Even More Leaked Toyota Prado/Lexus GX Photos

Turns out that I missed a set of next-generation Toyota Prado/Lexus GX spy shots:

Lexus GX/Toyota Prado Spy shot Front view

Lexus GX/Toyota Prado Spy shot Side View

Lexus GX/Toyota Prado Spy shot Rear View

Ignoring the stunningly bad decal, the side profile is clean and well sculpted. The exaggerated wheel-well continues to impress me, especially in the front fenders, but the front and rear portions of the SUV will need significant reworking before being released as the Lexus GX.

(Also note that while these spy shots show a swing-gate rear door with a capped spare, the Lexus GX will almost certainly have the two-piece lift-gate from the earlier spy shots.)

[Source: Autoblog]



  1. Interesting if they change the tailgate, but based on dealer rumors I’ve heard, the swing-gate is set to be retained for the GX 460.

  2. Interesting that Toyota/Lexus are focusing on large SUVs and trucks while the US automakers learned their lesson.  The new Tundra full size truck is enormous and bloated, easily eclipsing the full size offerings from Ford and GM.  Now we get these Lexus SUVs.  You’d think the Japanese would learn from Detroit’s mistakes.  I guess not.

    The HS 250 and LFA are steps in the right direction: smaller, more fuel efficient cars and finally the return of a true Toyota sports car, respectively.  However, Toyota/Lexus is putting too much of its emphasis and sales hopes on SUVs like this GX and the RX.

  3. I really hope they get rid of the tire on the back, it just looks ugly, at least make it an option or something. I’m sure it will look a little nicer with a lexus grille and lights

  4. People still want their large SUVs, and turning them into hybrids would be the smartest. Making a GX hybrid would be amazing, and eventually turn the LX into a hybrid as well could easily solve this problem

  5. The LX and GX are niche models for Lexus, they are not the volume sellers by any means.  The GX was surprisingly successful considering its positioning and unique characteristics, and thus is continued now with a 2nd gen model.  But the RX is the only volume seller SUV, and it is more efficient than ever, with the hybrid being among the best of any luxury vehicle. The new gen LX and GX are continuations of a successful but niche product…the emphasis remains on volume sellers, the IS/ES lines, and the RX.

  6. Most likely the tire will not make it to the US. I cant say that the Prado looks good, but when it is turned into a GX (ie. more chrome bits) Im sure it will impress me

  7. These photos are once again from the Middle East, where the Arabs are fond of side decals & tailgate mounted spare tires ( daft ). Of course the GX460 will have neither feature, it’ll certainly get the split tail-gate with the spare mounted under the chassis as shown in the black prado from the previous article.
    Wonder what that black box in the rear is for…

  8. While it does make a lot more sense for Toyota/Lexus to focus on smaller more fuel efficient vehicles there will still be demand for a larger midsize luxury SUV.

    It’s for people that don’t want a crossover like the RX, but aren’t willing to pay as much for an LX.

  9. I’m now more curious about how the interior will look like.

    Will it be an evolution of the current GX interior? Or will it draw cues from the LX or RX?

  10. that’s not a box

    it is black plastic place where the license no. plate put in and contain a lights to see the license no. at night
    the lights is under it’s top where the name LC prado found

  11. i found 5 photos

    hope you enjoyed ‘em

    #prado engine appears while opening it’s hood


    #leaked prado steering wheel


    #2 photos of upscale version of the NG-parado


    #finally the prado from inside (it’s center console)


  12. I LOVE SUVs!
    Remember… Americans are still the main contributor to the idea of luxury SUVs, and the hype has never truly died off.

    Just take into consideration that many trucks are still the top-sellers in the US - F150 being #1, ahead of the Camry.

  13. All these next-gen Toyota Land Cruiser Prado pictures are actually previewing the next-gen Toyota 4Runner (except, hopefully, for the hideous toothy grille). It’ll be interesting to see whether there will be as little differentiation between this and the next Lexus GX as there is between the big Land Cruiser and the Lexus LX.

