Lexus GS Passionate Black Interior Photos, Round 2

Lexus GS Interior Accents package

It’s been too long since I mentioned the special edition Lexus GS Passionate Black interior, so here’s a photo gallery from GS PB owner Harinder:

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With the intense red carpeting and stitching, the additional seat perforations might be taking the color scheme too far, but I have a feeling it would be slightly less vibrant in person (still waiting to see one up close).

(Thanks Harinder!)



  1. Who knows which team design the lexus interiors?
    Japan, Us, ??

  2. i was amazed when i saw it person, i never even noticed the chrome on the side of the front seats. it looks breathtaking in real life, im definitely going to get it on my next Lexus.

  3. and whats that car in the background of the main picture with the suicide doors?

  4. Looks like a Toyota Sienna minivan with sliding doors…

  5. That is standard on the 2008+ GS on all trim levels.  Before that, it was plastic.

  6. wow

    i said a lot before

    it ‘ll be a breath taking


  7. actually i think its an odyssey, God knows why its there, because the Sienna has that line on the side

  8. There is a design studio in California and one in Japan, I’m not sure which of them designs interiors though.

  9. It’s here in the O.C. S. California!! =)

    I’m happy to own one =)

  10. While i actually like the GS series and believe it is an extremely good car, i am not however particularly fond of the sprucked-up interior that is pictured in the photo’s

    Also, here in Australia - we have the GS300, GS450h and GS460 available to our market but i would like to see Lexus Australia replace the GS300 with the more powerful GS350.

    ps. Would love to take a GS460 for a spin !!

  11. I think the future GS should have an interior in the sort of direction of the VW Phaeton’s. The Phaeton’s (Phaeton Exclusive pictured below) use of chrome, dark wood, and all that other cool stuff perfectly matches the GS’s personality and is like an evolution of the current GS’s interior. L-finesse it with chrome drooling all over the place, wood carved into beautifully sculpted pieces, and solid aluminum support - maybe more semi-aniline leather as an option, more attention to the ceiling, and better TV screens for the rear occupants. That little pod on the center console can certainly use some fingerprint-resistant piano black framing.