Lexus ES 240 to be Sold in China

Lexus ES240

In order to boost slowing sales in China, Lexus will be introducing a 2.4L four-cylinder ES model:

From January to April, the sales of imported passenger cars in China increased 16% from a year earlier, with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Lexus rising 1.5% together. But of the four luxury brands, Lexus saw its sales drop by a staggering 36%. This sales plunge is blamed on the higher sales tax on high-emission cars, as only over-3.0L Lexus models are sold in China.

With the ES 240 expected to go on sale some time in the second half of this year, Lexus is certainly acting fast to reverse the slump. Still, even with this smaller engine, the ES will retail for 380,000-500,000 yuan ($55,626-73,192 USD) due to the import car tax.

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  1. at least they’re not bringing this to America. seriously though, a 2.4L ES?...sounds iffy…

  2. and that ES looks like it won’t have the blinkers on the side mirrors either

  3. yeah… more like BLAH

  4. I don’t even think that the facelifted model.

  5. The above photo is from Lexus USA ES photo gallery.

    (Also, the current ES doesn’t have the integrated turn signals yet.)

  6. good move, Lexus! maybe the times are over where we see “only” big engines in cars like the ES. you can call me crazy but - for example - i would bring back the GS 300 for the US/Canadian market! hey guys take a look - the “smallest” engine i can buy for the GS is an 300 hp(!!) V6.

  7. Just keep it in China !

  8. True enough, I’m also think there’s room in the lineup for some smaller engines—I don’t see what difference it makes in terms of brand perception as long as there’s no drop in quality.

  9. no doubt - in the US i wouldn´t place a 4 cylinder engine into the ES. That´s what the Camry are made for. To be honest for me this is the reason why the “selling numbers” of the GS are so low. BMW for example still offers there “BMW 528” with 230 hp. Looks like enough power for “more than a few” customers. Do you have any “statment” from Lexus USA why there is no more GS 300 in the lineup?

  10. There could not be a better time for Lexus to include smaller engines in their US lineup.

    Speaking of the ES facelift, does anyone know when Lexus is going to release details? The facelifted 2010 Camry is already on sale. I’d imagine the refreshened ES will debut very soon.

  11. You brought up a good point. I read some where during the Lexus L-finesse that they would add a range of engine to match the current offering with BMW and MB. Apparently Lexus threw that out the window. An IS 300 that is still available (with the 3GR-FSE) for sale outside the US existed and would fit nicely in the IS profile. I mean there is a huge gap in power from the 2.5L to the 3.5L. The same could be said for the GS. As far as the ES 240 coming to the states, good luck. It just doesn’t fit in, and they would have to lower the price to a point where it might overlap the Camry XLE, fully loaded.

  12. To sum it down, there is a point that offering a smaller engine might hurt them.

  13. I’m guessing :-
    - Facelifted ES will be revealed in fall 2009.
    - Facelifted LS in Oct.
    - New GX460 Jan 2010 at Detroit.
    - Also don’t forget LFA in Oct at Tokyo.

  14. There would be any ES240 selling in the north America market. The reason why Japs made such a things is the import tax policy which chinese gov changed it few months ago. I would like to see there is a ES240 hybrid version.

  15. That LS facelift better be good.
    The last two LS facelifts made huge differences.

    I like how the current LS is slanted down forward, and the sides sort of wrap together at the rear to form a smooth, aerodynamic look, but the vehicle just looks fat and stout at the end from most angles.
    The front has an awkward pointing snout, and the headlights look a bit too rectangular sometimes. The hybrid model’s headlights are usually flawless.

    Meh… I’ll just leave everything up to the Lexus designers.

  16. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll change for the facelifted LS. I think the current front end looks perfect, can’t think of anything much to improve. There will surely be a new grille maybe with a slightly bulging look like in the IS (the current grille is flush with the body surface). They might add LED indicators all round (including mirrors) as the new S-class & 7-series both have it. New wheels, interior trims etc can also be expected but a power hike is unlikely.

  17. Couldn’t find anywhere better to put this, so I put it here…
    Pics of the new ES facelift:

  18. I putted this same link in the other post that was label 2010 facelift ES. lol

  19. But yea, that’s not in Japan. All the signs around it suggest it’s either China, HK or Taiwan.

  20. lol…
    here is what I said as a reply to emptystreets130:

    The license plates don’t remind me of mainland China.
    But aside from that weird Lincoln Mark LT-type Camry, that ES is… wow… only the change in the taillights is acceptable.

    The foglights might be retaining its chrome… the grille might be more imposing… but this is one UGLY facelift.

    One thing that keeps my spirits up is that foreign markets tend to have slightly different foglights. This might have been imported through another country’s gray market, and someone just added those mirrors from another model for fun.

  21. good catch on the China part. That car behind the ES is actually the Camry (with BMW styled rear end) which is sold in Taiwan.

