Jalopnik Reviews the Lexus HS 250h

Lexus HS 250h Hybrid

Considering the site’s general tone, Jalopnik’s review of the Lexus HS 250h is surprisingly light on insults and quite heavy with praise:

If you ignore the proclivities of the CVT, the car is actually not a total dud, accelerating to 60 MPH in about 8.7 seconds, handling corners in a way we didn’t think a hybrid could and, when you push it past the point of reason, it doesn’t surprise, just gradually transitions to predictable understeer. Sure it’s sprung for a soft ride over control and it certainly delivers the comfort Lexus is known for, but it’s definitely not fall-asleep soft.

Even more impressive was their real-world MPG results:

We’re not the type to drive 5 MPH under the speed limit and use high-mileage techniques (ever), but our copilot today was and with “ECO” mode engaged, windows up and air conditioning off, he managed an astounding 57.9 MPG…Driving the exact same course as our previous tester and being really bad the whole way ‘round, we could only get down to an embarrassingly decent 30.3 MPG.

Given that the majority of HS 250h reviews don’t seem to be focusing on the exterior styling, I’d say the performance and interior design are making quite an impression.

[Source: Jalopnik]



  1. The Lexus people this time are probably saying, “We’ve accomplished what we had to do. Now let’s go out for a few shots and wait for the next assignment to procrastinate on. ...or maybe do something cool but potentially harmful business-wise, so why bother?”

  2. WOL…i doubt it. the people at Lexus are probably planning the ES450h as we speak. if the HS is as much a success as they hope it will be, why not. they never rest, if they did Lexus would have terrible cars like the R350 or ...shudder…the 550 granturismo *pukes*...

  3. 57.9 mpg ?! that’s something.

  4. what are they talking about with the electronic parking brake…i can see the third foot pedal in one of their pictures…

  5. The HS is slowly growing on me. These new pictures are better, and a video with a closer, more POV-type view of the chrome strip around the side windows makes the chrome and the window/door shapes look much more acceptable. The concave on the trunk lid where the rear Lexus insignia is looks beautifully fluid in a picture on my e-mail from Lexus about the new Lexus owners’ site. At first, I just thought that it was a good idea without a bad outcome, but the wow… I really gotta see the HS in person.

    Finally, I hope that with the next IS, Lexus doesn’t just add some tasteless application of chrome around the side windows. It’s thin, wiry-self looks very weird. I also hope that we’ll be getting information of the design and specs of the next IS real soon.