineup. The wheel design is also new. There are no visual differences in the rear design. The rear lights have had a subtle change, with the clear strip at the bottom of the plastic cover.

All in all, it’s a light refresh—I do like the new grille quite a bit, and the new bumper air intake is much nicer than the current model. I’m surprised that more wasn’t done with the tail lights, but I am happy that they haven’t moved towards the RX/HS clear plastic.

Update: In my rush to post these images, I didn’t realize the chrome on the lower door panels was new. Also, I have updated the images.

[Source: World Car Fans]



  1. AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT LIKES THE LOWER GRILLE, FOGLIGHTS, AND FRONT BUMPER OF THE CURRENT MODEL? That’s about the most details you’d ever get from Lexus, and they’re beautiful detailing.

    The only bit I like about the facelift is the much needed strip of chrome running along the side of the vehicle.

  2. The lights in the lower part of the grille look akward

  3. for some reason the front looks a little bit like a 1999 Honda Accord or a Honda Legend IMHO

  4. THANK YOU! lol

    The picture of the current model doesn’t show that the foglights are chromed.
    They look beautiful and delicate, like those jewels on an Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider.

  5. I’m sorry, but the ES is the most forgettable car in the whole Lexus lineup.  I guess somebody likes them, but I don’t get how they are the best selling sedan in the lineup.

  6. EVEN THOUGH I STILL DON’T LIKE THE ES THIS LOOKS BETTER. for sure. new L taillight treatment, Linesse headlights, side mirrors have blinkers now, chrome on the side, and there's a blue ISC in the background in the picture that shows the side of the car. chrome dipped foglights,slightly raised D pillar, which i was hoping for, it has the little triangle window up front, the grille got chromed up like the IS, and FINALLY WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR!!!!: THEY PUT IN A REAL LOWER GRILLE INSTEAD OF THAT UGLY EFFECT WHERE THE WHOLE HOOD WENT DOWN AND MADE A WEIRD C SHAPED GRILLE, I HATED THAT. and lastly, the little backup lights in the taillights have been decreased. so, this looks better than the ES now.

  7. I like the old front better. And it is very interesting that Lexus wants to add the L shaped tail lights to all their sedans. I think it is safe to say that the LS will get the similar treatment.

    As for the sides, more chrome is always better. So the sill and chrome signals are a much better improvement.

  8. I was in a rush posting these images, and thought I spied chrome on the old ES—I’ve updated the post to point that out.

  9. The chrome border does look a little strange, but I’m holding off judgment until I see some clearer photos.

  10. I’m a big fan of the ES, mostly because of the panoramic glass roof. Best option ever:

    Lexus ES 350 Panoramic Glass Roof

  11. something just came to my mind…what if, just maybe, like that camry, these aren’t the 2010 ES pics? what if it’s just a special edition ES? or even the ES hybrid? if u look closely, they took out the number on the back where it should say “350”..fishy? maybe it’s really an ES400h? who knows, maybe it isn’t blue badged with the hybrid “L” so nobody knows? or it could just very well be a normal ES. time will tell.

  12. The ES350 is a very nice car and serves it’s purpose in the lineup whole-heartedly. Infact, it is amoung highest selling units in the North American Lexus range. However, i wonder why a hybrid version has not been introduced ??

    On a final note, the ES was discontinued here in Australia a couple of years ago and i would have preferred to have purchased a second-hand example over a new upmarket V6 Camry such as the Grande.

  13. I can only expect the hybrid ES has been delayed due to the introduction of the HS. They are similar enough in size that they would be competing for the same sales.

  14. I thought something similar, mostly because of the fact that the front air intake has been made so wide—it reminded me of the RX 450h.

    You’re right though, time will tell.

  15. I don’t have time. Do you know why? ‘CAUSE I DON’T HAVE THE PATIENCE! LOL

  16. Contrary to your post, Krew, the taillights did change. The outboard white portions have an “L” shape that is a more elongated mirror image of the 2009 facelift IS taillights, whereas the pre-2010 5th-gen ES’s outboard white elements don’t extend horizontally like the 2010 ones do.

