Lexus LFA & Nissan GT-R Virtual Race on Nürburgring

What started as a video comparison between Nissan Falken Z33 and GT-R Nürburgring laps ends up giving a small taste of how the Lexus LFA stacks up against Nissan’s Godzilla.

Quick explanation before watching the video—the screen is divided into top and bottom portions: the top is a front-view of the Falken Z33 and the bottom is a front-view of the GT-R. What makes the whole thing even more interesting part is that the Z33 is following the LFA, which looks to be keeping up quite readily with the GT-R’s pace.

(Last thing, these cars are not on the track at the same time):

In the end, the Falken Z33 can’t keep up with the LFA, but judging from the gap between the two Nissans, I would say the LFA turned in a very respectable time.

(Thanks Roberto!)



  1. haha cool video the LFA driver breaks alot…telling me this is one fast beast we’re dealing with here.

  2. Could the Tokyo Motor Show arrive any slower?

  3. ^^
    I am already sooped up, and Im geting unpatient! I just want the LF-A to come out alreadym and be in all the auto magazines, cover story beating all its segment rivals!!!!

  4. i wanna that beast nowwwwwwwwww

  5. wow the LFA quick!

  6. i wish it was this july and not october…i dont wanna wait till school starts again >:o too much homework

  7. Yeah…
    But at least there is something to look forward to when we’re at school.

  8. yep the highlight of my sophomore year

  9. The LF-A was held up with traffic and still managed a time similar to the GT-R. With this i guess it would be safe to say that the LF-A is faster than the GT-R.

  10. can someone give me a link to the video. I cant watch it via this site due to company restrictions.

  11. Are you looking for the direct Youtube link? Here you are:

  12. we nissan fans dont mind that seeing that it cost SIX(6) times as much,“lol”!

  13. just throw on two turbos on the lf-a (even thou it doesnt need them) and that will put the gtr to rest for good and not leave any doubts