Lexus Hatchback Rendering by Auto Express

Using the Lexus HS & RX as inspiration, Auto Express has put together a rendering of what the upcoming Lexus CT compact hatchback may look like:

Lexus CT200h Rendering Front View

Lexus CT200h Rendering Rear View

I’m really impressed by the side-panel creasing, the Z jog in the sheet metal is quite stylish. Both the front and rear look too small for the body, but there are some nice design cues. In particular, I like how the rakish RX rear window is incorporated.

Very nicely done.

[Source: Auto Express]



  1. It looks pretty big. Looks about the size of the Venza. I say keep it a two door and it’ll be fine or at least shrink the length of the rear quarter panel to actually make it look like a hatch. Right now it looks like another CUV.

  2. not bad…
    I gotta start learning how to use Photoshop.

  3. I believe that Z-thingy is from the LF-C

    kinda nervous about what the actual wheel size will be

    Anyways, despite the fact that this would be an awesome mate for the RX, I would really appreciate it if Lexus we to make all their future products look more futuristic wihtout being bland, bold without awkward disproportions (and too FWD-ish), and… yeah…

  4. guess who’s laptop just recovered from cancer? can’t believe how much i’ve missed, i don’t wanna crowd the articles with all my comments, so i just have to say hi, and im looking forward to ISF week LOL. btw krew, how’s paris wink

  5. and by the way…the rear looks like an IS that got smacked hard and broke it’s spine

  6. Hi,LEXUSaddict. Didn’t hear from you in a long time, busy with school ?

  7. The front looks great, like that last Tokyo concept ( LF-Ch ? ). Don’t like the front quarter glass also seen on the RX & HS, also the mirrors are likely to be mounted on the doors not the fender. Looks kinda big too, might be larger than the IS. Overall the sharp-edged design is better than HS. Let’s see what Frankfurt brings next month…

  8. Looks nice. I like the front end and ultra sleek C pillar.

    Hopefully this will be an affordable sporty hatchback instead of an affordable luxo highway cruiser.

  9. I believe that was not rendered by AutoExpress.

    It’s from Lexus itself.  All components are done and the car is production ready.  There are even some signs at the side windows.

    And it is really beautiful.

  10. i wouldn´t be suprised if this is the real concept we will see this Septmeber in Frankfurt.

    looks nice and “ok” for me…

  11. I was thinking the same thing. Usually renders are just photoshops of three or four different cars mashed together. This actually looks like the real deal.

  12. the headlights seem too big

  13. lol
    but the wheels are obviously photoshopped.
    just look at the tires.

  14. nope my computer got cancer so i was laptopless for a week.

  15. oh shoot i almost forgot, yesterday in Glendale, CA i saw a testing car all covered in camo, it looked so much like the HS it had the signature angry lighting camo that Lexus used on the HS and the RX

  16. but is it hatch?

    do you mean you saw the CT?

  17. no it was a sedan, it looked exactly like a Lexus it had that special camo Lexus uses on the HS and RX and LFA lights, the angry square camo.

  18. aha

    who knows

    may be the mid facelift of the ES

  19. doubt it it looked too small

  20. Exactly what I thought, could be the face-lifted ES…

  21. the HS and it is cleared out

    may be it is that CT hatch but they make the camo look as sedan until frankfort

    i guess

  22. Seems unlikely that the CT will be launched in N.America as it surely will cannibalise HS sales.
    CT for Europe, HS for N.America I think.

  23. but in previous post

    toyota register 3 names for the CT

    CT200h,CT300h&CT400h; in USA

    CT200h in canada

    CT200h&CT300h; in europe

    so that means sure it ‘ll be in US market

  24. It looks good, it has a clear Lexus design, with character. Maybe it will be showed at the IAA - Motorshow in Germany next month? When it has rear-wheel drive and some attractive engines, I am sure that can be successful against Audi A3, BMW 1-series.

  25. the suspension was too high to be an ES, and it looked too square and HS like. i’m guessing the facelifted ES will just be kept secret.

  26. This car is really really interesting.

    The front bumper and the front side metal sheet are combined.  I believe that Lexus will dare to do it in the production one.  If not, there won’t be lines around A pillar in this pic.

    The side mirrors are not mounted on the doors.

    There might be a wiper under the rear spoiler in the production model.

    So, it is more obvious that this is a shot of a real car with smaller wheels.  Then was photoshopped for bigger wheels.

    In this proportion, the car is relatively small, not big at all.  A bit smaller than the IS.

  27. That’s the problem. Lexus really should give their vehicles more real world testing not only for their fans but also to prevent those silly little glitches their vehicles might have (e.g. the supposed torque steer in the ES).

  28. Oh, they’re photoshopped of this one:

    lexus_lf_vh_concept_suv_image_2.jpg width=450

    and this one:


    So disappointed.  The real one won’t be this exciting for sure.

  29. I don’t know, I think these were created with input from Lexus insiders, but I don’t think the company actually created these. The rear window is lifted straight from the new RX.

  30. @Roland: You’re correct, this hatchback concept is expected to be unveiled at the auto show in Frankfurt next month.

  31. @John Smith: Good eye—but let’s not get disappointed until we see the real thing. smile

  32. I recently had a chance to drive the HS, and it’s much, much bigger than it looks. It measures very close to the ES, I don’t think it would overlap with this hatchback at all.

  33. haha i thot it looked farmiliar

  34. naw, if they made the camo look like a sedan i easily would have noticed. remember how they covered up the hummer truck? put 4 irons and a layer of camo over it. as if nobody would notice when the wind hit the side or back. it was definitely a sedan because the camo was hugging the full body.

  35. is it just me, or is the rear the most hideous thing on any car ive seen next to the bimmer x6? the back is too flat, and the bumper is way too tall..

  36. i love the D pillar. the C looks odd but the A and B are solid too. i love the D pillars on all Lexus except for the ES. it just goes down like a traditional car.

  37. That LF-Xh concept was supposed to preview the RX, but the concept car looks MUCH better. The production RX has none of its proportions or good detailing.
    For eg : The grille extensions in the concept overlap the headlights while in the RX they end at the inner edge of the headlights which looks incomplete & idiotic.
    The RX also didn’t get the neat ‘inverted L’ foglights of that concept.
    A faithful rendering of this concept would have better for the new RX.

  38. The concept was aggressive.
    The RX is cute.
    That kinda threw everyone off, and realizing the difference is the only way you can realize that the RX is a beautiful car.

    Now this new hatchback…

  39. I have the exact opposite taste cause I REALLY dislike the new RX design. The rear is acceptable, but the front is like UGH. They should’ve made the front similar to the concept.
    I was waiting for the new RX cause we had plans to purchase it as a replacement for our RAV4, but now no chance of it. ( Thinking of an ES350 instead )

  40. ahh… now I get why you’re disappointed.
    I’m with you. As a guy, I wouldn’t drive that RX around. It’s a pretty cool business car though.

  41. you are right

    am out of gussing now

    but really their is nothing too small sedan ‘ll come sooner

    just may be a performance version of HS

    may be

  42. I like it, the CT looks good and i hope the concept comes to fruition and inconjunction with the newly released HS should serve to bolster the diversity of the Lexus nameplate while examples such as the IS-F and LF-A will inject passion into the brand.

    As for the RX, i think it looks OK although the design took awhile to grow on me however i would like to see a diesel added to the series such a 3.0 litre (RX300d)