Lexus LFA Goodwood Videos

Today saw not one, not two, but three new videos of the Lexus LFA at the Goodwood Festival of Speed—the first two are produced by Lexus Europe, and show the super-race-car-prototype bombing around the circuit from both the exterior and the interior (click on the images to go to the videos):

Lexus LFA Video 1

Lexus LFA Video 2

The picture in these videos is extremely high quality, and provide one of the most complete glimpses of the LFA.

The third video is even more interesting, as it shows former race car driver turned journalist Steve Sutcliffe on the one of the laps he later wrote about in Autocar (click on the images to go to the videos):

Lexus LFA Video 3

All three videos are great watches, the LFA sounds just out of this world.



  1. That’s some awesome videos, but I got something to say!

    I was watching KTLA news, and it was amazing how many things related to me.
    First, there was that girl who got killed while participating in a junior lifeguard activity.
    Secondly, a plane crash, killing three people during a piloting lesson.
    AND THIRD, a guy tried to run away with a Lexus RX! He went through dirt and ended up going the wrong way on a freeway. I cracked up when the caption read “....something… Pursuit” - Pursuit of Perfection? raspberry

  2. Beautiful noise… more like music to my ears LOL

  3. I gotta say… It’s really weird seeing a naturally-aspirated, stock Lexus making all that sound.
    And those cold, carbon-ceramic brakes sound pretty interesting. I wonder if they work well during cold nights.

    Still, that interior POV of the LFA, the sound… an absolute wonder.

  4. thanks a lot about those awesome videos

  5. Yeah, I saw that video and thought about posting it, but I don’t like bringing attention to idiots. smile

    For anyone that wants to watch the RX car chase:

  6. haha..i remember seeing that on the news…if he’s gonna steal a Lexus to get away from the cops, might as well have gotten an ISF..i’m just glad he got caught and that poor Lexus went to a loving home.