  14. That interior shot is very interesting. Since lexus started using Remote touch, they cannot just carry over a toyota interior (which is a good thing) seeing as how toyota does not get the mouse. I am curious on how they incorporate RT into the car. Probably will have to raise the center console like on the RX

  15. i donna think the remote touch is for all line up

    i think it’s just for the FWD LEXUS’s and all it’s variations

  16. Nice…
    Is that a special intercooler? supercharger? raspberry
    And that steering wheel looks racy-light.

  17. I don’t think the Remote Touch would be practical off-road.

  18. I just wanna say that I hope Lexus takes the following into account for the LS facelift (influenced by the previous generation facelift and the new HS):
    - more compact seats to provide more interior room
    - longer wheelbase for more interior room

  19. dear God, please don’t tell me they’re going to put the spare on the back…and that stupid black box…ugh

  20. haha, there’s a land cruiser sneaking up behind the first picture that krew posted LOL

  21. That’s funny, I heard the opposite. I’d say we’re a month or so away from a Lexus GX image leak, guess we’ll know then. smile

  22. @Gerard: I’m not sure what you mean—are you suggesting that Lexus abandon SUVs? Why would they do that?

    (Don’t really think the Tundra has anything to do with Lexus, save sharing an engine with the LX.)

  23. No way that capped tire appears on the GX. Can you imagine the RAV 4 comparisons?

  24. @mtema99: Nice find! From this, I would say the new GX will have an almost identical interior to the LX—and that’s no bad thing:

    09-07-17-lexus-lx570-interior.jpg width=400

    BTW—How big do you think that NAV screen is in the Prado? 5 inches?

  25. I think the 4runner & GX only shared the internals in the past, and not the sheetmetal. I hope that doesn’t change with the next-gen 4runner, it would be a seriously bad move.

  26. Yeah, I don’t think the new GX will have the Remote Touch, though I imagine it will have the latest generation software from the RX.

  27. I think the entire Lexus lineup, save for the LX & GX, will get the Remote Touch eventually.

  28. I’d like to see the new HS seats in every model, provided it’s equally as comfortable.

    Don’t see any wheelbase extending with the facelift, though—that probably has to wait until the mode is redesigned.

  29. lol
    It might be just a screen to display basic information. It miiiggghhhht be smile

  30. Great find!

    The interior definitely looks to be more inspired by the LX than the RX. I can’t wait to see what it looks like with the Lexus treatment.

  31. and also with GX

    cause GX ‘ll take the new 4.6l the new one found in tundra and LC200 instead of the old 4.7l one

  32. krew

    i think the NG-GX will be without that capped tire

    as the black prado i poster before

  33. so then

    where is the navigation screen?

  34. BUGGER ! IT HAS A HANDBRAKE ! I was really hoping the GX460 would ditch the handbrake as the Toyota 4-runner which is based on the same platform doesn’t have it. Also not a fan of the leather shroud around the selector lever also retained from the GX470 & its unlikely Lexus will change that. Really prefer the stepped-gate gear selector look in the LX.

  35. You’re right, its the license plate housing, but why does it bulge out so prominently ?

  36. If the GX460 is to get Remote Touch, then the handbrake will have to be replaced with a foot-operated parking brake. Even then there may not be enough room in the center console considering the space taken up by the gear-selector. Both Lexus models that have Remote Touch ie RX & HS have the selector mounted on the dash & a foot-operated PB. Making these alterations to the Prado interior would shoot up costs, so I think the GX460 will stick with the Touch Screen same as Prado.

  37. More compact seats ? ! The huge seats in the LS are simply fantastic, why would they make it smaller & compromise comfort ? Large seats are a must in the premium luxury class & I find them really comfy on a long distance drive as opposed to smaller seats like in the IS or 3-series. Also front seat room in the LS is more than adequate but it could use some extra rear leg-room even the L version.

  38. Sorry, but I’ll respectfully disagree. Big and bulky seats are not necessarily synonymous with comfort. Not only the automotive industry but the commercial airplane makers as well are getting smart about making thinner, less bulky seats that are still comfortable.

    In the automotive world, Toyota/Lexus is in the vanguard of this movement, with the Toyota iQ, Lexus IS C and HS all great examples of thinner seats that maintain comfort levels. These seats are lighter and help increase rear legroom. What’s not to love?

