Lexus to Triple HS 250h Production

Lexus HS 250h

In order to keep up with the Japanese demand for the HS 250h, Lexus will be tripling production of the new hybrid.

As reported by the Nikkei (by way of The Green Car Congress), even after producing 2,000 units in July, there are still 8,600 pre-orders for the hybrid sedan. This is seventeen times the expected monthly sales estimates of 500 units, and can only be consider good news for the brand in its home country.

There’s no telling how sales will be in North America, but there’s a similar level of demand, Lexus may have to increase production even further.

[Source: Nikkei via The Green Car Congress]



  1. these are really good news for Toyota/Lexus. and as we said i am pretty sure the annual sales target of 25,000 HS 250h for the US is realistic.

  2. Good news indeed, keep up the good work Lexus.

  3. Great for the bottom line. Hope they use the profits to add a couple of coupes to the range for those of us craving 2-door style & luxury rather than economy.

  4. WOWWWWW!!!

    Lexus is probably laughing at me right now and saying stuffs like… see, there’s no need to spend extra efforts in making the car look better.

  5. I think it is the worst looking Lexus ever!

  6. @ das Auge: why? it looks good. but man 8,600 PRE ORDERS! and this is JAPAN!!! ONE OF LEXUS’ WEAKEST MARKETS!! i can only imagine what US sales will be…

  7. を参照してください、必要はない、クルマを使うことで余分な努力をするには、きれいに見えます

    thats what they’re saying, but in Japanese wink

  8. thanks to Google translator LOL

  9. i know this is off topic but i’ve never noticed that the LS in the top banner of the site shows the inside mechanics in the reflection. nice one krew wink

  10. lol
    you got me there. I thought the executives have come down here to mock me and my life a living h***. scared the heck out of me

  11. LOL… that’s why I was hoping for a wallpaper version

  12. i know what you mean. But the Cóupes aren´t at the top of the list at the moment. Next in the line is the new GX for 2009, then for 2010 the ES facelift, the LS facelift, the new LF-A and the Lexus CT.

  13. The GX and GS are supposed to be their top priorities. If they really want something to focus on, those two models are it.

    Too bad that the GX steals some of the Land Cruiser’s sales in the US. That’s why Toyota is so hesitant about it. The GS needs to be better than comparative Toyota models, but the LS’s standards a bit too low… they’re kinda in the way. Of course… Lexus’s solution would be to deal with the engine and nothing more, nothing less.

  14. It’s FWD—I dislike the proportions of the car. It looks like a Jetta or something. Not really luxurious.

  15. I actually don’t mind the look of the car, unique in it’s own rights and as i stated earlier - should prove to be relatively popular at it’s aimed demography.

    While i am motivated towards Lexus injecting more soul into the brand with the addition of the ‘F’ series, they must also increase the divesity of it’s lineup with examples such as the HS and upcoming CT.

    While they are not cars which inspire driving passion, they do however serve a useful purpose and improve the diversity of the brand simultaneously and hopefully add to the bottom line.

    As for the new GX, a good move and the new 4.6 V8 will be a welcomed addition although i would like to see Lexus add the 4.5 V8 diesel to the LX. Actually a diesel would be a welcomed addition to the RX aswell.

  16. in my eyes both cars GX and LX needs a hybrid powertrain very quick to boost there sales. and - i know it´s off-topic - the Land Cruiser should have the smaller 4.6 V8 as “an option” available.

  17. Diesel?? I don’t think so.

  18. I’m starting to feel the same way about this design. The more I look at it, the more it seems like Lexus has decided to ditch the L-finesse design language that they just recently began with the GS. The HS reminds me of the 1-series & A-class both of which scream ” Hey, we Germans can do cheap & ugly just as well as the Chinese “. Seems like the Lexus range is becoming rather ambivalent which is a real tragedy.

    Like it   : LS GS IS ES SC
    Hate it   : HS RX
    to hate it : LX GX

  19. Sorry, meant 1-series & B-class. Not A-class.

  20. When did the GS in the banner become the LS…

  21. The LS & GS represent the best of Lexus for me. They just need to make the GS larger than the ES.

  22. I agree, if it wasn’t for the chrome detailing & multi-spoke wheels, you’d mistake it for a Honda. Especially with those huge front quarter windows ( It gives me nightmares ). They scream ‘economy-class’.

