Edmunds Reviews the Lexus HS 250h (Again)

Lexus HS 250h Hybrid Sedan

Edmunds may have been lukewarm on the Lexus HS 250h at first, but it appears some additional time behind the wheel has changed that opinion—their full review is extremely positive:

The creamy propulsion fits right in with a very solid structure and smoothly suppressed ride motions delivered by the sport suspension settings that accompanied our car’s optional touring package. Together they provide the HS 250h with an almost athletic grace.

This Lexus even won us over when we strayed beyond the hybrid-friendly confines of Santa Monica. It attacks the local canyon roads with steady, deliberate determination. While not exactly nimble, the 2010 Lexus HS 250h maintains a very stable manner when cornering hard, and it will accept heavy braking deep into turns without pushing off line or losing its composure.

The repeated praise for the HS driving experience is surprising given its overall appearance, it must be extremely competent to deserve such approval. Even more than that, Edmunds’ suggests that the HS may be “the ultimate hybrid and the ultimate Lexus”.

(Also, be sure to check out the HS 250h track video, it’s really something.)

Update: Edmunds has posted their HS 250h track video on Youtube:

[Source: Edmunds]



  1. I didn’t get to find out where the battery is placed. The Chevy Volt seems to be a complete FWD vehicle for now, so they GM was able to take advantage of the traditional transmission terminal that runs through the middle of the cabin floor.

    I hope Lexus doesn’t force people to get a bigger battery back buy purchasing a four-seat configured vehicle with a center console covering the enlarged battery pack. Unless Lexus plans offering more electric gadgets as a result…

  2. ?? the HS is a FWD vehicle too. The battery packs are between the rear seat and the trunk.

  3. I meant to imply that if Lexus plans to make the HS FWD only, they should or probably have pushed the battery into the cabin more than usual.
    The AWD and RWD powertrains of other Lexus models have made it impossible to achieve such a feat.

    BTW, the HS performed surprisingly well on the skid pad. Does it have anything to do with the wider front track?

  4. Great to see they changed their mind. The HS really is as buttery smooth as any Lexus you can imagine, and the whisper quietness of it’s hybrid engine is music to my ears. I drove it a while back and would have bought it, but I prefer my LS600 instead smile

  5. i dont know how much further they could have shoved it forward. if you mean leaving the hump on the rear floor for a small battery pack there… thats an interesting idea.

    I was reading up on the new mac book pros from Apple, and they have a video showing the new batteries they have in the laptops. Apparently, they make there own, and non removable, so they can mold it any shape they want. that means thinner and more spread out around the laptop base.

    if this idea can be implemented into the car, that would be very efficient packaging.

  6. This would be the solution:

    But I still prefer Eli Whitney’s interchangeable parts idea.