  17. My guess is that it’s too late for Lexus to release a hybrid version of this generation ES. The HS is already filling that niche. Maybe we’ll see a hybrid ES in 2012.

  18. Thanks for correctly posting that the dealership is in Taiwan.  WorldCarFans and now Autoblog, which picked up the WorldCarFans pics, claims the photos are taken in Japan.  This is definitely wrong because no dealership in that country offers the ES 350.

    Interestingly, the first pictures of the ES 350 were leaked from Taiwan in 2006.

  19. Like:
    The new grille
    The chrome strip on the sides
    Integrated turning signals on the side mirrors

    The new fog-lights (they look out of place to me)
    New rims

    Did they discontinue the UL package?

  20. It might even be 2013 model year, whenever the 6th-gen ES bows. I just don’t see Lexus coming up with a hybrid version of the current generation.

  21. And the 2009 2nd-gen Lexus IS facelift pictures were leaked from a Korean dealer.

  22. The tC also has the panoramic glass roof. Are you also a fan of the tC?

  23. I know the ES was discontinue in some markets beside Australia. I know Japan isn’t going to introduce the ES after they killed the Windom, and I think parts of Europe discontinue the ES and Camry.

  24. Probably not. Some markets do and don’t have certain package. I know for sure, some of the stuff for several models didn’t make its way across the sea.

  25. Dont expect to see those rims come over the US. THey look small, like 16”

  26. Looks are deceiving. They could be 18s for all we know. It was the same way when I got some new rims for my car. Many people though they were 15s but they were 17s.

  27. We don’t have Scion in Canada, so I’m not entirely familar with the model—seen it a couple times and it didn’t really grab me. But with a glass roof, who knows… wink

  28. You’re absolutely right, it looked like a trick with the light. I was almost starting to think there was a chrome bottom to the back light. I’ll update the post.

  29. Yeah, it’s similar to the GS-F or a IS coupe, there’s just not enough time left in the design to justify the development.

  30. hard to believe only me and jruhi saw that :o it was in my comment

  31. I saw it too but I thought it was obvious LOL

  32. Is the HS and ES similar in size ??

    I would have thought the size of the HS would be between the IS and ES but that is only a guess.

    Can someone enlighten me a bit more on the subject !!

  33. You are correct. IS is the shortest of the three, at 180.5”. Next comes the HS at 184.8”, and the ES is, of course, the longest at 191.1”

  34. Lexus has ruined the front of the ES with the facelift. Like WoL, I too like the current model’s front air dam & foglight combo which is very distinctive. The new air dam is just a mass of black plastic & the huge round foglights mounted at the edges of the bumper look hideous. The current car’s oval shaped chromed fog-lights are infinitely better. What’s with this trend towards round fog-lights, the rectangular designs in the LS & GS give them a unique identity. I think the new grille is the only improvement & looks like the tail-lights don’t have LED’s too.

  35. Good one, WoL. HA, HA.

  36. I too noticed the new tail-lights at first glance, but they don’t seem to have LED’s unlike the facelifted Camry.

  37. Those wheels are definitely not 18 inchers. Looks like 16” or maybe 17”. In any case two or more optional wheel choices will be available in N.America.

  38. Yes, its also 0.4” longer than the GS !

  39. i wanted to know what new features and options the ES will get. e.g. HDD based navigation system? Lane Keep Assist? DVD-player and screens for the kids?

  40. Good question.

    The new navigation in the Camry now has traffic and weather information. It would be odd if the Lexus didn’t include a newer nav system in the ES.

  41. I like the look of the facelifted ES although i am hesitant about the foglamps but that is about it. Also, i believe the rear-end of the ES is quite stylish.

    All-in-all ... the ES is good car, i like it !!

  42. Tough crowd! wink

  43. Tough crowd! wink

  44. Looks like the new ES got an early introduction in China:


    What was Lexus thinking?