Flickr Find: Foggy Red Lexus IS-F

Sean Klingelhoefer, a photographer with Super Street, had a couple days with the Lexus IS-F and decided to take some photos for his portfolio:

2009 Lexus IS-F Photos in Fog

2009 Lexus IS-F Photos in Fog

2009 Lexus IS-F Photos in Fog

Absolutely gorgeous.

There’s more photos to the set as well, you can check them out on Sean’s Flickr page, and you can see the full story on his blog.



  1. Beautiful…can we get them ‘desktop’ sized?

  2. Hey Sean..
    Very nice pictures dude..
    Request you to please put up higher resolution wallpapers of these same pictures..
    The IS-F looks very beautiful in them.


  3. High res please!!!!!!

  4. please please please .. we need desktop wallpapers of the same…higher res please..all your IS-F collection set from flickr page…

  5. hehe…
    I downloaded Windows 7 RC, and I can have a slideshow of all the pictures. Too bad they removed the glitchy Dream… something feature where you can view videos on your desktop.
    Anyways, Windows 7 RC also lets you “fill” the picture into the whole desktop - no more disproportionally enlarged pictures.

    You guys should try out Windows 7… it’s pretty safe (though not completely). It’s much faster than Vista and even better than XP SP3!

    As of now, I have all of the wallpapers from this website running through my desktop. The only problem is that I can no longer play rFactor (a racing sim), and my computer doesn’t support Windows XP Mode sad no rFactor until late October.