  23. Keep the diesels in the big rigs & buses where they belong.

  24. I believe the 4.7 V8 is available as an option in the M-E Land Cruiser in place of the 5.7 V8, but not in the US.

  25. yeah
    Diesels are greatly flawed in that the cleaner they become, the less efficient they are.

  26. I agree the HS doesn’t look very Lexus-like. To me it looks like the Toyota Avensis which it is based on.

    Having said that this car is really more for people that want something nicer than a Prius. Luckily Lexus has two more entry level luxury sedans that suits your liking.

  27. Yeah, the top image changed when I rearranged things a couple weeks ago. I try to keep it current with the next Lexus I want to own. smile

    (I’ll see what I can do about a wallpaper, my source image is too small to make into a desktop but maybe I can work something out.)

  28. I would also like to see a hybrid LX & GX. I’m not sure why Toyota’s steered clear of hybrid full-size SUVs. The Denali/Tahoe stores its batteries under the second row seat, so I’m sure it’s not a matter of battery placement.

    Haven’t been able to understand it—maybe the cost is prohibitive.

  29. I don’t know what to make of the HS design, it’s like certain technical design necessities were chosen (co-efficient drag, wheel base, etc.) without much consideration given to how it appeared.

    It does have a nice presence in real life, and the interior is great—I think it’s going to be a huge seller.

  30. The HS is based on the European market Toyota Avensis & not the smaller Prius & some ignorant people believe. Having said that I think the Avensis ( cool name ) is much better looking than the HS which looks too Honda-ish. Sometimes Toyota hogs the good designs & gives Lexus the bland ones

  31. thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

  32. good and bad
    bland and controversial

    Toyota is trying to satisfy everyone, but that’s not possible. Obama is struggling and will probably keep struggling for the rest of his term if he thinks he can take his time to satisfy every single person.

    The fact that the second-gen Prius looked different made it successful. People would look at it and know it’s a Prius. I myself was surprised that the general public caught on to the Prius so quickly.

    I want the HS to look unique but not queer… but not bland. I’m not asking Lexus to design a mix of Aston Martins, Alfa Romeos, and so forth. I… don’t really know what to say because Lexus seems to have the same problem BMW has - its engineers and designers don’t seem to cooperate. If I were to be a tad bit more honest, I’d say that Lexus’ designers are very bad.

  33. The Volt that “stole” my idea of how electric and gas motors should cooperate has been rated by the EPA at 230 mpg!

  34. Something went all screwy, and two comments were accidently deleted, so in response to LEXUS BOY:

    The HS I took a look at was a pre-production model, and so some of the materials not finalized, but everything’s very well put together. With the seating position and the Remote Touch, it’s like a moving office.

  35. And to WoL:

    I can’t believe how many buttons are on the Panamera’s console—but the LS or LX isn’t much better.

  36. No prob. smile

  37. Ok, something technical has gone wrong with this thread, so I’m going to have to shut it down.

  38. The Panamera has a great looking interior which is surprisingly luxurious considering it’s a Porsche. The wood trim looks nice & the gathered leather on the seats looks great just like how Lexus used to do.
    I personally like the switch intensive interior design of the LS as the tactile feel of Lexus buttons is something to enjoy & it’s logically laid out too. Also the more illuminated switches at night time, the better it looks.

  39. I have to agree with you, WoL. It seems Lexus designs are taking a turn for the worse going by the looks of the LX, RX & HS. This is reminiscent of the time when one Mr. Bangle was at BMW & their faithful fans went nuts & some of them actually wanted to murder him ! What happened to the Lexus designers who did the original L-Finesse models like LS, GS & IS ? Surely they didn’t do the HS & RX. This makes me fearful of the next gen of those models.

  40. The HS looks OK, it will be one of those designs that mature with time. Apart from that, it is a welcomed addition to the Lexus lineup and although it will not inject passion into the brand, will undoubtedly satisfy it’s designed purpose whole-heartedly.

    Personally ... i believe it will a great car in it’s own right and sell in respectable numbers.

    Judging by some early reports, the HS is off to a good start - particuarly in Japan.

  41. Lexus reported today the HS 250h has more than 10,000 pre-orders - more than 2,000 cars up compared with two weeks ago. Much more cars are needed than they can produce.