Lexus Enform Subscription Pricing

Lexus Enform

Also covered in the HS 250h pricing announcement was the cost of the new Lexus Enform telematics subscription:

Complimentary one-year trial subscriptions of Lexus Enform and Safety Connect are included with all new HS 250h purchases. One-year renewal subscriptions to Safety Connect alone will be available for $139.95 and to Lexus Enform with Safety Connect for $264.90 per year. Multi-year subscriptions will also be available.

Safety Connect provides Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Location, Emergency Assistance Button (SOS), and Enhanced Roadside Assistance, and costs $140. The Lexus Enform service, costing an additional $125, gives drivers Destination Assist, which allows a remote customer agent to send locations to your GPS, and eDestination, which lets you program destinations into your GPS using a private website.

Difficult to forecast the success of either service, but it’s important to note that this undercuts the similar OnStar service by close to $50 a year, a significant savings. In my mind, the ability to have your GPS programmed while driving goes a long way in justifying the cost—add the eDestination and all the safety features and I expect this functionality to become an integral part of the Lexus experience.



  1. sigh…
    I understand why they want to put a continuous fee on it, but I just don’t think I’d ever enjoy it.
    I like the service… THEY SOUND GREAT, but how many times am I really gonna need it?!

  2. i dont think i would use the lexus enform system, but the safety connect is a good thing to have in the background

  3. Lexus better watch out!
    The new Jag XJL is pretty awesome.
    The next-gen Audi A8 (and A8L) seems to be quite something because Audi is not planning to be overlooked at an auto show, and the Audi people decided to have their own special press in Florida in December.
    And Toyota is officially no longer profitable in North America.

    I’m worried about Lexus…
    The LS facelift better be good. The last couple of LS facelifts have been tremendous, so I hope they don’t mess it up this time.

  4. It all depends on if you’ve hacked your Nav system—I can’t even count the amount of times that I’ve been driving and want to change/update my destination, and that’s just not possible on new models without a bypass.

  5. Yeah, it’s all going to depend on the experience. If it works as well as this video, I think it could be very useful.

  6. The XJL—I don’t know. Haven’t seen it IRL but I haven’t been impressed so far. The new A8 may be something, but if anything, I see it taking sales away from its fellow Germans.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Toyota not being profitable in the US (what car company is nowadays?), and it’s best to keep in mind that any LS changes are bound to be fairly minor. Now, the LS Sport—well, who knows how that will turn out! smile

  7. how does one hack their nav system, cuz that drives me crazy, it should at least realize there is a passenger in the car that might be doing it

  8. I’ve never looked into it too hard, but I’m sure you could find a solution over at Club Lexus.