  39. The exterior of the new Prado keeps looking better. Also like the steering design, similar to the Range Rover Sport. The center console will be completely redesigned for the GX as done for the LX. Here are some observations :-
    - Prado has the front view camera mounted below the Toyota logo in the front grille & activated by the steering switch. Note sure bout the side mirror mounted camera.
    - The white Prado seems to have the rear view camera mounted in the center of the spare wheel cover, with the wiper hidden beneath the roof spoiler, similar to RX.
    - Looks like there’s thin chrome side-window framing, the LX only has partial chrome window framing.
    - Mirror mounted indicators are present, wonder if the GX will get that.
    PS: Krew, I have a suggestion for an article listing ALL the differences b/w the LX570 & Land Cruiser. Will be useful for anyone considering either model.

  40. That small screen most likely displays the compass, altimeter & barometer info, which has been avalable in the ME markets for years. (Won’t make it to N.America) That interior shot doesn’t show the nav system cause its optional.

  41. I think that’s an excellent idea. I remember being quite surprised at how, on the surface, there’s so little differentiation between the two in their current generation when they were first launched.

  42. To jruhi4 : Making seat backs thinner is a great way to reduce seat weight & improve space w/o compromising front seat comfort. But reducing seat cushion width, lenght & padding will reduce support especially for humans with larger frames. Here are some of the best front seats I’ve tried :-
    - LS460/600h
    - Maybach 57
    - BMW 5-series
    - Benz CL550
    They’re all king size.

  43. under that bulge space or room for light

    i drive an egyptian version turbo diesel prado and it was the same

  44. yup

    but both RX & HS are front wheel drive based

    not truck based and not RWD based

  45. that compass , altimeter & barometer

    was way useful when i tried it

  46. i agree…GX and LX each needs a hybrid model like the RX have…would bring down there gas milage.

  47. The tailgate has been one of the areas where some have wanted a change to the GX configuration…if they do change it that will address those interests.

  48. Absolutely agree, once the full Lexus SUV lineup is available as hybrids, it’s really going to bring renewed interest.

    (I think the reason the LX wasn’t put out as a hybrid was due to the massive bulk of the batteries, where the additional weight counteracts the benefits of the fuel savings.)

  49. Yes, great idea for an article. Let me see what I can come up with. smile

  50. I don’t think that any comfort should be trimmed from the seat fronts, but rather from the back. A more sculpted, trim seat-back increases the rear comfort without compromising the front comfort.

    Or, at least, that’s what I’m thinking.

    @LB and anyone else having trouble commenting due to timeouts—I’m working to find the problem and will update once a solution is found.)

  51. I believe I’ve found the problem with comment timeouts, and it should be fixed. If anyone experiences any problems posting, please let me know.

  52. Thanks, Krew. I thought my reply to jruhi4 was lost. Glad to see it has been posted.
    I noticed the ultra thin seat-backs in the HS, as a result of which it has more than adequate legroom, but the seat-back pockets are lost. I use the passenger seat-back pocket to store the windscreen blind which is easy to access from the driver’s seat. So where am I going to put it in the HS ?

  53. I’m with you on the loss of the front seat-back pockets, and noted it in my article for my.IS on the HS Press Preview (which Krew featured in an earlier Lexus Enthusiast article)

  54. You won’t need the blind—the HS has special front windshield glass that filters out infrared light. LOL

    Just joking, you raise a good point about the loss of the seat-back pockets, though I do see it as a good trade-off for more rear legroom.

  55. Liked the my.IS review of the HS. The option packages are interesting (Waitihg for the full info at lexus.com). But where do you stash large items like magazines etc in the HS ? Such items don’t fit inside the door pockets. Also the rear passengers dont get much storage space.

  56. Thanks! Glad you liked it.

    Here’s a link to the Lexus press release that contains HS pricing and option package info:

  57. Oooops! I didn’t visit the Lexus Enthusiast homepage before posting that. Krew already has a couple of more informative articles up.

  58. thanks

    i looks a lot as the LC200&LX;

  59. Gosh, I hope they do something about the interior (and exterior) before they make it a Lexus.

  60. I own the 2010 RX350, and love it.  As a previous owner to two larger SUV/pickups, the RX is a nice change of pace.  Better mileage, more comfortable, and alot smaller than even my previous small pickup.

  61. This picture is getting a bit long in the tooth.

  62. You’re not joking. smile

  63. Thanks for the post:)

  64. please no swing gate and hanging 3rd row seats
    want to see with folding 3rd row seats,2 exhaust pipes