Will there be a Lexus IS Coupe or IS-F Convertible?

Lexus IS Convertible

With the Lexus IS convertible arriving in dealerships, two questions have started to come up—Will there be an IS coupe? And what about an IS-F version of the convertible?

The first question was posed to Lexus USA General Manager Mark Templin by Jalopnik, here was his reply:

“Since all the hard work of getting a two-door form factor has been done with the IS convertible, is there a possibility of an IS coupe in the future?”

With a sly look around the room, Templin responded: “Obviously, we’re making no announcements today, but it’s certainly something we should study carefully.”

As for the second question, Edmunds received this response:

“Right now, there are no plans for that [IS-F Convertible],” said Toyota/Lexus PR spokesman Curt McAllister. “We’re going to investigate how well the convertible does and make a determination from there.”

On its own, the IS convertible is arriving late to the party—the second generation IS design is closing on five years old, after all. If we use the first-to-second gen as a timeframe, Lexus should be planning on a new IS for 2012.

With that in mind, if a IS coupe was released next year, it would only have a single year of sales before becoming obsolete. The same thing goes with an IS-F coupe or convertible.

It makes much more sense to wait until the next generation—it’s not much of a stretch to think the next IS will be available in sedan, coupe and convertible styles, and that each could get the F treatment. This works well for BMW, and it would add significant weight to the Lexus lineup.



  1. I agree, although the thought of an IS coupe of IS-F Convertible is very exciting I also feel that it is too late for the current second generation IS to spawn any other model variations.

    It’s too bad because IMO the second gen IS is one of the best looking cars in its segment. I just hope they make gen 3 either as good or even better looking.

  2. i’ve been wondering about the ISFC, i think that they should wait for the next gen to come out, but launch it with similar looks to the ISC. im just worried how they will possibly make the 3g IS front end even nicer…hope they dont mess up :/

  3. It feels like the IS has been out for quite awhile… the new generation cannot come any sooner sad

    Hopefully, Lexus is developing another engine that is as innovative as the current V6 in the IS 350… powerful and efficient and mass produced before other manufacturers could. ...and hopefully get rid of that knocking noise (frankly, I’ve only experienced it in the ES).

  4. I think an IS coupe is a must have, it would be stupid to have most of the engineering done and not make it. IMO coupes almost always look great and I wouldn’t be surprised if one was announced very soon.

    As for an F variant, I have mixed feelings. I think it would be nice but I don’t know how many would really be sold. I guess if the IS-F and IS-C are selling well enough they will offer an IS-CF or something.

    This also makes me wonder how long they are going to keep this existing body style, if they are investing this much in different body styles I feel like this style will be around for a while.

  5. A)That picture is sexy.
    B) The way Templin describes it, it very well may be in the works right now - perhaps as the 3rd gen IS. I would assume the 3rd gen would merely be a heavy update/ makeover on roughly the same chassis as the current car, rather than a whole new car. The 2nd gen is quite solid. Lexus really needs a true coupe to really compete with the 3-series/ E-coupe/ G35, etc.
    For now, we can all keep our fingers crossed!

  6. I also think its logical to wait for the next model of the IS. Alhtough the current model is very sexy.

    I also hope Lexus would push for more performance options in Europe, like the IS350 which we are missing out on. Especially they’ll need one of those engines here to compete with Infiniti, which just arrived.

  7. An IS coupe for the new model would be logical, and of course, it should happen before 2011 were in other brands will be coming out with their new models as well.

  8. People are right when they say: Lexus needs a Cóupe - quick! better today than tomorrow! no other premium car company - except Volvo - offers an convertible without(!) a two-door version. Lexus has too explain why they act like this.

  9. I wonder how many Lexus customers are waiting for a coupe, I know I’m one of them. A GS coupe would be the ultimate though.

  10. i am pretty sure more customers than they think…

  11. yeah, like a GS500 or something to go against the 6 series and the new E class coupe. AND NONCONVERTIBLE GS COUPE! with a convertible option.

  12. I think the third Gen Is will look alot like the Is Coupe…........

  13. I desperately want an IS coupe, as the convertible is a disappointment.  It’s ridiculous they don’t have a coupe seeing as the back seat is useless anyways and their competition (I’m thinking of the Infiniti G35/37) has had a coupe since day one.

  14. oh great another Lexus hater. first of all, beat it, second of all if you actually saw the ISC in person and you have a little bit of a brain you’d understand that the seats in the back are actually big enough for sitting. disappointment to you, maybe, but the ISC will kill the g37 convertible

  15. I want aN iS-cf

  16. You lose, sir.  I have a fully loaded IS350, so I know what I am talking about.

  17. I don’t see Lexus replacing the 2GR-FSE V6 in the IS 350, but the IS 250 will have to get a bump in the next generation, much too sluggish.

  18. Agreed, wouldn’t be surprised if the next IS is new sheet metal and a redesigned interior—and that wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.

  19. the AWD is pretty sluggish, but my RWD IS is plenty fast.

  20. im just hoping it won’t be designed like the corolla sad i would hate to see a corolla-like IS.

  21. no sir, you lose because i have an IS250 also and the back is perfectly fine. my 6’4’’ uncle fits in it without much problems. the back is bigger than the 335i,c350,and a4.