Lexus IS Hybrid for Europe?

Lexus IS Hybrid

According to Autocar, the Lexus HS 250h will not be available in Europe because of an upcoming IS hybrid:

Lexus has ruled out bringing the HS 250h to the UK because it will clash with an upcoming IS hybrid model.

…a company source said the model will not come to Europe because both the Avensis and the Lexus IS model will be getting a hybrid powertrain.

The Lexus IS, which is likely to get a hybrid version for the next generation, is only slightly larger than the HS 250h and would be a direct competitor.

“Selling the HS 250h here would be an emphatic no because of Toyota’s plans to put a hybrid in every range by 2020. The car would be premium d-segment and a direct competitor to the Avensis and the IS, which already meet premium needs.”

The concept of an IS hybrid is interesting, especially if it was running some version of the 3.5L V6 found in the GS 450h. With only the IS 250 (204-hp) & diesel IS 220 (175-hp) available in Europe, a 336-hp IS 450h would certainly close the gap between the current models and the IS-F.

[Source: Autocar]



  1. I dont think the IS numerically will reach up to the 450. the entry level sedan simply cannot be up there in engine displacement with the LS and GS.

    If this does happen, it will probably continue to use the 2.5 engine and add electric motors to produce somewhere in the 240 range, probably called the IS300h

  2. I think Lexus should make it more powerful than the GS 450h and call it the IS 480h - because of the… 4.8L engine in the LFA raspberry

    Anyways, if the IS is going to based on the new Avensis’ platform, it probably won’t be that sophisticated. Maybe it’ll be a stiff chassis, but it probably won’t be extra lightweight.

    Lexus really does deserve a lightweight hybrid to make its car really perform and still give out reasonable fuel efficiency (maybe with the help of the adaptive cruise control like in the LS 600h L).

    And because it is Europe, I feel that Lexus really should use a 3.5L engine for the IS hybrid because they should make room for a less powerful IS hybrid.

    Wow… remember a time when everything was either 300 or 400? That’s a lot of zeros! Although I find them to be very out of place for today’s lineup, I think Toyota should save up some money and improve assembly efficiency this way rather than the… other ways raspberry
    Besides, I bet zeros are lighter than the 5’s.

    I have a bad feeling that it’ll be more Avensis-like than the ES is Camry-like.
    It better be beautiful, and I can trust Lexus that it probably will be… or just possibly.

  4. Lexus needs to decide what it wants to do with the hybrid line up. Like on the LS600h the hybrid engine is used to make it more like an S-Class AMG, as well as the GS, but the RX and HS are for fuel economy. LExus should rename the LS-600h as an LS-F or something, even if it does use the hybrid engine more for power rather than fuel economy.

    I think if the IS is going to be a hybrid in Europe and that’s why there will be no HS then it will not be used for power, more like and IS250h or something along those lines to give it better fuel economy.

  5. I feel like this could come out for the next gen IS except for the IS-C just came out and it seems like they would like to keep that around for at least two or three years before the new body style comes out, unless the next gen IS is more of a major refresh to look a little more like the IS-c. If you think about it the BMW 3 Series convertible doesn’t look exactly like the other 3 Series, so i guess Lexus could update the IS and keep the IS-C looking more like the previous generation. IT all just seems a little strange.

  6. Maybe they could retain the blue-purple “h” badges for the performance hybrids, LSh and GSh, while using green “h” badges for the efficiency hybrids, RXh and HSh….now which one will the ISh be? 

    The comparison to the Avensis is not needed; the Avensis is a FWD platform, which is shared with the HS.  But the IS has always been RWD and will likely stick with the GS RWD-derived platform.

    Given Europe’s increased emissions/efficiency requirements, I expect that the ISh will be an efficiency hybrid. Right now, Europe gets an IS 220d, IS 250, and IS-F.  With the next gen…IS 220d, IS 250, IS 300h, and IS-F perhaps?

    As for the coupe/convert, I wonder whether the current IS-C may hang around for a bit longer after the sedan is replaced.

  7. The bolding insignia of the hybrid vehicles look very tacky, and the backlight looks very dim. Is there really a LED backlight behind the L-logo? Is it more evident during nighttime?

  8. a way to escape the zeros is to make it IS 330h

  9. there is no actual light behind the lexus emblem. the entire thing is outlined by just a blue hue that is painted on

  10. the RX isnt exactly for fuel economy. it is right in the middle of efficiency and power with 290 horsepower and 30 mpg combined

  11. aw… I was afraid of that.


  13. One thing I wasn’t considering is that the IS 250 (or whatever replaces it) would be discontinued in Europe in favor of hybrid-only, similar to the new RX—so of course a more fuel-efficient engine config makes total sense.

    What I’d really like to see is a hybrid-diesel!

  14. @Dan: Very good point about the IS-C being carried over when the next generation debuts—convertible versions of new models tend to come out a year or so later anyway.

    (And yeah, the IS will most likely continue to share the same platform as the GS.)

  15. I don’t know if a glowing Lexus hybrid badge would be tacky or perfect. (The unique LED headlights are probably enough of a night-time signature.)

  16. Hi Bob,

    Please stop posting this.

  17. HA, HA. Nice one Krew !

  18. I’m afraid diesels are really flawed in particular way.
    The German auto companies have spent a fortune trying to develop a clean and efficient diesel, but all they have done was develop a car that collects the mess in a tank for the dealer to dump out, requires a more expensive fuel that pollutes more at the refining factory, and results in worse fuel economy than regular diesels because of all the changes.

    And the electric system being so heavy… I don’t find a diesel-electric hybrid very feasible anytime soon.

  19. ha ha ha

    that’s what i said a lot and no one believe me

    ISh,GSh&LSh;——-> a sporty hybrid variant a manly hybrid
    HSh&ESh;—————> a luxury soft mum car variant

  20. Oh… sorry. I just realized that I said that the badge was bolding. I meant to say that it was bulging, and it’s not a smooth bulge either.

  21. lexus-rx400h_13.jpg width=400

  22. what’s up with that btw?

    prius1-600x399.jpg width=400

  23. I find the Toyota Prius’ better looking. Don’t you?

  24. That’s surprising, the blue Toyota hybrid badge looks better detailed than the Lexus badge.

  25. Well the Lexus badge is taken in darker lighting, and maybe also since it came first…I was kinda hoping they kept the glowing detail for Lexus…hey maybe a lighted version then!

  26. The Toyota photo looks like it was taken by a professional photographer while the Lexus photo looks like it was taken by a normal digital camera.

  27. IMO it would be better if Lexus focused the IS hybrid towards efficiency. In Europe they still sell the C 180 with the kompressor engine. BMW sells the 318i.

    The IS hybrid could target those lower end models instead of aiming for something that is already fullfilled by the IS-F.

    It would be likely that an IS 250h would be more powerful, quicker, and more fuel efficient than both the C 180 and 318i.

  28. donna forgot EGYPT also plus europe in except of all countries around

    it has BMW & MBenz facilities and the most capacity of engines is from 1300 to 2500

  29. I remember being quite irritated when I saw the new Mark-X Prius with the blue badge highlights—this should have been a Lexus-only design cue.

    At the very least, it should have been a different color, like green.