2010 Lexus HS 250h Now on Lexus USA Website

2010 Lexus HS 250h

The Lexus HS 250h is now on the Lexus USA website, which means plenty of information along with full option & package pricing.

There are standard and premium variants, starting at $34,200 and $36,970 respectively. From there, it gets a little confusing:

  • There is a $1,600 Touring package, with 18” wheels and a sport tuned suspension, available for the standard model but not the premium.
  • Both standard and premium can be equipped with the $2,125 Navigation package.
  • Only the Premium model can be equipped with the $3,900 Technology package, which includes the heads-up display, dynamic radar cruise control and various advanced safety features.

Add in the optional LED headlights, backup camera, and the Mark Levinson speaker system, and a Standard HS 250h can reach $42,185, while a full-loaded Premium HS can hit $48,805.

(Be sure to check out the Lexus HS page for a full list of options & pricing, plus some brand-new images in the photo gallery.)



  1. well the price isn’t surprising the extras are a little pricy but worth it i guess

  2. It’s nice that it has a backup camera. It’s the first Lexus sedan to have it? I think all cars should have it.

  3. Our ES has the backup camera.

    I’m pretty sure the more expensive LS and GS have them as well.

    Not sure about the IS having them but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. The only model Lexus offers now without a backup camera (assuming the vehicle has navigation) is the SC 430. The ‘10 RX w/o nav also has a small backup camera in the rearview mirror.

  5. actually all the sedans have it. and like Brendan said, the only model without it is the SC. but its a sacrifice ill be willing to make for tiger eye mica…i love that color.

  6. lol the SC gets screwed on everything. No backup camera, no live traffic, no lexus enform, nor safety connect!

  7. Poor SC, she’s become the orphan of the Lexus family but still a beauty despite her age. The oldest model in the Lexus line-up is now 8 years old & missing some important features like Intuitive Park Assist & Rear view monitor. It’s also the only Lexus still using the 4.3 L V8. The next gen is definitely overdue.

  8. Thanks for the update, Krew. Was really waiting for the HS info.
    The gallery has some great exterior shots, too bad Lexus doesn’t offer them ALL in wallpaper sizes. This car is really ambivalent. I hate the front quarter glass windows, but the headlight-grille combo looks very good, much better than in the RX. Also the Mark Levinson system is a stand-alone option now & not part of a package.

  9. I forgot all about that rearview mirror backup camera—I’d like to try that myself. The IS-F I had for review could have used something like that.

  10. As I mentioned in another thread, I had a chance to spend a couple hours with the HS, and it’s another case of a Lexus being hard to photograph. It looks good up close and in person. Really liked the grille too, which really surprised me.

    Right now, I’m on a business trip, but I’ll post a couple photos and a little write up once I get back.

  11. The SC 430 has been around so long that I’ve gone from liking it to disliking it and back again. I’d like to take one for a spin, it’s one of the last models on my list!

  12. The Mark Levinson is MUST! ...unless you have another car w/o it… and you use it often… and you usually listen to the radio in it… LOL

  13. lol sorta like Cinderlla, and the 6 series and slk are the ugly evil sisters LOL

  14. The 6-series is beautiful although it could do without the mustache (ironically, I used to like it). Remember that it debuted back in 2003. If it were for Bangle, cars would still be in the process of getting rounder and nothing more.

  15. I’m not an audiophile, but the Mark Levinson stereo in my GS is mind blowing, so much that I listen to my favourite music in the car despite having a home stereo.

  16. I end up watching my movies in my LX just because of the Mark Levinson stereo! lol

  17. Personally, i believe the HS250h will prove to be a relatively successful addition to the lineup and nodoubt will satisfy it’s intended demography.

    As for the SC430, time to discountinue the car and position the new IS-C as the successor but be sure to maintain it with a small variety of powerplants to satisfy different markets.

    For example ... IS-C 220d, IS-C 250 & IS-C 350.

  18. I don’t think the SC line should be discontinued as it is one of the original Lexus models & has a large fan base for the 1st gen. Instead the next SC should be offered as both a coupe & convertible with the engines from either the LS or GS line. The IS-C can continue as a mid-range model alongside the SC. Also the next SC may be unveiled only in 2011 based on the life cycle of the preceding model which was 9 years.