Lexus Wins J.D. Power UK Satisfaction Survey

Lexus RXh

For the ninth consecutive year, Lexus has topped the J.D. Power & What Car? UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study:

In the manufacturer rankings, Lexus ranks highest for a ninth consecutive year, receiving a customer satisfaction score of 833. Lexus performs particularly well in two of four key measures: service satisfaction and vehicle appeal. Rounding out the top five nameplates are Honda (817), Mercedes-Benz (808), Škoda and Toyota (805 each).

The fact that Lexus has managed to take this award every year since they were eligible to win is exceptional—a true accomplishment. What’s more, the Lexus RX was named the top vehicle in the survey, with the IS coming in fourth.

Source: What Car? (Thanks Stan!)



  1. im hoping Lexus doesn’t get much uglier or the appeal will drop…surprised the UK didn’t choose BMW

  2. Strange how perceptions differ across the globe.

    2009 JD power survey in the US puts JAGUAR in joint top spot, just above LEXUS.

    Strange that the German marques are barely above or well below average.  (With VW bottom but one.)

  3. That’s the J.D. Power’s dependability survey. Everything from low quality paint that is peeling off to engine knocking is considered a problem, and all are rated at the same level. Another dependability issue would be like brake dust that makes some cars’ wheels dirty in a matter of days.

    I’m not trying to be biased here, but I think Lexus customers are a bit more picky while some (of course not all) Buick owners can fix or simply ignore the tiny squeaks - if not Buick owners can take it to a nearby garage while Lexus dealers discourage that, indirectly.

    Land Rover isn’t at the bottom probably because the bigger issues are the only ones noticed and reported by the owners, while VW owners are a bit of… this and that. lol

    The survey is very biased and unreliable, but it does give a good idea of how it’s like to own a car from a certain brand.

  4. If you go through the US version of the JD Power survey, you will see that each the reports are broken down into many sections, ranging from the performance of drive trains through to accessories.

    I suspect that there may be a case where the ‘hype’ surrounding certain (German?) marques is so far from reality that owners with problems are particularly vociferous.

    However, I think that the US survey covers at least a large enough sample to give a reasonable guide.

    As a footnote, I have owned both BMW’s & Mercedes and found them to be disappointingly average, (and bl**dy expensive) when it comes to reliability.

  5. Ironically, the one Bimmer I’ve owned and still have (730Li - yes, it’s not in the states) is running perfectly. It’s like one of those saxophones out of a mass produced family that works so beautifully - an anti-lemon car. lol

  6. And I’m not a guy who goes easy on cars - I prefer luxury over sportiness but can’t really live w/o both. Not having a little fun in a car makes owning a car a bit pointless to me.

  7. I think a Lexus obviously allows you to have that little bit of extra luxury in life, which many people enjoy.

    I’m not surprised to see them scoring highly in this survey.