2010 Lexus GX Photochop

One of the things throwing me off with the leaked 2010 Lexus GX photos was that, well, they weren’t Lexus GX photos at all, but the Toyota equivalent, the Land Cruiser Prado. To better picture the GX, I spent some time photoshopping a Lexus grille on the front end:

2010 Lexus GX 460 Photochop

It’s probably the fact that the grille is lifted from the LX 570, but the similarities between this redesign and Lexus’ largest SUV is undeniable, particularly with the bulging headlights.

Really feeling this redesign so far. A lot will depend on the interior design and whether it gravitates towards the LX or RX. (Personally, I’d like to see a mixture of both.)



  1. i can’t wait to see what it will look like with the l-finesse. plus removing the guard on the bumper would make the gx look a tad nicer.

  2. this looks great krew. im hoping the taillights will be thinner and hopefully covered in chrome like the GS and maybe have the extra little light like the GS just for looks. that would look perfect.

  3. Really interested on how they will incorporate the remote touch into the car

  4. It’s amazing how by just swapping out the grille gives us a much better look at the front end of the next GX.

    Now I just have to picture it without the bulges on the headlights and the bumper garnish.

  5. I don’t understand it. So is this product going to be a part of L-Finesse? If it is, then that means that L-Finesse is not Lexus’ design language (or everything that is intangible about Lexus as the PR stated), it’s just a synonym for Toyota’s Vibrant Clarity.

    I’m sorry, but I’m just really disappointed that Lexus is rebadging yet another Toyota vehicle. I can somewhat understand them sharing the same platform, fine. I can notch up the fact that there is an extreme familial resemblance between both brands to Toyota being lazy. But rebadging, after separating Lexus from Toyota just 4 years ago? Come on now.

    I want the JX/VX, not the GX.

  6. If you look at the land cruser and the LX570, they were the same vehicle in the past. fast forward to today and though they look similar, they do not share any body shells and have a drastic interior difference. We will have to see the real GX460 to know, but there should be a big enough difference. besides, the Prado isnt sold anywhere where the GX is sold so there is no overlap (unlike the LX and Land Crusier

  7. I don’t see Lexus carrying over the front bumper garnish and bulging headlights into the GX.

    The basic shape is there in these images, but there will be cosmetic (although minor) changes.

    I am with you though, I hope the changes are as extensive as the LX 570 vs the Landcruiser.

  8. Like I mentioned before, just compare pictures of the GX470 & the current Toyota Prado to get an idea of the forthcoming changes. Wish somebody would click a spy shot of the new GX…

  9. there are rarely any lexus spyshots ever. In fact, the ES350 and the RX were the first spyshots that actually came out to my knowledge. they are usually very very secretive, and for good reason

  10. we can always pay a spy to steal brochures from Japan…like me LOL haha

  11. sorry ment headlights

  12. @John: Sorry to give the impression that the GX will just be a rebadged Toyota Prado—they are very similar, but the GX will be reworked extensively to fit with the rest of the Lexus lineup.

    I am putting together an article comparing the Land Cruiser and LX to put everything into a better context. You can expect that in the next week or so.

  13. It’s been mentioned that the GX may not get the Remote Touch and may stick to the touchscreen.

    Seems surprising, but then maybe Remote Touch will be exclusive to cars and crossovers, and not the two true Lexus SUVs. (Couldn’t see it in the LX either.)

  14. That bumper tack-on wrecks the whole front end, can’t wait to see it gone.

  15. That I understand very well, but considering how much Lexus suffers in its designs, I don’t think Lexus has that much time to work on both its Remote Touch and the conventional touchscreens. They really, really gotta get their designs straight… and better… and veer completely away from Toyota!

  16. Its an accessory fitment only for Toyotas, also seen on fully loaded Land Cruisers. I think its meant to give a butch off-roadish look… Yeech
    110 % certain it won’t be there on the GX.

  17. The LX & GX are the only Lexus models that are more or less re-badged Toyotas ie Land Cruiser & Prado. LS, GS, IS, ES, HS, SC & RX have no direct Toyota counterparts. So Remote Touch may be excluded for those two models only as its likely it won’t be fitted to any Toyota. They’re likely to stick with the Touchscreen, that’ll be one more differentiating feature b/w Lexus & Toyota.

  18. Wish they would show the new GX want to buy a vehicle and it is between the porsche cayenne and lexus gx…............
    Want to buyit this year to get the sales tax relief on federal taxes….......hahahahahaha
    Cash means nothing to these people but would like to see the vehicle….....bj





  19. They may show the new GX at an auto show this year, but I wouldn’t expect it in dealerships until January at the earliest.