Autocar Drives the Lexus LF-A

Lexus LF-A Supercar

Autocar journalist Steve Sutcliffe was also had a chance to drive the Lexus LF-A at last weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed:

There’s a clonk from the transaxle when first gear engages, and as I pull away the ride immediately feels firm but refined, not at all racing car hard. Another faint but disappointing clonk as second and third are selected. A bit more throttle introduces a lot more noise into the cockpit; a cross between a 1980s Quattro and an F1 car from a few years ago, with a bit of Lamborghini-style crackling on the overrun for good measure.

It’s so wet I’m a bit reticent about nailing the thing wide open to begin with, not until fourth gear is selected at least, but when I do it is so immediately obvious that there is traction, and lots of it, I down-change to third and hold on tight, at which point the LF-A goes fairly berserk.

If I couldn’t set a faster lap time in this car around Goodwood than I could in a Ferrari 599 I’d be prepared to make a genuine attempt to eat my trousers.

Hard not to get excited by the reactions. As well, both of the LFA reviews are sprinkled with facts:

  • Production LF-A will be limited to 9000rpm
  • Near-perfect weight distribution of 48/52 (front/rear)
  • Carbon ceramic rotors, magnesium alloy 20” wheels
  • LF-A will weigh 1500kg (3,306 lbs.)
  • Chassis will be carbon composite, outer body will be aluminum
  • The LF-A will cost £250,000 ($405,800USD)

The price is extraordinary, no question, but it also seems to vary every time it’s mentioned. Time will tell how much it will cost when it hits production.

[Source: Autocar]



  1. another lucky guy
    Will I be one?

  2. I’ve waited for somebody to test drive the LFA since I heard of its existence. It seems that Lexus needs to filter out some annoying sounds, which they probably did on the production car. After all, this is the race car that was on the Nurburgring, so it might have had some technical problems.

  3. The new Jaguar XJ is so beautiful! But honestly, it’s nothing more than good design with lots of details that Toyota would never permit Lexus to have on a production car…

    Ian Callum says that the front gives a “look at me”, the side says “admire me”, and the rear, “you’ll always remember me”
    That’s WHAT THE LFA WILL NEED! ...and the facelift for the LS too! ...and the L-finesse design language gotta move on to the next level. Beautiful, not overly complicated, but still showing attention to detail.

  4. Wow! This car will be amazing.

    Quote from the article:

    “The chassis-tub will hit the headlines hardest, though, because the whole shebang is made from carbon composite, which will provide the LFA with one of the stiffest shells in production car history”.

    One of the stiffest shells in production car history!

  5. I wonder how that feels. LOL

  6. wow

    but with that price tag am out sad

    i was in till $250K

  7. Don’t like the rear of the new XJ, too odd looking. Front is nice though just like the XF. Think I prefer the previous gen’s retro look now. Anyway the elegant lines of the LS is still unbeatable. Also think the new 7-series looks better than the XJ.

  8. Steve Sutcliffe of Autocar is a racing driver & for him to be awestruck by the LFA prototype is a great sign. It would be something if Lexus can take on Ferrari. Also the US price is likely to be in the region of $300,000 cause the UK tax structure makes comparable car models more expensive there.

  9. The new XJ’s best feature is the XF’s front end—the rest of the car surprisingly awkward.

    Like LB, I prefer the current XJ.

  10. Yes, I have a hard time believing that Lexus would try to sell the LFA in the US for $400,000. (Thanks for the tip about Steve Sutcliffe, didn’t realize this when I posted the story.)

  11. You’re right, Krew. Check out this link :-
    Looks like that guy with the huge chin & retarded haircut is deliberately blocking the rear of the new XJ,while only the front is revealed which unsurprisingly is the best angle of the car.

  12. Haha. Too funny. LOL

  13. LEXUS BOY: You do know that is Jay Leno…, right?!

  14. Of course ! who doesn’t know America’s favourite talk show host ? He’s still a schumck though.

  15. Whats life without a little celeb bashing, right ? HA, HA.

  16. lol
    It’s just that I’m such a big fan of his garage! And he knows quite a lot about cars. I was so glad that he appeared on Top Gear although I was expecting him to be a little faster. After all, he knows how to drive a manual. raspberry