2010 Lexus GX 460 Revealed!

2010 Lexus GX 460

The first photo of the next generation Toyota Prado has been leaked, a vehicle better known in North America as the Lexus GX 460!

Even with the poor image quality, it’s easy to get a sense of what the 2010 model will look like—for comparison’s sake, here’s a side-by-side with the current GX:

2009 Lexus GX470

2010 Lexus GX 460

With this being the Toyota Prado and not the actual GX, it’s hard to get a read on the front end. The GX is bound to get a different grille, and it would surpise me to see some minor changes to the front bumper and headlights. The only visible detail from the rear is the vertical tail lights—another design cue carried over from the previous generation.

The overall height looks to be reduced and the body slightly widened, similar to the new RX. The wheel wells are now even more exaggerated, and the side panels has been cleaned up and now bears a strong resemblance to the LX 570.

With the GX being the last Lexus SUV to be redesigned, there isn’t much surprise in the exterior as most design cues have seen on other models. That said, the new GX benefits from the more muscular stance, and looks to be a much better bridge between the LX & RX models than the previous model.

(Again, I want to stress that this is the Toyota model, the GX will mirror the design.)

[Via: Vince Burlapp]



  1. I have too say, it does look even better than the current model(which looks fine). 
    Maybe it’s just the angle, but it looks a lot like the Toyota Highlander.
    Also, as I’ve probably have mentioned before, the Lexus version should look like this:
    It’s headlamps closely resemble the LX’s.

  2. if the gx looks like the ‘10 land cruiser that got the facelift eek not sure how good the sales will be. i’d probably downsize to the RX and get the RX450h

  3. i was hoping that the chrome on the side mirror (which is raised on the side) went all the way around and not just a line on the bottom. and whats that thing sticking out on top of the headlight?? and where did the sidestool foot thing that you climb up off of go? yes, i know its the toyota model, but is the car actually now low enough not to require it? but i have to say, its a pretty sexy looking car. and i spy a new spoiler too

  4. Sorry but that looks hideous. Had so much hope for the GX. sad!!!!!! Unless LEXUS will restyle the front and rear end, im sticking to the RX. WHEN IS THE JX GONNA COME OUT? My hope is on that now. i feel nautious THROW UP. awwww.

  5. The object above the headlight is a Japanese-market mirror.

  6. oh ok thanks…no offense but i still think it’s a pretty bad idea seeing as how it can easily distract you especially if you love looking at yourself in the mirror. not meaning you as in brendan, just “you” as in “a person”. im so happy i dont have english for 3 months i want to take advantage of writing “you” in an essay LOL

  7. That won’t be the front end of the new GX. The current GX has a different front end than the Land Cruiser Prado.

  8. i know… but still its gonna be similar.

  9. Oh come on. With a Lexus grille I think it looks pretty good.

  10. I like the muscular arches on the said, but disregarding the fact that the designs are virtually finally now, I hope Lexus would think about how weird the doors look (especially when the rear LX doors are taken into account). However, that is something people can get used to, but something that might take a longer time to be accepted is the fact that the arches look like afterthoughts, or maybe it’s just that the transition from the arches to the tires and wheels aren’t very eye-pleasing to me. (Again, I’m referring to the rear half of the vehicle)

    I love how they’re bulging with muscles like the latest X5, but they’re not quite as “all together” as the X5. It looks like they began with a simple body, and then designed while only focusing on the front rather than the vehicle as a whole. Such “amateur” imbalance is evident in the fact that the Toyota Highlander sometimes looks like it’s so weak in the middle that the whole vehicle was gonna cave in.

    Finally, the vehicle looks quite alright for a Toyota vehicle since Toyota has been trying to develop a young, cartoonish soul for their vehicles, especially in their designs to reflect their culture rather than looking boring or like a copycat.

  11. The new design looks very evolutionary, but first impressions are quite good. Still need to see how the Lexus version will look (Especially the interior). Changes to be expected:
    -New headlights, grille, foglights & airdam.
    -New alloy-wheel design.
    -New taillights & rear bumper.
    -More exterior chrome detailing.
    -More interior wood trim & different seats, while retaining the same dash & door panel design as the Toyota version.

  12. Hood mounted rear view mirrors are common in Japan, likely to assist in pulling out on narrow streets. Not a really nice looking feature, but functional. Definitely won’t be included with the GX.

  13. Your list is dead on, exactly what I would expect to change for the Lexus version.

  14. The massive wheel arches are the most distinctive and standout feature of the exterior design, I really the almost horizontal surface. That said, the rear doors, especially the placement of the handle, looks a little awkward, but on a whole it’s a much more pleasing side profile than the LX 570, for instance, and surprisingly more muscular.

    (I know what you’re saying about the Highlander, I think the BMW 1 & 3 series both suffer from something similar with that upward swoosh at the bottom of the doors.)

  15. The new engine will be the 4.6 liter found in the Tundra right? Knowing Lexus I hope they manage to squeeze out 5 or 10 more ponies.

  16. Krew,

    If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you photoshop the above image of the new GX with the LX’s grille and rims? Thanks smile

  17. That’s the only 4.6L that Toyota has.

  18. Thanks Stan!

    Wow it’s amazing how those simple modifications can change the look of the car completely. You can definitely see Lexus DNA in the design when you add some Lexus styling cues.

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