  22. yeah…
    I believe the foglight area looks a lot like that of the new LS (which may not be an entirely good thing)
    I also completely agree with you that this is not exactly the most pretty car out there…
    Something about it reminds me of a Hyundai <<shudder>>

  23. yep this is real, for sure. new L taillight treatment, Linesse headlights, side mirrors have blinkers now, chrome on the side, and there’s a blue ISC in the background in the picture that shows the side of the car. chrome dipped foglights,slightly raised D pillar, which i was hoping for, it has the little triangle window up front, the grille got chromed up like the IS, and FINALLY WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR!!!!: THEY PUT IN A REAL LOWER GRILLE INSTEAD OF THAT UGLY EFFECT WHERE THE WHOLE HOOD WENT DOWN AND MADE A WEIRD C SHAPED GRILLE, I HATED THAT. and lastly, the little backup lights in the taillights have been decreased. so, this looks better than the ES now.

  24. What D pillar are you referring to? There is no D-pillar on a sedan. There’s A, B and C, but no D.

  25. Wow great find!

    I do like the new grille but overall IMO it doesn’t make the ES look any better or worse. Maybe it’s because I’m a current ES owner so I don’t want it to look a lot better haha.

    One thing is for sure it’s not as dramatic as the 04-05 ES facelift. Lately it seems like Lexus hasn’t put as much effort in their facelifts. At least not as much as the last gen ES and LS.

  26. I don’t think there is anything to improve upon the ES or LS. Even the IS and last Gen RX didn’t have an noticeable improvements. I thing all model will just age well fine where as the last Gen LS before the facelift aged pretty fast. The GS before the facelift was clean, sharp and young looking but after the facelift, it was messes and old looking. I wish Lexus didn’t touch the front end of the GS.

  27. I was surprised Lexus put that much detail into the lower grille. I really hate the foglights and lower grille of the vehicle in that picture. In a way, it looks like the vehicle in the picture precedes (not proceeds) the current model.

  28. well i like to call it a D pillar. its at the end, where the little triangle next to the rear passenger’s side is. the IS’s D pillar goes up and looks sharp while the ES’s just goes down. this seems to be risen up a little.

  29. IMO the GS really needed a major facelift to boost sales.

    I agree with you that most current Lexus models look good enough to not have a dramatic facelift, with the exception of the GX. The only thing Lexus touched with the GX facelift was slightly different taillights. It should have gotten reworked headlights, front and rear bumpers, grille, and fenders.

  30. 2 LEXUSaddict :-
    Car manufacturers use the letters A, B & C for the pillars supporting the roof of a sedan chassis. In the case of a 4-door that is three pillars. Even in a pillarless coupe bodystyle the rear-most pillar is called C, not B.  The triangular window you refer to is called a rear door quarter-glass & the thin pillar supporting it isn’t taken into account.  A ‘D’ pillar is present only in SUV’s as there is a third section of glass behind the C-pillar. The D-pillar is also continuous with the rear of the vehicle when viewed in profile. Some sedans like R-R Phantom, Hyundai Azera etc have a small window mounted behind the rear door opening, this is called the C-pillar window or quarter glass & the pillar behind this is still called C, not D. Basically just count the structural pillars from the front windscreen to the rear screen.

  31. Looks like Lexus is trying to fix something that ain’t broke. The facelifted ES now looks OLDER than the current model whose front end looks just fine. Why change something just for the sake of it especially since the current ES is already selling well. They only needed to make subtle cosmetic changes, while functional upgrades are more significant. The front of the facelifted Camry now looks better than the ES.

  32. Agree with you completely, I really hate the new air-dam foglight combo, looks extremely unimaginative.
    Is Lexus hiring design school dropouts to cut costs ?

  33. I think the current GS is the best loooking of all Lexus models despite the facelifted front.

  34. now you can find the ES 240 on the chinese Lexus website.

  35. Just drove the ‘10 ES 350 today.  As my ‘07 ES 350 got totaled last month, thanks to a Toyota Sequoia, I decided to spend the day driving.  Drove the Infinity G & M series, BMW 5 series, Audi A6 and last, but not least, the ES 350. 

    When I got in the ES, I was finally home.

    The only one that came close was the Audi A6, but my thought there was: I can buy the ES 350 that I love AND buy a used porsche boxter to play with on the weekends for the SAME money as an A6. 

    My only disappointment is the new limitations on wood trim.  Call me boring, but I’m going with Black/Black like last time (Now even sharper w/ the chrome on the side), but now for black interior you have to get this washed out dark wood.  Not nearly as sharp as the previous option.  Someone should have told them: By definition, you don’t make an “Accent” blend it, you make it an “Accent.”

  36. What about Lexus RX250h?

  37. don’t you mean HS250h. It only sold in the US and Japan. I don’t think it will make a worldwide debut just like the ES (canned in most markets).

  38. what’s wrong with the ES240 to be sold in China? With the sky rocketing gas price, I think Lexus is smart to initiate a small engine for China market. This small engine car costs 65K US dollar in China! sad

  39. @A guy in China: I understand your concern, but $65k really isn’t that much when you consider how expensive the second-generation ES was in China when it first debuted.

    Aha. Since you understand the price issue, then you probably understand that in the US, for what it’s worth over here, it should have a much bigger and more powerful engine than a 240’s.